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liu tzu-juiSigned: 20:14, 02/01/2013
YU CHUN LOSigned: 08:29, 10/12/2012
士翔 林Signed: 06:51, 10/11/2012
"Inspired by The Venus Project which founded by Jacque Fresco."
Caster ChenSigned: 17:33, 16/09/2012
CHEN,PO-CHUAN CHEN,PO-CHUANSigned: 18:23, 14/09/2012
志忠 賴Signed: 17:12, 21/08/2012
正華 蔡Signed: 13:51, 04/08/2012
Li-chia ChangSigned: 15:10, 12/07/2012
Lisa CostacurtaSigned: 20:28, 30/06/2012
黃昭元 黃昭元Signed: 04:41, 18/06/2012
Phil ChenSigned: 07:13, 01/06/2012
youn ming langSigned: 23:48, 16/05/2012
羅良艾 羅Signed: 13:04, 15/05/2012
薰慧 黃Signed: 16:22, 14/05/2012
威威 楊Signed: 11:26, 14/05/2012
資蘋 黃Signed: 09:51, 14/05/2012
"這個計畫我希望能夠支持吃素, 因為人類並不需要傷害動物來維持身體的健康, 這是一種物種歧視及暴力行為, 若我們想達到自由公平及愛的文化水準, 我想~吃素是必要的!!"
冠亦 陳Signed: 07:15, 14/05/2012
繡婕 謝Signed: 06:53, 14/05/2012
陳 志行Signed: 05:29, 14/05/2012
yn suSigned: 04:55, 14/05/2012
欣儀 謝Signed: 04:36, 14/05/2012
Jeff KenSigned: 19:28, 05/05/2012
nandi wenSigned: 11:57, 27/04/2012
"go for world peace!!!"
Yen-Ting WenSigned: 10:30, 27/04/2012
"Thank you for the movement! Let's turn this ugly insane world to a wonderful sane world. "
花菓子 吳Signed: 05:31, 17/03/2012
琦 吳Signed: 20:19, 16/03/2012
彥瑋 廖Signed: 16:33, 16/03/2012
魏 FrankSigned: 16:32, 16/03/2012
"我希望盡早看到這一天 我也會全力支持協助 Until we change money works, we change nothing."
i chun chenSigned: 16:25, 16/03/2012
郭 文通Signed: 12:13, 14/03/2012
maruko dinSigned: 09:36, 14/03/2012
"請問這個跟金星計畫 the venus project 有關嗎? 希望這份有關全人類的協議也能翻譯成中文的 這樣也許就會有更多對英文不慎熟習的人也能了解 並簽署這樣對人類有幫助的協議 謝謝你們的努力,加油"
raphael fernandezSigned: 14:47, 24/02/2012
Betschart BernadetteSigned: 06:49, 23/02/2012
葉 家豪Signed: 16:29, 11/02/2012
Khaled J. Abu ElsamidSigned: 18:36, 07/02/2012
"Please look into "the zeitgeist movement" & "the venus project" recently, if all the groups who are advocating the same goal start working together, it will speed everything up significantly. please also look into "the greatest truth never told". i believe something big is collectively happening right now, i really hope to see more collaboration from an early time. preferably as soon as one would find out about such opportunity. good luck to all of us."
Jomei TsaiSigned: 11:24, 22/01/2012
Dominique d WawrzyniakSigned: 10:26, 15/01/2012
"Principe INDISPENSABLE à notre condition humaine. Seul bémole à mes yeux : la compréhension & la cohabitation des différentes ethnies & religions car lorsqu'on observe la haine qu'il peut exister entre voisins... Comment niveler & faire admettre nos infimes différences à un habitant qui ne mange pas à sa faim ou dont les enfants ont été massacrés pour une cause : l'enrichissement souhaité de ce même voisin ? Il ne faut pas oublier que les guerres ont toutes le même but : prendre à son voisin ce qu'il possède. Mais ces guerriers avides n'ont pas encore compris qu'on ne peut exterminer un peuple, il y a toujours 1 rescapé pour colporter les faits réels...."
陳 彥廷Signed: 11:56, 27/12/2011
黃 茂銓Signed: 09:10, 22/12/2011
Hank FangSigned: 08:56, 17/12/2011
Maurice LeeSigned: 19:04, 13/12/2011
"It will be great if somebody can provide the steps to give up the current monetary system and build up a free world. "
柏安 潘Signed: 16:03, 12/12/2011
Shih Min WangSigned: 05:42, 12/12/2011
Louis Louis ChuSigned: 12:40, 11/12/2011
Shraddha CHUNGSigned: 06:12, 11/12/2011
"I'm from Taiwan. Taiwan is a country, NOT a province of China. But I pretty like this charter, so I just choose a first country of the list. Please correct it. [ADMIN: DONE :)]"
Albert Xue Yan ZhengSigned: 02:12, 11/12/2011
"Then the world of Abundance is here now!"
YAOMING YANGSigned: 17:09, 06/12/2011
Perng ChaoSigned: 03:24, 22/11/2011
Mark PanszkySigned: 09:37, 19/11/2011
"Taiwan is not a province of China"
Vicky LinSigned: 14:00, 16/11/2011

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