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gillian mccloudUnterzeichnet: 18:09, 16/05/2013
Jason SmithUnterzeichnet: 14:49, 16/05/2013
"I would love to install this blue print for a new society right here in the south island of new zealand. We are a small island nation isolated from other countries yet we are still a western culture & there for not without influence. The only way this would work is to start somewhere small and prove to the world that this can work. "
Connie AtkinsonUnterzeichnet: 12:02, 16/05/2013
"Visionary...keep going."
Stuart KentUnterzeichnet: 11:31, 16/05/2013
Ashleigh van den ArendUnterzeichnet: 11:12, 16/05/2013
"This is the direction the world needs to be led. ASAP!"
Elizabeth McQuadeUnterzeichnet: 11:12, 16/05/2013
"This makes perfect sense. :)"
Sara JowseyUnterzeichnet: 11:12, 16/05/2013
Heidi GillespieUnterzeichnet: 11:10, 16/05/2013
"This is exactly what we need!"
sharad dohareUnterzeichnet: 01:51, 15/05/2013
Cam VincentUnterzeichnet: 23:49, 14/05/2013
Patrick EastonUnterzeichnet: 13:51, 08/05/2013
Pamela PawinskiUnterzeichnet: 04:08, 28/04/2013
"Let us all commit ourselves to creating a fairer,new society to benefit all living things."
Henry KingiUnterzeichnet: 00:41, 18/04/2013
Sandra MulqueenUnterzeichnet: 01:45, 13/04/2013
"Caring and sharing will enable us to make the transition from scarcity to abundance. When hemp is restored to a place of honour among the precious resources that Nature has provided for our health and well-being then we will know our governments are finally on the right track."
Will JacksonUnterzeichnet: 12:19, 01/04/2013
Kirsty MortonUnterzeichnet: 18:24, 27/03/2013
Peti SeiuliUnterzeichnet: 07:29, 27/03/2013
"This is what i have been waiting for since I was 4 and had no concept of why our world should revolve around a monetary system. The zeitgeist addendum film called it a "life evaluation system" and I think this is the closet thing to it. I am a musician who lives in New Zealand playing in a band called Ghettoblaster and the biggest hindrance to our creativity is a system where the richer achieve more than the poorer solely because they can afford the necessary tools to create more. Thank you to the creators of this site because if we can implement this system in to modern day society then I truly believe we will save many future generations of man kind. As it stands we are running out of time."
Sophie FletcherUnterzeichnet: 22:48, 26/03/2013
"This is what I have always said to people that we should be doing instead of our current system. Nice to know that there are others out there who think with the same logic I do :)"
mike allen-andrewsUnterzeichnet: 22:22, 26/03/2013
"ty for making this possible ,think big not in narrowminded steps "
aiste vasileviciuteUnterzeichnet: 01:49, 24/03/2013
"It would be nice to get it written in Lithuanian language too. Thanks"
David Paul Wharewera ParkerUnterzeichnet: 22:38, 23/03/2013
"This is exactly what we all need!!! A sustainable future with the best of everything we can provide for everyone everywhere!!! We must do something to get out of this corrupt economy we are all born into! "
Logan ManaghUnterzeichnet: 22:18, 23/03/2013
Leroy ChristensenUnterzeichnet: 21:58, 23/03/2013
"money can piss off, we would be be so much happier if we didn't need to struggle to live."
ebin schofieldUnterzeichnet: 21:22, 23/03/2013
Neil WalkerUnterzeichnet: 18:29, 23/03/2013
"Become the change."
Scott WatersUnterzeichnet: 19:54, 27/02/2013
"Whilst it will be an extremely hard task for us to accomplish, I am willing and more importantly wanting to help this world become a better place for all which we share this planet with."
Deena NewtonUnterzeichnet: 17:43, 24/02/2013
Gerard MilesUnterzeichnet: 09:03, 24/02/2013
"Time for the Illuminati to move on and people live in peace with NO fear and enjoy life as was intended. Down with all dishonest Governments and Corporations. (That would be all of them!) Nameste."
Matthew LattinUnterzeichnet: 21:18, 14/02/2013
Peter McleodUnterzeichnet: 05:16, 07/02/2013
Simon HoltUnterzeichnet: 09:36, 28/01/2013
adam kidsonUnterzeichnet: 20:43, 14/01/2013
Jo BlandfordUnterzeichnet: 07:04, 09/01/2013
Richard RonayneUnterzeichnet: 05:35, 04/01/2013
Peter HousbyUnterzeichnet: 09:46, 23/12/2012
"Great concept in principle, only thing preventing it is human greed."
Paula MaunderUnterzeichnet: 04:11, 20/12/2012
"I whole heartedly agree!"
Sarn HunnisettUnterzeichnet: 23:39, 19/12/2012
Karsten Karsten SchwardtUnterzeichnet: 10:21, 19/12/2012
Cole LionsUnterzeichnet: 09:03, 19/12/2012
"All aspects of the charter are agreed with, however I believe it is not possible to simply stop using money. The most powerful people on the planet get their power from money and they will not give that up for a noble cause. Also people are afraid of change and will not risk their current stability for an overnight overhaul of everything they have aver known. There is only one way we will ever be able to change society and it will come at a cost, no doubt the cost will be countless human lives because it will take a physical war to remove the current opposing powers and open the door for any new systems implementation. In saying this and portraying it as almost impossible I do not discount the fact that it is of the utmost importance that we we do act and act now, as we do not have the luxury of time before the current system causes our extinction. I have a way to gradually phase in the infrastructure needed in a moneyless society without turning to many heads in the process.... "
Kathryn GoodmanUnterzeichnet: 01:52, 15/12/2012
"I signed this including the part which says "In a new society without financial inhibitors and constraints, the greatest challenges facing humanity will be technical ones. ie. How do we provide enough food, water, shelter, energy, materials, and ensure a high standard of sustainable living for everybody? ... As opposed to traditional politics and speculation, the scientific method is a proven, robust system of solving these technical problems using just the available facts and basic logic. It also has a common reference across all cultures and languages." I would just like to add that I actually do not believe technical problems to be the biggest problems, or techno-fixes to have all the answers. I think building community, consensus decision making and education need to also be taken into account. I think building community and compassion and consensus-building skills are more important than techno-fixes. "
vesta riversUnterzeichnet: 21:35, 17/11/2012
Ian LeggettUnterzeichnet: 19:15, 30/10/2012
"Joining you all in bringing into being our New Earth In Lak'ech Ala K'in Ian"
Brent PartnerUnterzeichnet: 21:15, 29/10/2012
Carolyn NgaiaUnterzeichnet: 11:03, 25/10/2012
Keri Margaret SchwedUnterzeichnet: 02:33, 25/10/2012
"Fantastic, let's do it!"
Karen SelbyUnterzeichnet: 00:27, 09/10/2012
lisa kaanUnterzeichnet: 11:25, 04/10/2012
"fantastic site :) always exciting to find like minded people ."
Angela FoxUnterzeichnet: 00:50, 04/10/2012
Rawiri RangiUnterzeichnet: 09:56, 30/09/2012
Manasi GuptaUnterzeichnet: 09:32, 30/09/2012

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