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Lo Statuto Del Mondo Libero

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Kathryn GoodmanFirmato: 01:52, 15/12/2012
"I signed this including the part which says "In a new society without financial inhibitors and constraints, the greatest challenges facing humanity will be technical ones. ie. How do we provide enough food, water, shelter, energy, materials, and ensure a high standard of sustainable living for everybody? ... As opposed to traditional politics and speculation, the scientific method is a proven, robust system of solving these technical problems using just the available facts and basic logic. It also has a common reference across all cultures and languages." I would just like to add that I actually do not believe technical problems to be the biggest problems, or techno-fixes to have all the answers. I think building community, consensus decision making and education need to also be taken into account. I think building community and compassion and consensus-building skills are more important than techno-fixes. "

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