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"The world is choking due to the outdated, backward and unfit for purpose monetary system our so-called ‘leaders’ insist on operating by. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s not ending anytime soon unless enough of us act to bring about real change. " - Asil Purcell16 hours ago
Maria izabel Coelho Gonçalvesa day ago
Catherine Michels2 days ago
"Rispetto per la Vita e Libertà... Perfetto " - Emanuela Fiorenzi2 days ago
Evangelos Vlachakis2 days ago
"Non c'e' salvezza per l'umanità se non si rispetta la natura l'ambiente e la libertà di ogni individuo. La collettività e la conoscenza spirituale salverà il mondo." - Tiziana Callari2 days ago
john ashley2 days ago
"I am just interested to understand this more, but I am too old to participate other than helping to promote this information:" - Yvonne Gordon3 days ago
"El cambio de la realidad exterior comienza en la realidad interior. Hasta que la ultima persona no piense de la misma manera vamos a seguir caminando a oscuras, desde el vamos hablamos lenguas distintas, si dos personas que hablan el mismo idioma a veces no se entienden porque hablan desde el lado de los prejuicios y el miedo, eso multiplicado a muchos idiomas y muchos puntos de vista, aleja muchisimo a llegar a esta valoracion por parte de todos. Lo unico que se puede hacer es predicar con el ejemplo y contagiar esa semilla de iluminacion interior con la gente que lo rodea, si todos hacemos eso es posible llegar a un mundo ideal." - Leandro Fernandez3 days ago
Hans Hellberg3 days ago
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Maria FernandaFirmato: 05:12, 04/07/2011
"However I think the most important thing is to create a society where difference is respected and above all, no chance for it to be possible. The Company and each of the individuals who compose must ensure that any of the proclamations to be true and must be greater clarities at some points (8, 9 and 10). The human soul is corruptible."
Juan SebastianFirmato: 19:44, 03/07/2011
"It's a great idea, the humanity need a change and i'll give my life for to try to get a better world !! Saludos desde colombia hermanos !!"
Camilo Valencia VillaFirmato: 08:25, 02/07/2011
"We have no choice but to change our ways, why not do it in a way that we all win. We can do it!"
Nick AceroFirmato: 21:14, 01/07/2011
Franz MayenbergerFirmato: 14:31, 01/07/2011
Julián RinaudoFirmato: 14:02, 01/07/2011
Erika TovarFirmato: 02:24, 11/06/2011
John Saul Camacho PrietoFirmato: 08:07, 26/05/2011
"I've been thinking in such idela world since i was 12. This is not only the end for inappropriate use of resources but for certain long-time-ago exploited professions and the actual slavery version. This way robbery and prostitution are thrown away and dignified work is enhanced. "
Jorge Enrique MoralesFirmato: 13:17, 21/05/2011
Fabio EspinosaFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"I am truly willing to go wherever i have to, to support this cause, which is basically the same as the venus project, please count on me and my influence in colombia to make this true "
Carlos BalcazarFirmato: 23:51, 13/05/2011
Daniel Balcazar GonzalezFirmato: 14:56, 13/05/2011
"Yes please, I want a world in peace, without hunger or injustice... I want a world without money... a world system that cares about all people without forcing them to anything"
Diego CamargoFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
luis guillermo cardenas jimenesFirmato: 23:49, 08/05/2011
"Awareness, that is the key point to start"
julian andresFirmato: 02:52, 05/05/2011
"My only hope is that the zeigeist and venus project are not part of another conspiracy. We´ve been cheated too much. If all of this is true, it would be wonderful to carry on"
Jackeline OrjuelaFirmato: 19:10, 03/05/2011
Andres PorrasFirmato: 22:23, 30/04/2011
""This shit have to go" Zeitgesit moving forward"
David CabreraFirmato: 22:02, 30/04/2011
"i m totally agree, why have the responsibility to create a better world, a better society, a better lifestyle. why are sons of the same mother"
Milton GonzalezFirmato: 15:29, 30/04/2011
Kirsch CobricFirmato: 04:57, 30/04/2011
"Soy parte de esta transición. Acceso a la abundancia... compartir es el mensaje"
Ximena Feria Firmato: 03:56, 30/04/2011
"A veces todo suena altamente utópico, sin embargo creo más en las utopías basadas en la bondad, que en las realidades nefastas del mundo en que vivo hoy. Gracias por diseñar un mundo mejor!!! Yo creo que es posible"
Alfonso FernandoFirmato: 01:24, 30/04/2011
"It's time to change our useless thoughts and actions. A better world is waiting for us...but only if we all work to reach it. No more excuses, a life where REAL happiness can be found is a possibility...acting together we can make it true...don't wait for others to take your responsibility. WAKE UP"
Michelle ArchilaFirmato: 20:06, 24/04/2011
Alejandro NietoFirmato: 19:29, 23/04/2011
Leonela SilvaFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
catalina casas gomezFirmato: 03:58, 20/04/2011
Roberth CastañoFirmato: 20:35, 12/04/2011
"Is vitaly important let the money get out of our lives"
Jairo Ernesto Misas SaldarriagaFirmato: 21:53, 04/04/2011
"We need a radical change in our society very soon"
Jaime ArangoFirmato: 20:31, 24/03/2011
JHONATHAN BERDUGOFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"It's time to move forward...it's time to wake up and change for a better world...an ideal world "

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