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Claudio MartinSigned: 14:07, 01/05/2014
"Greetings My People. This morning I decided to Google ¨lets stop using money worldwide¨ and found this website, to my surprise. It has given me new found hope in the Grandiose idea of HUMANDKIND STOPING THE USE OF MONEY. An idea that is surely firing through the Natural Mystic of the Spiritual Network of Conected Minds n Souls on Earth... Not only is it a good idea, it seems like the best idea, the simplest, the keenest. But as always the key is Unity. So TOTAL UNITY is key. World Wide at one time, We decide not to use money anymore. When? Well every culture has the custom of having a New Year Resolution. The calling in of a New Beginning, a new chapter. So a new Year seems like the best time. New Years 2015 Maybe? With the internet and Technology it should be an easy task to organize this Epic Move. Since the Industrial Revolution, the World had and has the exponential ability to provide more than the basics for more than 10 times the current world population. "

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