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Ewelina Villaret Unterzeichnet: 10:51, 27/04/2019
Jared FranksUnterzeichnet: 22:07, 24/04/2019
"It's time for our world to evolve and move forward. I'm ready!"
Lorna StewartUnterzeichnet: 02:56, 14/04/2019
Leonie KapsaUnterzeichnet: 23:07, 12/04/2019
Alice Underwood-HodgeUnterzeichnet: 01:28, 12/04/2019
Eli MawdsleyUnterzeichnet: 01:19, 06/04/2019
Jo RossUnterzeichnet: 02:30, 04/04/2019
Nora DuehringUnterzeichnet: 05:51, 03/04/2019
Jessica RaeUnterzeichnet: 23:56, 01/04/2019
Hamish GrahamUnterzeichnet: 22:41, 17/03/2019
nataly BustamanteUnterzeichnet: 02:20, 14/03/2019
Deirdre StantaUnterzeichnet: 03:35, 01/03/2019
Rachel DelanyUnterzeichnet: 01:17, 31/01/2019
"Compassion, collaboration, unity IN, money, power, control OUT"
Lee-Anne LewisUnterzeichnet: 15:01, 29/01/2019
Tina StormUnterzeichnet: 01:55, 24/11/2018
Darren PerryUnterzeichnet: 10:32, 27/09/2018
"The world needs more wisdom and common sense like this."
Alison OrrellUnterzeichnet: 10:10, 26/09/2018
Sammy The GoatUnterzeichnet: 09:10, 24/09/2018
"To the people of the world I am here ready to change the world for the greater good #Goldenchild #GiftfromGod"
Jillian UngerUnterzeichnet: 00:51, 01/09/2018
kiri theoUnterzeichnet: 23:26, 30/08/2018
Andrew HalupkaUnterzeichnet: 13:26, 15/08/2018
"The economy isn't working for 99% of us"
Claire WoodsUnterzeichnet: 13:11, 23/06/2018
pat kattiUnterzeichnet: 06:42, 01/06/2018
Shaun MacDougallUnterzeichnet: 05:45, 01/06/2018
Rime Earth-HealerUnterzeichnet: 23:41, 14/05/2018
"Heal the earth. Do it for the children. They deserve our best efforts and guidance. "
Karen Challinder Unterzeichnet: 23:20, 11/05/2018
"I’ve been a community volunteer for the past 15 years and have a love and respect for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants ???"
Goran SeletkovicUnterzeichnet: 03:29, 22/04/2018
Rimé Earth-HealerUnterzeichnet: 13:09, 17/04/2018
Helmut HarnischmacherUnterzeichnet: 22:40, 09/04/2018
"Isnt this a Pipe Dream, nevertheless dream, but dont make Dreams your Master! But we can always hope and create your Reality! "
John HallUnterzeichnet: 00:43, 08/04/2018
Kym HaythorpeUnterzeichnet: 21:24, 06/04/2018
Kerri HealingUnterzeichnet: 07:31, 05/04/2018
JanCarol HillsUnterzeichnet: 16:19, 28/03/2018
Bindi LenardUnterzeichnet: 05:24, 26/03/2018
"This is so important. We are trashing the world and its inhabitants all for money and it is NOT sustainable. There needs to be a change, soon. "
Con MatzarisUnterzeichnet: 10:01, 23/03/2018
Sanal VadavathiUnterzeichnet: 01:14, 14/03/2018
me meUnterzeichnet: 22:58, 02/03/2018
Kaye HandleyUnterzeichnet: 03:06, 21/02/2018
"I agree, open to the idea and available to take part and would love to know how."
Alex Zivtins CocksUnterzeichnet: 06:26, 19/02/2018
"if anything in the world was free homeless people would not be a thing any more and then we would be able to make more stuff and tech would not be hard and paying for courses of anything in the world is dumb, Why would anyone want to pay money for a learning session And money is just paper and it is not safe because you can get paper cuts and if you're, not lucky enough then you might get cut in the eye but money is not safe why should it be a thing i don't know but one thing I do know is because it is stupid and Crime would not really be a thing anymore so money shall be vanished"
Sebastian KitchenUnterzeichnet: 07:08, 14/02/2018
Geoff OwensUnterzeichnet: 02:35, 22/01/2018
"People talk about the 'human race' or 'humanity' as if it somehow implies equality. The gap between the rich and poor has never been greater. I hope to see an end to the current primitive economic model in my lifetime. "
Linda PetersonUnterzeichnet: 02:08, 22/01/2018
Andrew LongdenUnterzeichnet: 03:19, 08/01/2018
"This is exactly as it should be for life on our planet ! Birthplace: Earth Species/Race: Mankind Religion: Love "
david harrisUnterzeichnet: 00:36, 07/01/2018
Áine CoffeyUnterzeichnet: 10:59, 02/01/2018
"Money is the only thing holding us back"
phillip pajorUnterzeichnet: 16:23, 30/12/2017
Craig D'SouzaUnterzeichnet: 16:16, 30/12/2017
"We need to make this happen. This is the way it's meant to be."
Deanna KellyUnterzeichnet: 02:47, 10/12/2017
Woodrow WobblesUnterzeichnet: 15:17, 17/11/2017
Shannon McGurganUnterzeichnet: 20:00, 14/11/2017

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