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Sergej AmbrozicSigned: 15:10, 30/12/2011
Marko AvgustinSigned: 08:57, 30/12/2011
"I think that now is a time to create a better society for all humanity in the world and also to protect the live creatures all over the world. "
Luka ZorčSigned: 15:53, 29/12/2011
Rihard DestradiSigned: 15:09, 29/12/2011
Ljubica PodgoracSigned: 12:33, 29/12/2011
Simon TrupiSigned: 20:34, 28/12/2011
Matej BurkeljcSigned: 17:59, 28/12/2011
Nika MavriSigned: 17:24, 28/12/2011
"So great that you started sth like that!"
Brin KovačevićSigned: 07:28, 28/12/2011
Alen UdovčSigned: 18:20, 27/12/2011
Dani KovacSigned: 14:53, 27/12/2011
Doroteja BeleSigned: 19:47, 26/12/2011
"i hope we're gonna make it!"
Marko BašinSigned: 13:04, 26/12/2011
Valentin RozmanSigned: 12:43, 26/12/2011
Damir LukačSigned: 02:04, 26/12/2011
"That's the only way to save our future, to save our beautiful planet... "
Marko DimačSigned: 14:12, 25/12/2011
"Everyone is different and everyone is equal. We all have the same basic sociological needs - love, understanding and peace. We all deserve a marvelous, free and sustainable life. Let's make everything free :)"
Peter GrižonSigned: 21:29, 24/12/2011
darija milevSigned: 19:24, 23/12/2011
"yes, this kind of world i would like to live in. as we all see where did money take us. so we see that we don't need money to be able to survive and to be its slave. it is better to manage without it and instead of that to bring people together in a common vision where our goal would be taking cere for each other and to connect with mother nature more. that is the way to come closer to ourselves. in that case the life will be much easyer and we can have more time for each oter and also with our kids,who are very lonely these days,becouse their parents are not totaly free and happy. i think living as a community is a way to go. it is ok that machines can do the hard jobs, therefor we can be able to spend more time with alive beings and to have time for meditation. Please, don't forget to live as God's will,not as church and the religons are saying but to listen that inner sound and light, inner spirit. that is a way to go, too. thank you for spreading that idea for optimising our lives"
Sabina VerbičSigned: 15:57, 23/12/2011
Boštjan MehSigned: 08:39, 23/12/2011
Janez KrižajSigned: 07:55, 23/12/2011
Jurij BavdažSigned: 22:29, 22/12/2011
"Kooperativa naša je alternativa ;)"
DRAGICA MAREŠIĆSigned: 22:13, 22/12/2011
Peter SimcicSigned: 00:19, 22/12/2011
Tomas CehSigned: 14:52, 21/12/2011
Klemen ValicSigned: 14:16, 21/12/2011
Breda SpacapanSigned: 11:16, 21/12/2011
matej palkaSigned: 09:40, 21/12/2011
Ales CrnicSigned: 07:49, 21/12/2011
"Love,Light and peace to all"
Dunja ŠoberSigned: 07:40, 21/12/2011
Natasa Gorjanc ZimaSigned: 01:05, 21/12/2011
"It's high noon for such a tranformation of this world and all the living beings on it. Love it!"
Sanja HunyadiSigned: 23:57, 20/12/2011
Bojan SelanSigned: 13:19, 19/12/2011
Darjan NovakSigned: 09:48, 13/12/2011
MEY BEVENSigned: 20:58, 10/12/2011
Jure BulcSigned: 20:36, 10/12/2011
Mitja BavdažSigned: 19:47, 09/12/2011
"We can achieve this only step by step..."
Klemen ZakovsekSigned: 08:29, 22/11/2011
Mateja AlaufSigned: 08:18, 22/11/2011
Natasa SlovsaSigned: 15:26, 21/11/2011
Tomaž ZevnikSigned: 22:44, 15/11/2011
Miran LipovecSigned: 11:43, 11/11/2011
Siniša KarakatičSigned: 06:05, 11/11/2011
"Very well. And in direction as i see the future."
Uros AnzurSigned: 13:13, 10/11/2011
"Thank you! LOVE to all :o)"
Rok GorjancSigned: 23:15, 09/11/2011
Nikolaj GodecSigned: 21:54, 04/11/2011
"By now it is obvious, what could and should become reality. Now let us put our heads together and formulate a step by step plan, how to get there! I am prepared to contribute my humble part to such a project. We must act fast. Synergy!"
Marko VezjakSigned: 15:02, 24/10/2011
"Dobra ideja! Jas sem za! :D"
Matjaž UgovšekSigned: 21:34, 22/10/2011
"I love it! It`s vhat I`m thinking of since I was a kid. You may also check The Venus Project, which is based on the same principles. Thank you for your efforts. Ugo."
Klemen MazovecSigned: 20:48, 18/10/2011
Vid MahovičSigned: 18:41, 16/10/2011
"I totally agree!"

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