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Gary OldsUnterzeichnet: 00:29, 02/07/2016
"Imagine how fast we could accelerate in all fields with the restraints of money gone?"
Rose PedlerUnterzeichnet: 23:12, 27/06/2016
Kathy SawickiUnterzeichnet: 09:21, 27/06/2016
Christine BorcovskyUnterzeichnet: 02:25, 27/06/2016
Odin MackayUnterzeichnet: 03:49, 25/06/2016
Benjamin BalazsUnterzeichnet: 03:36, 24/06/2016
"Hello, Didnt agree with the 4th principle. Multiple species across earth create territories which only members of that tribe, pride,mob etc can enter without threat. So I would see it as a natural part of life.Though each have a responsiblity to respect and maintain the land they occupy. The question I have is how do we do this? The only way out ironically I think is by with money and alot of it. Buy land and create a self sustainable community and let it grow from there. If it has already began I would like to know!"
nic de jagerUnterzeichnet: 03:45, 23/06/2016
Hayden FergussonUnterzeichnet: 14:22, 21/06/2016
stuart hasteUnterzeichnet: 13:45, 20/06/2016
"We don't need a corrupt government telling us how to live our lives, when they cannot conduct there own affairs legally."
Suz AkiUnterzeichnet: 10:23, 20/06/2016
Jackie DavisUnterzeichnet: 12:29, 19/06/2016
Caromil GeorgescuUnterzeichnet: 05:58, 17/06/2016
Ben MainUnterzeichnet: 00:33, 16/06/2016
"Just awesome! I believe the only way to reach a fair, free and compassionate society like this is not to fight the people, corporations and governments souly responsible for many atrocities and the depletion of our world.. but to help those people overcome their ego's and attachment to money, power and domination. Because I honestly believe it's not truly 'them' making these decisions, that effect us all. As a compassionate society it is our responsibility to help those in power and guide them through and help overcome their own internal struggle. I think developing effective strategies to show compassion, love to people and places where many see it as least deserved would go a long way to end the physical, mental and emotional suffering forced upon many. 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.' - Martin Luther King Jr. "
Mel Mel SpiceUnterzeichnet: 13:08, 15/06/2016
Chris ApplebyUnterzeichnet: 12:06, 15/06/2016
Elizabeth CounselUnterzeichnet: 05:45, 15/06/2016
Mara WachmerUnterzeichnet: 08:56, 14/06/2016
Michelle WarrUnterzeichnet: 06:29, 14/06/2016
"as species of the human race we must conquer the corrupt and find a way to sustain ourselves without destroying our natural habitat. Then alas the great human injustices in this world will end and we will see the human race unify working together for the greater good. Not fighting over whats left of our resources. "
Thomas HiscockUnterzeichnet: 05:37, 14/06/2016
Joshua McHughUnterzeichnet: 19:52, 13/06/2016
Alexandra MacdonaldUnterzeichnet: 16:26, 13/06/2016
christopher woodUnterzeichnet: 12:05, 09/06/2016
Karmen NovakUnterzeichnet: 04:54, 09/06/2016
David LaneUnterzeichnet: 10:54, 02/06/2016
Lindsay HarrisUnterzeichnet: 03:02, 02/06/2016
Wayne FritzUnterzeichnet: 13:28, 01/06/2016
"Best idea ever, only possible way forward for the survival and prosperity of our species. The current systems are ALL inherently flawed, and the people so entrenched they cannot see the problem or the need for a solution...this may be it"
Leilani InnisUnterzeichnet: 11:40, 31/05/2016
"I choose a free world!! "
Kenn FrandsenUnterzeichnet: 05:28, 30/05/2016
Dareena HansenUnterzeichnet: 13:47, 28/05/2016
Hamish Graham Unterzeichnet: 14:06, 26/05/2016
Michelle BarnettUnterzeichnet: 11:39, 20/05/2016
"I have never grasped the concept of paying for goods and services. Especially unjustified, highly priced items. I love the free world charter."
Ava GibsonUnterzeichnet: 07:29, 20/05/2016
Mark James GaylardUnterzeichnet: 09:02, 18/05/2016
"We the people demand an end to the old and unjust money system and for this brave new initiative to take us into the future."
David HayUnterzeichnet: 01:56, 05/05/2016
Petula ColumbusUnterzeichnet: 02:06, 04/05/2016
"Money causes so many evils in our society. Children killing parents to get money is not acceptable. Not being able to negotiate a better financial future for yourself because you don't have money is not acceptable. Watching whole cultures and countries suffering through lack of money to correct their problems is not acceptable. Having to tolerate the uncaring and superior attitudes of some people who have money is unacceptable. Money is at the root of all the world's evil and the sooner it is done away with - the better !!"
Peter GossnerUnterzeichnet: 05:46, 03/05/2016
Heraldo RodriguesUnterzeichnet: 11:23, 02/05/2016
Tracy CooperUnterzeichnet: 07:38, 02/05/2016
Radek CernyUnterzeichnet: 09:45, 29/04/2016
Laurence HawkeUnterzeichnet: 06:24, 27/04/2016
Mallissa HarrisUnterzeichnet: 12:30, 25/04/2016
Melanie WardUnterzeichnet: 07:33, 22/04/2016
Debbie HibbertUnterzeichnet: 04:18, 22/04/2016
pam andersonUnterzeichnet: 12:10, 21/04/2016
Wayne McConnellUnterzeichnet: 09:05, 18/04/2016
Joshua GreenhalghUnterzeichnet: 13:55, 12/04/2016
"I believe in a community where all living beings are free of fear and power struggles, where they are able to co-exist on equal terms and work together for the common good of our planet, it's residents and their futures."
Jeffrey WebbUnterzeichnet: 01:53, 07/04/2016
"Abolish the monetary system."
Myles BeaufortUnterzeichnet: 13:08, 06/04/2016
lee SonoganUnterzeichnet: 09:19, 06/04/2016
"I wish to live somewhere, where I am liberated from the system we live within today."

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