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Alan WebsterUnterzeichnet: 22:28, 26/05/2015
Cathie SorraghanUnterzeichnet: 07:00, 25/05/2015
Christopher DrowerUnterzeichnet: 12:35, 24/05/2015
Janine BaileyUnterzeichnet: 06:00, 23/05/2015
Glen MorrisonUnterzeichnet: 10:37, 04/05/2015
"Who will give up their money? Only those with the least. "
juliet kentUnterzeichnet: 05:38, 27/04/2015
mark vandermadeUnterzeichnet: 05:56, 13/04/2015
Thomas MakinsonUnterzeichnet: 21:17, 20/03/2015
John McLeanUnterzeichnet: 11:46, 20/03/2015
Robert BlairUnterzeichnet: 02:58, 08/03/2015
Dan MarrowUnterzeichnet: 23:25, 05/03/2015
Mark Tomai-coppellUnterzeichnet: 12:35, 24/02/2015
Viktoria LencsesUnterzeichnet: 05:53, 23/02/2015
Phillip SpearUnterzeichnet: 00:50, 23/02/2015
John CarverUnterzeichnet: 21:53, 22/02/2015
"This is the year to do this!"
Joshua FryerUnterzeichnet: 06:14, 22/02/2015
Kenzi StierUnterzeichnet: 08:45, 11/02/2015
"Human rights come before any religion, tradition or belief, we are a alive and breathing, so why question it, question our future not our past"
Carolyn MoirUnterzeichnet: 05:39, 10/02/2015
"We need to have Collective Leadership no more voting. We need to do what is in everybody's best interest."
Don de GuzmanUnterzeichnet: 21:46, 09/02/2015
Dyani ReynoldsUnterzeichnet: 02:07, 08/02/2015
"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming other living beings, why wouldn't we?"
Jeanne FromontUnterzeichnet: 00:25, 05/02/2015
Jan CarterUnterzeichnet: 13:29, 17/01/2015
Mitchell BloomUnterzeichnet: 08:13, 17/01/2015
Dr Tony Minervino, DCUnterzeichnet: 07:00, 17/01/2015
"It's time to be FREE - IT'S TIME FOR EVERYBODY TO BE FREE!!! Love Ya, Tony Minervino"
robert illesUnterzeichnet: 02:33, 13/01/2015
"The Miricle Plant Marijuana cures all disease, Cannabis Hemp makes everything of creation ,,,"
James MarjoramUnterzeichnet: 02:21, 13/01/2015
"My main activities revolve around LGBTI advocacy and support. My website is http://www.silentgays.com "
Tom McAlpineUnterzeichnet: 02:05, 13/01/2015
Te Kahurangi Patuwai-FindlayUnterzeichnet: 09:30, 19/12/2014
scott JonesUnterzeichnet: 05:12, 18/12/2014
"I am an empathy and can feel 'Gaia' and the pain mother earth has at the moment!. It is intense. We all need to wake up and feel what is 'Real!' Take off your shoes and let 'Gaia" know that YOU!!!!! care, even walk naked.?? The more we become comfortable with ourselves and Each other the better Mother earth will want us in her arms again.. "
dayle phelanUnterzeichnet: 01:17, 18/12/2014
Lauren HastieUnterzeichnet: 07:50, 03/12/2014
Susan BrennanUnterzeichnet: 20:03, 26/11/2014
melanie janeUnterzeichnet: 10:52, 26/11/2014
Dean WebberUnterzeichnet: 00:40, 18/11/2014
"Peace love and unity for all. Down with the oppressive tyrannical regime :)"
Maureen FieldUnterzeichnet: 18:43, 16/11/2014
Laura SmartUnterzeichnet: 10:22, 23/10/2014
Rebecca LuntUnterzeichnet: 07:23, 23/10/2014
tristan ramadhinUnterzeichnet: 07:09, 23/10/2014
Briana IrelandUnterzeichnet: 17:02, 21/10/2014
Isaac MullinUnterzeichnet: 10:37, 18/10/2014
Maria ThereseUnterzeichnet: 11:14, 09/10/2014
Nicholas O;ConnorUnterzeichnet: 07:39, 09/10/2014
"A wonderful idea in line with The Venus Project"
Jordan OsmastonUnterzeichnet: 05:21, 06/10/2014
"I'm an undergraduate physicist and I would totally do physics for free. It isn't just hippies that like this!"
Roy PearseUnterzeichnet: 02:22, 05/10/2014
Richard OsmastonUnterzeichnet: 23:59, 04/10/2014
"Money Free New Zealand is coming soon :) Intending to become Grey District Mayor in 2019."
adam milneUnterzeichnet: 23:52, 04/10/2014
"We(the people of planet earth) do need to rescue and rejuvinate our home."
ChasFreeWorldCharter SchatzUnterzeichnet: 23:35, 04/10/2014
"I really hope this does something more than lipservice."
Ingrid RaathUnterzeichnet: 23:35, 03/10/2014
"Let's create a new world!"
Adam BoxUnterzeichnet: 01:34, 24/09/2014
"I have been dreaming of this for over a decade. Why is it we can not all get along as one ? why must we state our dominence on this planet over the creatures that have been here before us? i fully support this act 100 percent"

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