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Jordan OsmastonUnterzeichnet: 05:21, 06/10/2014
"I'm an undergraduate physicist and I would totally do physics for free. It isn't just hippies that like this!"
Roy PearseUnterzeichnet: 02:22, 05/10/2014
Richard OsmastonUnterzeichnet: 23:59, 04/10/2014
"Money Free New Zealand is coming soon :) Intending to become Grey District Mayor in 2019."
adam milneUnterzeichnet: 23:52, 04/10/2014
"We(the people of planet earth) do need to rescue and rejuvinate our home."
ChasFreeWorldCharter SchatzUnterzeichnet: 23:35, 04/10/2014
"I really hope this does something more than lipservice."
Ingrid RaathUnterzeichnet: 23:35, 03/10/2014
"Let's create a new world!"
Adam BoxUnterzeichnet: 01:34, 24/09/2014
"I have been dreaming of this for over a decade. Why is it we can not all get along as one ? why must we state our dominence on this planet over the creatures that have been here before us? i fully support this act 100 percent"
Hugh ColeUnterzeichnet: 04:07, 21/09/2014
"Well done for putting this together! I'm proud to be a part of it. Lots of work ahead, count me in. "
Zorica SimpsonUnterzeichnet: 01:20, 12/09/2014
Florence KorokoroUnterzeichnet: 20:28, 09/09/2014
"About time, i really have felt this all my life. "
Garret JaxenUnterzeichnet: 07:00, 08/09/2014
ELISA MCLEANUnterzeichnet: 06:46, 08/09/2014
Helen WestUnterzeichnet: 22:04, 05/09/2014
Kristina SmallUnterzeichnet: 07:28, 31/08/2014
Camelia TawhitiUnterzeichnet: 09:57, 30/08/2014
Michaela EvansUnterzeichnet: 21:51, 27/08/2014
Vicky LloydUnterzeichnet: 09:47, 22/08/2014
Morag LoriganUnterzeichnet: 08:58, 18/08/2014
Marc MateoUnterzeichnet: 06:33, 16/08/2014
"The structure is all there all that is required now is a willingness to change"
Josko SestanUnterzeichnet: 00:50, 16/08/2014
"Thank you...may you continue with the good work."
Arthur Bogomil BurtonUnterzeichnet: 07:29, 11/08/2014
robert ShawUnterzeichnet: 06:58, 09/08/2014
Moana ReidUnterzeichnet: 06:47, 06/08/2014
Gracie BryanUnterzeichnet: 09:25, 08/07/2014
Daniel HodgkinsonUnterzeichnet: 09:32, 26/06/2014
"I believe this is the next step for human kind, and one that all people should strive for."
Rosemary Wyndham-JonesUnterzeichnet: 19:02, 17/06/2014
Anni StuartUnterzeichnet: 13:09, 15/06/2014
logan searleUnterzeichnet: 23:42, 13/06/2014
Helmut GottschalkUnterzeichnet: 01:29, 12/06/2014
"Thanks for creating this initiative of truth."
Cory JacobsenUnterzeichnet: 15:44, 29/05/2014
Timothy BallUnterzeichnet: 01:59, 24/05/2014
Sam TaylorUnterzeichnet: 01:20, 23/05/2014
lewis barlowUnterzeichnet: 16:08, 03/05/2014
Brave SkullUnterzeichnet: 03:35, 10/04/2014
Simon WoodUnterzeichnet: 08:33, 05/04/2014
"Love & compassion for all...awesome...but (seriously) how do you deal with the psychopaths...???"
Guy ForkzUnterzeichnet: 10:35, 31/03/2014
kathryn shirleyUnterzeichnet: 11:32, 21/02/2014
megan robertsUnterzeichnet: 19:47, 20/02/2014
"i am however still unclear how this could be achieved"
Mason BrownUnterzeichnet: 04:24, 26/01/2014
Pomare RangiheueaUnterzeichnet: 22:01, 22/01/2014
Tessa JefferisUnterzeichnet: 09:47, 17/01/2014
Anji Piper-BeckettUnterzeichnet: 20:15, 16/01/2014
holly marelichUnterzeichnet: 19:14, 16/01/2014
David BoultonUnterzeichnet: 13:04, 16/01/2014
Roslyn MarelichUnterzeichnet: 10:02, 16/01/2014
"If only it could be."
Kenan ElmazUnterzeichnet: 10:00, 16/01/2014
"You might want to add in the fact that resourcing in todays world makes no sense, we double, triple, quadruple up on almost everything we produce, that is, we have multiple manufacturers making the same type of product which is inherently wasteful, not to mention the fact that if we had a resource based economy there would no longer be the type of oil 'crisis' there seems to be today, EVERYTHING we produce today uses oil in one form or another, EVERYTHING. That could be in it's manufacture using oil directly, say fuel, or within the machines used to produce something, or transporting the products to the shelf... "
Renee AndersonUnterzeichnet: 08:49, 16/01/2014
"Number 9 : i believe all people have something to contribute "
Ethan BarnesUnterzeichnet: 05:39, 16/01/2014
"Good stuff. The worlds heading for this anyway so why not do it now"
Megan MurphyUnterzeichnet: 05:27, 16/01/2014
Robert HartleyUnterzeichnet: 04:08, 16/01/2014

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