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Laura LidsterUnterzeichnet: 07:49, 13/02/2014
Maisie CohenUnterzeichnet: 23:15, 12/02/2014
roy hanflingUnterzeichnet: 22:28, 12/02/2014
"not sure about 9 everyone can contribute something being a "no contributing person" dehumanises"
Marianne CohenUnterzeichnet: 03:28, 12/02/2014
"If people look at this without thinking this is Utopia and engage themselves to try then we may have a chance at changing the course of self-destruction that our planet is heading towards. "
Dianne VaidUnterzeichnet: 00:21, 11/02/2014
Claire WestUnterzeichnet: 18:30, 10/02/2014
Nick McLellanUnterzeichnet: 05:46, 10/02/2014
"Please continue to encourage people to aim for a more sustainable future! :D If we do not aim to save our earth how do we expect to live? The politicians willonly listen if we hassle them until they can't be silent any longer! "
Naomi TarrantUnterzeichnet: 05:39, 10/02/2014
Moona PerrotinUnterzeichnet: 09:38, 09/02/2014
Michael LidsterUnterzeichnet: 12:32, 05/02/2014
kerry healeyUnterzeichnet: 12:06, 05/02/2014
"the biggest revelation i have had lately is that all the countries that have no middle men, just rich and poor with a fence in the middle, have given up not only on themselves as individuals but as a country and a community."
Leo BalboniUnterzeichnet: 17:14, 04/02/2014
Brigette GrayUnterzeichnet: 06:20, 03/02/2014
Greg SmedtsUnterzeichnet: 00:04, 02/02/2014
haydn crespanUnterzeichnet: 06:13, 01/02/2014
Kerri HealingUnterzeichnet: 00:53, 01/02/2014
"to do and to be this is to heal our planet"
Leighton SmithUnterzeichnet: 16:18, 31/01/2014
"How great would it be to change everything? "
karen micheleUnterzeichnet: 23:33, 30/01/2014
"I endorse this wholeheartedly and with deep gratitude ... All is one "
Holly ClarkUnterzeichnet: 23:02, 30/01/2014
Jayme HooleUnterzeichnet: 12:19, 30/01/2014
Steven PottsUnterzeichnet: 22:18, 29/01/2014
Sally WildeUnterzeichnet: 09:12, 29/01/2014
"We need this now - or preferably yesterday. "
Samuel TrumbleUnterzeichnet: 07:17, 29/01/2014
"The cause of not taking responsibility has been money. The idea of 'throwing money at problems' often continues the problem. It is time to make history end money and end war. Let us concentrate on rebuilding our damaged world into Heaven here on Earth for everyone."
Adrienne WimbushUnterzeichnet: 23:56, 28/01/2014
Julie MarshUnterzeichnet: 20:58, 28/01/2014
"This is EXACTLY what our community is wanting to implement. I will be in contact to see how we can make this vision into a reality. Thank you. Namaste xx"
Leigh DevlinUnterzeichnet: 04:30, 28/01/2014
Min SimankeviciusUnterzeichnet: 01:18, 28/01/2014
Jazmin LeeUnterzeichnet: 11:35, 27/01/2014
Samyo BodhiUnterzeichnet: 00:44, 27/01/2014
"How can any intelligent soul do anything except embrace this as humanities future."
Jack GriffinUnterzeichnet: 08:05, 25/01/2014
lee gardnerUnterzeichnet: 10:37, 21/01/2014
Krishna NorgbedzieUnterzeichnet: 06:06, 19/01/2014
Peter MattersUnterzeichnet: 05:55, 19/01/2014
"I agree with all ten points, but as GBS would have it, please use simpler language.As a sample of what I mean, please find attached the first principle expressed in terms more people can understand: ' All people are my brothers and sisters and all creatures and Mother Earth herself need our respect.' Please note that this passage is entirely off the cuff and surely can be made simpler and clearer with further thought. "
Catherine MorganUnterzeichnet: 02:03, 19/01/2014
Brett GrieselUnterzeichnet: 01:32, 19/01/2014
"It is NOW the moment to be and do that, that we wish to see and experience. We are the ones we have been waiting for."
CJ NicolaeUnterzeichnet: 16:16, 17/01/2014
lewis allenUnterzeichnet: 12:23, 17/01/2014
Ryan NationUnterzeichnet: 12:15, 17/01/2014
Jesse MasonUnterzeichnet: 10:21, 16/01/2014
"When the world becomes free, the first thing i want to do is to study the creation on underwater cities! this needs to happen in my lifetime."
David DA EIRAUnterzeichnet: 09:53, 16/01/2014
"just a thought: there is no mention how information and decisions will be agreed on."
Hellen LloydUnterzeichnet: 08:35, 16/01/2014
Abigail MichellUnterzeichnet: 08:14, 16/01/2014
Bryan ScandrettUnterzeichnet: 06:42, 16/01/2014
"Everything in nature is food for something else. We break this rule by manufacturing inedible products and even removing our dead bodies from the food chain. Our clothes and the dye in our clothes and our cars and computers must be made of food that something can eat. And so we can continue to eat."
Tim ChattoUnterzeichnet: 06:20, 16/01/2014
ellenore armbrusterUnterzeichnet: 04:30, 16/01/2014
Timothy FishUnterzeichnet: 04:16, 16/01/2014
Sean SmyUnterzeichnet: 04:02, 16/01/2014
James WilleyUnterzeichnet: 03:49, 16/01/2014
Kieran HungerfordUnterzeichnet: 03:05, 16/01/2014
"Let's make this world a better place."
Julia BaracUnterzeichnet: 02:50, 16/01/2014

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