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Dawn BellamyUnterzeichnet: 22:19, 26/11/2014
"I feel priviledged to live in these times, thank you for the ability to help through a simple signature. God Bless"
Brian EmeryUnterzeichnet: 18:48, 26/11/2014
Joel DicksonUnterzeichnet: 10:19, 24/11/2014
chris fitzjohnUnterzeichnet: 06:01, 24/11/2014
Mat Mathew EdwardsUnterzeichnet: 23:16, 23/11/2014
"This is exactly what I have been trying to tell my friends, for years I have been trying to covey these concepts among my piers. "
Mark WallisUnterzeichnet: 22:52, 23/11/2014
Karen JouchimsUnterzeichnet: 17:00, 23/11/2014
"What an amazing world it would be. No poverty, No sickness, Free Health, Equal Opportunity awesome"
Natalie TaylorUnterzeichnet: 11:39, 23/11/2014
David BickleyUnterzeichnet: 09:47, 23/11/2014
Daniel NobleUnterzeichnet: 08:52, 23/11/2014
Craig NichollsUnterzeichnet: 07:58, 23/11/2014
"For us to survive we need this, wake up people we are being scammed by the few."
Selena RUnterzeichnet: 21:53, 22/11/2014
rae conwayUnterzeichnet: 19:31, 22/11/2014
Karen ToddUnterzeichnet: 02:05, 19/11/2014
Karen Cheah Unterzeichnet: 15:16, 18/11/2014
Kate HardcastleUnterzeichnet: 01:02, 18/11/2014
"This is what I believe life should be about. I am so saddened that we keep going around in circles & no one learning from mistakes, you only make one mistake before you learn from it but the issue's we face today are not mistakes because its all been done before over & over, time to stop this viscous cycle. "
George GummowUnterzeichnet: 01:05, 17/11/2014
Paul Doyle Unterzeichnet: 03:34, 16/11/2014
Gareth HamUnterzeichnet: 03:33, 16/11/2014
john breeseUnterzeichnet: 03:14, 16/11/2014
Sasha DareUnterzeichnet: 02:46, 16/11/2014
Emanuel ShpigelUnterzeichnet: 15:38, 06/11/2014
Jill GuldbransenUnterzeichnet: 01:05, 06/11/2014
"Peace for peace. A salute to free world charter concept and first step in manifesting is to pledge support [though not sure, does the Crown legally own our 'names']... thanks for all your great work TVP! x much love JG"
erlank pienaar Unterzeichnet: 00:22, 06/11/2014
"leave only your footsteps behind, be kind, free your mind, love one love all, travel light, travel often"
Shane LeeUnterzeichnet: 10:50, 05/11/2014
Sam BartleUnterzeichnet: 10:13, 05/11/2014
Brendan JohnUnterzeichnet: 08:30, 05/11/2014
Big JohnUnterzeichnet: 08:07, 05/11/2014
Derick bobsonUnterzeichnet: 08:02, 05/11/2014
Daniel PowellUnterzeichnet: 03:29, 05/11/2014
Brendan GlannUnterzeichnet: 11:46, 02/11/2014
Sarah ChambersUnterzeichnet: 07:36, 29/10/2014
fred hamptonUnterzeichnet: 20:38, 28/10/2014
Lachlan FloydUnterzeichnet: 00:44, 26/10/2014
Iavorca Debora NegreUnterzeichnet: 22:38, 23/10/2014
"Could this be happening in my lifetime?????"
Tony PepperellUnterzeichnet: 18:18, 23/10/2014
"No intelligent thinking person could possibly disagree with this/"
Paul RichmondUnterzeichnet: 14:34, 23/10/2014
caner canUnterzeichnet: 11:25, 23/10/2014
"let it be for we are one :)"
Jana McLeanUnterzeichnet: 11:54, 16/10/2014
"My dreams have just been realized, Welcome brothers and sisters to the free world as is our birthright. I share with you, you share with me and the world turns on love and goodwill. Thus begins the thousand year reign of peace and privileged united association with all there is above and below."
Benjamin CrafterUnterzeichnet: 12:04, 15/10/2014
"So many of us say: How Can one person change the world, I'm only one person. But it is that belief that dis-empowers all of us. Only when we begin to step forward without that fear can we step forward at all. I say the time should be now. Don't be afraid, and remember: be the change you want to see in the world!"
Rachelle BakerUnterzeichnet: 04:49, 10/10/2014
kane tenanaUnterzeichnet: 07:45, 07/10/2014
"This is as obviouse as it gets. This must be realised."
diana gerbecUnterzeichnet: 15:13, 06/10/2014
andrew perryUnterzeichnet: 14:42, 06/10/2014
"A very useful tool in delivering change, community voice, issue resolution, and a method to supercede the 2 party 'democratic' system is to have an online voting system where we choose what issues are important and decide what direction to take. A political party could be formed that is bound by the choices of the people of that community, shire, city, state, or nation and would control the government if balance of power was achieved (maybe just 10%). because 1 vote for party A or B every 4 years is not a choice in the world's future. This is an archaic system we are in but it can be redirected from the inside This would be our balance of power party and we would choose our future by denying government any power until our choices are respected. We could vote on any issue or law the government intends to pass. Corporate owned politicians would have bargain to the people. Love your work. I'm in."
marcia rodriguesUnterzeichnet: 08:47, 05/10/2014
"Free the world! We weren't born to make money but to love each other."
Robert SmithUnterzeichnet: 21:59, 29/09/2014
evelyn rastUnterzeichnet: 13:36, 29/09/2014
Ross BydderUnterzeichnet: 03:48, 28/09/2014
Keegan SmithUnterzeichnet: 02:02, 28/09/2014
"Great initiative. Now to spend a lifetime transitioning towards this vision."
Oliver AlexanderUnterzeichnet: 08:33, 26/09/2014

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