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Olivier LouisFirmato: 21:36, 05/03/2013
weytens michéleFirmato: 19:02, 05/03/2013
Laura MaronFirmato: 18:40, 05/03/2013
Farinelle TeoFirmato: 17:56, 05/03/2013
Karine Van WaerebeekFirmato: 19:03, 03/03/2013
Gert CoeckelberghFirmato: 11:35, 28/02/2013
"Rather than 10 different principles, it's one expressed in 10 different ways. But it's so important I hope I live to see it expressed in about 7,5 billion different ways."
Michaël Van OvermeireFirmato: 15:08, 27/02/2013
"Wow, beautiful! This is what the world needs!"
Evan Van LissumFirmato: 14:54, 27/02/2013
Ellen VandepitteFirmato: 14:37, 27/02/2013
"This should be the second and most important step after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights we declared in 1948. "
Chayma ChaymaFirmato: 13:59, 27/02/2013
Dimitri VenFirmato: 23:06, 25/02/2013
"its time for this change so we can finally enjou life as it should be and so my kids dont have to worry about all this bullshit this system brings whit it and so they can just life their live!"
Inge MaesFirmato: 13:38, 25/02/2013
Nikki HoebekeFirmato: 19:33, 23/02/2013
Paul BorgersFirmato: 20:19, 22/02/2013
Wim Van AelstFirmato: 16:00, 22/02/2013
Judith SpijkerFirmato: 15:57, 22/02/2013
"Probably we've all been waiting till someone -finally-took the initiative! Thank you "
michos michosFirmato: 14:43, 22/02/2013
DIRK VAN GYSELFirmato: 14:13, 22/02/2013
Thomas Van DyckFirmato: 14:12, 22/02/2013
dirk gorrebeeckFirmato: 13:44, 22/02/2013
"voor de toekomst van ons kinderen en Julie kinderen "
Erna FranssensFirmato: 13:35, 22/02/2013
"Hoog tijd dat de mens zijn medeleven wat meer ontwikkelt.. en de hebzucht mildert, en zijn angsten niet meer laat uitgroeien tot onoverkomelijke barrières... wij hebben een evolutie meegemaakt waaruit we veel kunnen opsteken...en dezelfde fouten steeds niet opnieuw moeten herhalen... Het onderwijs is hier een belangrijke schakel.... daar ligt nog steeds het zwaartepunt op competitiegedrag.... "
stewie vervaFirmato: 13:22, 22/02/2013
steve bruylandFirmato: 03:33, 22/02/2013
valérie namotteFirmato: 23:33, 19/02/2013
Benjamin NoneFirmato: 23:08, 19/02/2013
Patrick FlahertyFirmato: 09:44, 18/02/2013
Anthony MulliganFirmato: 17:29, 17/02/2013
"j'aime cette charte, je rajouterai tout de même chaque homme limitera sa consommation à ce qui lui est necessaire, afin de se libérer du superflu et de limiter son impact sur la planette"
Benjamin LoPiccoloFirmato: 14:50, 14/02/2013
"Great insight, it grows a hopefull sensation within me that allows me to believe there is still hope for a world based on equality and for the further existence of our planet & all its species... "
patrick finckenFirmato: 20:58, 08/02/2013
Pierre DelannoyFirmato: 10:49, 08/02/2013
"Et si le monde entier pouvaient signer ! Le pied !"
Dieter De BreukerFirmato: 13:10, 07/02/2013
Tim EversFirmato: 21:08, 28/01/2013
Peter WautersFirmato: 22:44, 23/01/2013
Peter WautersFirmato: 22:44, 23/01/2013
didier lambertFirmato: 19:40, 20/01/2013
elvis hadaFirmato: 17:29, 18/01/2013
"We all want a free world!"
Beau KempeneerFirmato: 20:19, 14/01/2013
Brayan RegnierFirmato: 17:43, 09/01/2013
Ben QuirynenFirmato: 06:31, 07/01/2013
Menija NormalFirmato: 20:02, 06/01/2013
"Je souhaite que chaque être-humain sur la Terre soit heureux. Je souhaite également que chacun prenne conscience du mal que l'argent créé..."
lieve segersFirmato: 12:42, 04/01/2013
stephane allepaertsFirmato: 23:14, 27/12/2012
Didier DengisFirmato: 11:08, 26/12/2012
marie-christine leclaireFirmato: 10:12, 26/12/2012
mel sibsFirmato: 10:04, 26/12/2012
Gigliola GalassoFirmato: 13:58, 25/12/2012
"Puissions nous tous agir selon la parole des Amérindiens : "walk you talk" c'est à dire "marche ta parole""
julien guillaumeFirmato: 12:07, 25/12/2012
sophie stevensFirmato: 18:20, 23/12/2012
Louise ToussaintFirmato: 16:43, 23/12/2012
"excellente initiative !"

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