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flavia miorelliUnterzeichnet: 03:30, 16/01/2014
"free the world !!! NO MONEY"
Sam BloodUnterzeichnet: 02:17, 16/01/2014
Ayrton FooteUnterzeichnet: 02:13, 16/01/2014
Rhys EmersonUnterzeichnet: 03:52, 18/12/2013
Tim BlythUnterzeichnet: 06:42, 16/12/2013
matthew wetzelUnterzeichnet: 09:51, 08/12/2013
Douglas BoothUnterzeichnet: 09:22, 08/12/2013
sam carruthUnterzeichnet: 20:36, 07/12/2013
Cameron WalkerUnterzeichnet: 21:51, 27/10/2013
"Rocking charter, proud to sign it, honoured to be part of that new world."
Robert BruceUnterzeichnet: 08:54, 01/10/2013
Damien StewartUnterzeichnet: 07:22, 26/09/2013
Shane HerdmanUnterzeichnet: 12:42, 20/09/2013
"We are born equal and should be all treated as equal. Money provides a very few people with ridiculous excesses and leaves others to incredible suffering. With a little intelligence there is plenty of everything to go around. Everything on this planet should be treated with love and respect."
Cody howardUnterzeichnet: 09:51, 19/09/2013
Allen HerbertUnterzeichnet: 19:42, 11/09/2013
Greg SwaneyUnterzeichnet: 09:24, 26/08/2013
"Lets hope we see this change in our lifetime........"
Laura AshtonUnterzeichnet: 22:31, 12/08/2013
Quintin RouxUnterzeichnet: 10:39, 11/08/2013
Peter JosephsUnterzeichnet: 22:27, 01/08/2013
"This is simple logic and it should not be assigned to our dreams. Those who are greedy or lazy will fight his but hose who choose a better world and abundant happiness for everyone should sign this."
Daniel BramwellUnterzeichnet: 08:52, 28/07/2013
Bailey YeatmanUnterzeichnet: 08:08, 27/07/2013
"Get everyone you know to get everyone thye know to sign"
Brandon HenwoodUnterzeichnet: 08:04, 27/07/2013
Michael YeatmanUnterzeichnet: 07:55, 27/07/2013
Paul HenwoodUnterzeichnet: 07:51, 27/07/2013
Leanne ReynoldsUnterzeichnet: 07:50, 27/07/2013
Cody HenwoodUnterzeichnet: 07:48, 27/07/2013
Nickolas HenwoodUnterzeichnet: 07:42, 27/07/2013
Rosalia ChoiUnterzeichnet: 10:20, 24/07/2013
Kate RankinUnterzeichnet: 06:19, 21/07/2013
janine taylorUnterzeichnet: 11:06, 20/07/2013
NOEL. J. PETERSONUnterzeichnet: 09:31, 20/07/2013
"Sounds like a wonderful idea..!!"
Philippa RossUnterzeichnet: 08:58, 20/07/2013
Michelle Kay O'Malley-ScottUnterzeichnet: 02:11, 20/07/2013
"This is the best news since I blundered my way through my post-graduate diploma in education which focused on sustainable learning in early childhood. To be free is a dream worth striving for."
Tracey mitchellUnterzeichnet: 23:23, 19/07/2013
"This charter is a brilliant and holistic document. well written!"
Sue PateUnterzeichnet: 01:29, 13/07/2013
Lance SmithUnterzeichnet: 10:00, 10/07/2013
"Yes please....send no money now. But wait, if you accept this offer you will get not one but two sets of Vegan steak knives absolutely free."
Teresa DaltonUnterzeichnet: 00:51, 10/07/2013
Jessica HaydenUnterzeichnet: 01:16, 04/07/2013
Zoe Sutherland Unterzeichnet: 13:35, 30/06/2013
"I hope to see a better world and society in my lifetime, or at least seeing some major progress. Love, Light, Laughter and Chocolate xox"
Jude MasonUnterzeichnet: 10:34, 29/06/2013
Peter MariuUnterzeichnet: 01:10, 20/06/2013
"Great ideas and concepts"
Vickie LudlamUnterzeichnet: 23:48, 06/06/2013
Bob LyeUnterzeichnet: 10:25, 30/05/2013
Gordon MarshallUnterzeichnet: 08:24, 28/05/2013
"Whole heartedly agree. There is no alternative given that we have tried so many ways of running a society under various forms of financial system. Each has failed. each has made things worse. How to wean ourselves off money, very easy http://www.now-nz.com/Home/Examples. Kia kaha, Gordon."
Suzanne darraghUnterzeichnet: 00:51, 28/05/2013
Eva RomanowskaUnterzeichnet: 22:42, 17/05/2013
Callum BrownUnterzeichnet: 17:41, 17/05/2013
"Finally people are waking up. - Thankyou"
Daniel DuxfieldUnterzeichnet: 05:29, 17/05/2013
James Scott-NicholsonUnterzeichnet: 01:41, 17/05/2013
"I have high hopes for the future of human-kind. More and more people are becoming aware of our danger to ourselves and our planet. I believe it of the utmost importance that ideas like this (which may be regarded as extreme) are shared and considered. For we must start looking beyond our current, destructive system. We must look inside, take responsibility for ourselves, feel love and compassion, and abolish the fear we find ourselves constantly bombarded with. To humanity, I believe in you."
James MurrayUnterzeichnet: 22:52, 16/05/2013
linda dixonUnterzeichnet: 19:10, 16/05/2013

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