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"We are in the midst of the next big system evolution, towards a resource based economy. We are seeing the first steps, with global communication connecting everyone together, allowing collaboration on a never before seen scale. It is imperative we work together to not allow entrenched powers to hold back progress for profit. And it all starts with awareness and knowledge. " - Jonathan Quattrina day ago
Amanda Vivan Amanda2 days ago
עוז שטיינמץ3 days ago
Maria Vieira4 days ago
Tâmara Kamile Paiva de Oliveira Alcantara Tâmara4 days ago
"__A NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT__ "While rearing and homeschooling our children, our family serves in devotion to herald and help to usher-in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. A growing awakening into awareness about bigger, higher, and more awesome possibilities for all humankind and the planet shall remain our primary focus." "We use and share applications, modes and methods of greater organization for engaging in collaborative consumption and free-sharing done from within an alternative, open-access, resource-based-economic structure centered around volunteerism, cooperation, and social cohesion." "To those who may be ready to exit the competition-for-profits matrix of deception, domination, artificial scarcity, and malevolent control, we happily welcome to the future with a new and improved social contract together with the means for active participation in various kinds of social-innovation and altruistic connectivity. Our image should be a symbol for excellence and interdepende" - Haltom Family Ministries and Consultants5 days ago
Ravinder Bhatti6 days ago
Guilherme Máximo Xaviera week ago
Patrick Siegl a week ago
Roger Barbosa Rôa week ago
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Mita HugdahlSigned: 09:21, 07/08/2012
Lars HainsaloSigned: 09:12, 07/08/2012
Sanna HanssonSigned: 08:36, 07/08/2012
Daniela GranbergSigned: 22:14, 06/08/2012
Maria BlomgrenSigned: 20:50, 06/08/2012
Robert JarnrothSigned: 13:43, 06/08/2012
Birgit FrövikSigned: 09:49, 06/08/2012
Therese van KerkvoordeSigned: 07:38, 06/08/2012
"Love, friends och happiness <3"
Malwa MalwaSigned: 06:41, 06/08/2012
Carin LindgrenSigned: 22:20, 05/08/2012
Ana Maria JimenezSigned: 20:56, 19/07/2012
"Gracias por esta declaración de principios a la cual me adhiero y apruebo con todo mi corazón. Un abrazo, Ana Maria"
Alexandra TriznaSigned: 15:34, 17/07/2012
Anders EngrupSigned: 21:07, 16/07/2012
Subhasha Conrad BornSigned: 09:00, 14/07/2012
Stina WillénSigned: 14:05, 13/07/2012
"...it's time really... we have to change, with knowledge of our true history, and herstory... now!!"
Oskar TeljebäckSigned: 01:40, 13/07/2012
"This is what the world needs! When this gets big i will be there :) "
Benjamin AntmanSigned: 03:38, 11/07/2012
Emil ErikssonSigned: 19:45, 10/07/2012
"I am willing to sacrifice all my attachments and everything I own for this vision."
Rasmus LindahlSigned: 10:10, 10/07/2012
Niklas LindbergSigned: 22:59, 09/07/2012
Isak HultdinSigned: 20:32, 09/07/2012
Niklas LindströmSigned: 14:20, 09/07/2012
Fariba KeramatiSigned: 13:18, 09/07/2012
Magnus FagerströmSigned: 08:26, 09/07/2012
Patrik NordlundSigned: 15:48, 08/07/2012
"Many people live healthy lives without food or water. If you are thruthful to your mission and celebration of life you will regognize that we do not need to eat any living thing on earth. That is true freedom and health."
Marie NygrenSigned: 11:57, 08/07/2012
"Great initiative! :) "
Elisabet BegovicSigned: 21:58, 05/07/2012
Benjamin WeibelSigned: 00:35, 01/07/2012
ida lokamoSigned: 09:03, 22/06/2012
"I totally agree. Money is the root of all evil!"
Mikael LjungbergSigned: 22:46, 19/06/2012
Mohit AggarwalSigned: 11:25, 09/06/2012
Hannah IdénSigned: 16:17, 07/06/2012
ALEN MUJACICSigned: 11:38, 05/06/2012
Frederic HeerenSigned: 13:43, 02/06/2012
"All for a rbe, it's the way to go to transcend to a higher civilisation in stead of the mess we're in now."
Gry BerglindSigned: 21:18, 30/05/2012
Tomas AugustinovicSigned: 10:31, 26/05/2012
Bibban KarlssonSigned: 19:33, 15/05/2012
kris JonassonSigned: 09:13, 15/05/2012
Jenny Lester strååtSigned: 17:29, 14/05/2012
Set HallstromSigned: 17:02, 14/05/2012
"My gender is robot and i was born tomorrow"
Christoffer WedellSigned: 20:50, 13/05/2012
"calm understanding"
helena hoeglundSigned: 18:33, 13/05/2012
Love RosénSigned: 02:10, 13/05/2012
"All of these points are very reasonable. If it is possible for a society to function and respect all of them at the same time, there would be no reason not to have it that way."
Anders LindqvistSigned: 20:57, 08/05/2012
jenny lundbergSigned: 14:31, 29/04/2012
Kim FranzénSigned: 23:28, 28/04/2012
Martin GreipSigned: 21:21, 10/04/2012
pernilla kjellstromSigned: 20:54, 10/04/2012
Malin NorrbySigned: 20:45, 10/04/2012
Johan ErikssonSigned: 19:36, 10/04/2012

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