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zapryan kosevFirmato: 17:08, 29/09/2014
Martin DimFirmato: 08:47, 29/09/2014
Snejana PetkovaFirmato: 19:50, 18/09/2014
стефани неноваFirmato: 17:57, 26/08/2014
Ralitsa BogdanovaFirmato: 10:37, 26/08/2014
radoslav tzonkovFirmato: 10:27, 26/08/2014
"We have to save our world "
NELI ANEVAFirmato: 08:42, 20/08/2014
Dimitar BogoslovovFirmato: 07:58, 19/08/2014
"Fantastic. Unfortunately, a man deep in their genes, wants to rule, and has more than others. Genes from prisoners on this planet."
Красимир КрасеновFirmato: 19:16, 18/08/2014
"Чиста вода, храна и небе, мир, любов, обединение! :)))"
Цветозар ЦековFirmato: 15:43, 18/08/2014
Пламен ТодоровFirmato: 15:04, 18/08/2014
Vasil VelevFirmato: 14:34, 18/08/2014
Шенай ИбрямоваFirmato: 12:30, 18/08/2014
Daniel YakimovFirmato: 13:12, 30/07/2014
Бранимир АйвазовFirmato: 14:03, 20/07/2014
lubimo MinkovFirmato: 14:38, 30/06/2014
Radoslav VladimirovFirmato: 21:17, 29/06/2014
Tania ApostolovaFirmato: 16:26, 29/06/2014
Nikolai UzunovFirmato: 17:35, 28/06/2014
Mariela DimitrovaFirmato: 00:06, 18/06/2014
Chavdar KaldievFirmato: 09:36, 05/06/2014
Ilina DimitrovaFirmato: 11:24, 25/05/2014
"I appreciate all that has been done by a collection of compassionate and committed human beings and the result manifested in this charter. It is time we approach our problems not as separate in 1000 categories but united in a holistic, world-centric approach. Let us not forget though that our highly scientific and technology based society is our greatest pride and our greatest demise. And that our disregard in the development of our collective consciousness, is observed in the division between science and spirituality, thus hindering the possibility for our healing and return to sanity. With that last note for consideration into the charted I will finish. Lot of love and courage! Ilina"
venelin alexandrovFirmato: 19:54, 17/05/2014
радослав станковFirmato: 23:58, 13/05/2014
Aleksandar GarlanovFirmato: 19:06, 04/05/2014
Panayot ApostolovFirmato: 17:32, 04/05/2014
penka panagyurskaFirmato: 21:40, 10/04/2014
Матей КонстантниновFirmato: 08:19, 05/04/2014
Ia KoynoFirmato: 17:47, 13/03/2014
Васил АлексиевFirmato: 18:48, 26/02/2014
Johan UyttendaeleFirmato: 19:51, 21/02/2014
Мария СтояноваFirmato: 13:08, 05/02/2014
ГАЛИНА МИЛАНОВАFirmato: 10:20, 26/01/2014
Лидия БорисоваFirmato: 13:11, 18/01/2014
Svetlozar NedyalkovFirmato: 13:45, 17/01/2014
"Please look at the Keshe Foundation ( for its technical solutions and new knowledge might be the catalyst for change! "
Detelina BaldzhievaFirmato: 13:22, 17/01/2014
Rangel DimitrovFirmato: 11:13, 17/01/2014
"Yes, but it's only words!"
Lubomir ZanevFirmato: 09:44, 17/01/2014
Borislav LazarovFirmato: 01:43, 17/01/2014
peter kossevFirmato: 10:13, 16/01/2014
"What would a charter do to destroy current abomonations as the IMF , i don't know...suere hope u do..."
Alexandar PetkovFirmato: 08:27, 16/01/2014
"The idea is nice but faces some challenges when it comes to the mindset of people today. Make everything free without any proper preparation and chaos will soon follow. Imagine the following situation. Lets say yesterday everything was made free and I decide to build a full scale mode of the Eiffel Tower in my back yard - and why not materials are free I will just order up some steel and do my thing. I pick up the phone and several hypothetical situations might occur. 1 No one picks up cause everybody quit their job. 2. Someone does pick up and tells me there is no steel left due over-demand. 3. I get my steel... and so on. I hope you get my point. There should be governance (a pre-set law) of resource distribution in order to prevent unwise spending and over accumulation (per group/individual) of resources. "
DESISLAVA RASHKOVAFirmato: 08:14, 16/01/2014
Ilina DimitrovaFirmato: 02:31, 16/01/2014
Val DeyFirmato: 08:38, 01/01/2014
"Sustainability is the capacity to respond to the basic needs of all ... with what we have."
Yan PetrovFirmato: 22:44, 23/12/2013
Васил ТакевFirmato: 20:44, 12/12/2013
Nikolai Mihailov Firmato: 03:35, 23/11/2013
Велизара ПетроваFirmato: 22:47, 22/11/2013
"Моля промотирайте идеята!"
Kiril KozhuharovFirmato: 18:40, 22/11/2013
"НЕВЕРОЯТНО !!!!! толкова би ми се искало да се осъществи тази идея ... толкова много мразя монополистите и болното съзнание на хората т.н. златотърсачи това болестно състояние ... стремежа към пари и чрез тях власт над себеподобни.Неравноправието, разделението на класи на обществото.Умишленото криене на велики открития с цел облага на една малка общност от пъклени долни малодушни нищожни хора.Всички имат право на ЗНАНИЕТО нека всички да прогресираме заедно напред вместо да се самоунищожаваме ..."

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