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RAJENDRA JOSHISigned: 18:16, 06/08/2012
"I deeply and passionately felt this thoughts ,but I wanted to start such movement and was in search of the way to prepare runway for take off.....Its just the divine work and believed I will get the clue......."
Shivam AherSigned: 20:48, 04/08/2012
Deepak K.V.Signed: 10:51, 03/08/2012
Joel PSigned: 09:24, 30/07/2012
Rupak GhoshSigned: 14:53, 25/07/2012
"Its really great. But the idea should be popularize among people. I want to work for it."
Aaditya ChaturvediSigned: 16:38, 24/07/2012
"I truly believe that we should have free world, and equality. this planet earth belongs to the living being on this planet, we have succeeded vast beyond our imagination, and have achieved greater heights and we have a ability and resources to use them for making this world a better place for everyone. But Greed and vicious grip of Monetary system has made its slave , and has entrapped the ability of one self. Money is the root of all evil, there are so many explanation stating the cruelty that we have brought with this creation of Money, and we already have proofs that we are leading our-self toward dark ages, and its high time for us to stop and think about bring a change for better future to come. I am in full support of making a change, in whatever time i have on this Planet for Better future for generation to come. "
radha hollaSigned: 06:09, 23/07/2012
Sudeshna SenguptaSigned: 18:04, 21/07/2012
Roopa N GSigned: 09:34, 20/07/2012
Pattu RajSigned: 16:30, 19/07/2012
Nanda HiregowdarSigned: 11:31, 19/07/2012
g RaghvaSigned: 10:30, 19/07/2012
Flavian DSouzaSigned: 15:38, 18/07/2012
Anil RatnamSigned: 11:43, 17/07/2012
Tapan ChakrabortySigned: 08:23, 15/07/2012
Sharon CordeiroSigned: 08:38, 13/07/2012
"we were born free, freedom is our birth right... so is all the natural resources on this planet.... we need to take back our planet to make the world a better place and the grow as individuals..... Money, greed, selfishness, racism, wars and other evils do not need to exist in a free planet and will not exist.... power of the people!!!"
Raihan PanchaSigned: 16:02, 12/07/2012
"I only WISH and PRAY that people see the light before it burns out...!"
Hameed VKASigned: 14:06, 12/07/2012
melanie swallowSigned: 18:47, 09/07/2012
Pulkit ParikhSigned: 07:31, 09/07/2012
spred spredSigned: 14:35, 02/07/2012
michel roySigned: 20:17, 28/06/2012
Poonam Verma MascarenhasSigned: 11:27, 27/06/2012
Deavanshi VisanaSigned: 08:41, 27/06/2012
"I stand to believe that this website which is aiming towards togetherness - equality and fair measures of justice, will, be sure to prosper in the future generations of today and i hope that this calling will wide spread. "
Shobha VarmaSigned: 09:00, 25/06/2012
Jitendra Pal SinghSigned: 07:02, 24/06/2012
Rana YawlSigned: 12:32, 23/06/2012
"we can not be defined only be lived.."
Ernesto GuevaraSigned: 10:51, 20/06/2012
Anagha Prashant ParadkarSigned: 12:45, 13/06/2012
"i would appreciate only relevant mails. do not flood me with mails. DO NOT SHARE my email id"
Snehal TrivediSigned: 08:40, 09/06/2012
Saint ASigned: 06:09, 08/06/2012
Aneesh GangadharSigned: 11:36, 07/06/2012
"Society definitely needs to change for the greater good..."
Vishal MourSigned: 05:28, 05/06/2012
sunny sandhuSigned: 17:05, 03/06/2012
"Organic food has to be grown , and it needs lot of humans to be involved , and hard labour is not such a bad things , its good its a spiritual practice . "
Kate LukisSigned: 09:44, 02/06/2012
hemant somanSigned: 04:37, 30/05/2012
"I really hope human beings awaken from their slumber and stop the minority that has been raping this planet for their own vested interests. " When you are fighting a just cause,people simply seem to pop up"- Gandhi"
Anahata MenonSigned: 11:35, 28/05/2012
Shiv HastawalaSigned: 13:26, 27/05/2012
Atul KaleSigned: 17:38, 26/05/2012
rayees aminSigned: 09:26, 24/05/2012
"This is absolutely wonderful. It is really hard to be achieve but we shall strive for this. Lets make this world a better place to live."
Umashankar GoudSigned: 07:17, 23/05/2012
GAUTAM SAXENASigned: 17:53, 18/05/2012
Jayachandran NarayananSigned: 13:37, 15/05/2012
MINNAKANTI SRINIVASARAOSigned: 17:37, 14/05/2012
GAURAV SAPRASigned: 12:44, 14/05/2012
Venkatesh PrabhuSigned: 09:20, 13/05/2012
rohit prasadSigned: 07:37, 12/05/2012
"it is most beautiful commandments to do... love you guys... and count me in"
Karthik UppaladhadiamSigned: 04:52, 02/05/2012
"No one could have come up with a better remedy to cure the ills our world currently faces. If this Charter is enforced across the world in my lifetime, I'd be the happiest person alive. I'll do my best to pass this on to as many people as I can."
Anand SinghSigned: 14:37, 30/04/2012
"The whole world is a single family. "
Raja KumarSigned: 03:30, 15/04/2012
"It makes logical sense for us to all love each other as equals, to live in peace and harmony with nature and with each other, and it is physically possible to accomplish all of this right now. There are no longer any logical reasons for us to delay the creation of such a world."

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