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Pinuno FuentesSigned: 00:08, 02/07/2011
"Let us make this happen!"
Earl Lorjan Whillor Signed: 23:20, 26/06/2011
""Oneness‎" I don't see "nations of people" I see one people on one planet, all CONNECTED and interdependent with each other and all life, all living on an organism called "Earth" a planet of Abundance for all." Cheers!!! "
bert peetersSigned: 08:05, 10/06/2011
"permaculture provides lots of insights in the how and why of what kind of scientific methods we may want to apply in implementing the charter. I believe many groups all over the world are building already their paradises and are implementing bits and pieces of the charter. Wouldn't it be great to start connecting such efforts. We are trying to do our share at"
Bahaghari PilipinasSigned: 18:16, 19/05/2011
Donna Isadora VarelaSigned: 01:28, 14/05/2011
"I cannot wait. Let's do this"
Onil DomingoSigned: 22:43, 29/04/2011
"I must say "this is going to be very hard", but i will back it up"
Marco Polo IgnacioSigned: 18:34, 25/04/2011
Jim SarthouSigned: 01:49, 22/04/2011
"This may be our last chance"
Gino NavalSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Irahjose ChanSigned: 04:21, 06/04/2011
"Aside from experience, the purpose of life is to make life easier for other lives/beings that passes through this plane of existence. Life is precious and if we only live once on this Earth it has to be a fruitful experience for everyone that passes thru it"
Dennis ChanSigned: 06:51, 28/03/2011
Marcelino Jay-arSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Sahara CasteelSigned: 06:47, 25/03/2011
"Everything we need is already provided, all we have to do is to preserve, conserve and sustain"
Ryan Ernest SeldaSigned: 06:44, 25/03/2011
michael mikeSigned: 12:46, 24/03/2011
Jimbert CarballoSigned: 12:36, 24/03/2011
joel minanoSigned: 11:39, 24/03/2011
Elaine ChristinaSigned: 00:21, 23/03/2011
Michael KublerSigned: 01:59, 22/03/2011
"I'm a chapter co-ordinator of the Zeitgeist Movement in South Australia and have to say that this is very well done. It's similar to the 'Aims and Principals' I wrote a while back :"
Joseph Gerard LlovitSigned: 03:28, 20/03/2011
"I totally support this charter and its humanitarian cause. More power to the people"

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