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Samantha MartinPodepsáno: 13:06, 26/08/2011
Alexandru MarcuPodepsáno: 19:56, 25/08/2011
Marcel MortimerPodepsáno: 13:25, 25/08/2011
Tiahnah-Leigh GobelPodepsáno: 09:18, 25/08/2011
"Lets free the world together! lets free ourselves and our fellow Earth-walkers!! money and authority should no longer have their evil grip on us! ONE LOVE!! POWER TO THE PLANET!!!"
Michael JukesPodepsáno: 21:42, 24/08/2011
Zanoxolo NtamoPodepsáno: 20:40, 10/08/2011
Carl Sixth_ApePodepsáno: 15:57, 03/08/2011
"May time be on our side, to get all of humanity to work at this and make it a reality for all the earth's inhabitants, big and small, and all of humankind live in unity and prosper from all of our accomplishments, and may we once again find the time to become masters of art, and have real relationships with many, and befriend all... We are one "
Moseli IsaiahPodepsáno: 06:06, 03/08/2011
simon dockPodepsáno: 12:09, 02/08/2011
"ill try my best to spread the word.. it is amazing how clueless some of us are, living with this thick blanket of wool over our eyes.. its almost embarrassing the way we all comply with no questions asked.. please let me know how else i can help.. i'm itching to get the ball rolling!!"
Marcel PretoriusPodepsáno: 17:46, 01/08/2011
Alf KeltyPodepsáno: 19:15, 31/07/2011
Wayne Joshua HirschsonPodepsáno: 13:06, 25/07/2011
brendan johnPodepsáno: 10:20, 25/07/2011
"This is pretty much the vision for our own society, the Republic of Good Hope... we as a community are turning our backs on monetary systems and giving freely to the communities. If your members would like to join this fledgling society... let me know. - Brendan"
Alton GeilsPodepsáno: 11:47, 24/07/2011
Gerrit CraffordPodepsáno: 23:20, 22/07/2011
Nick FreemanofthelandPodepsáno: 22:27, 22/07/2011
"Principle No 8 "We acknowledge the efficacy of the scientific method as our primary means of problem-solving." has been subverted and as we are now I have NO faith in any science that is sponsored by Mega companies and driven by profits."
Lee LeePodepsáno: 09:35, 20/07/2011
Thami ZondoPodepsáno: 15:41, 19/07/2011
"We need change right now, I will like to assist "
Wade WilliamsPodepsáno: 08:06, 13/07/2011
Chris BlakePodepsáno: 15:19, 12/07/2011
"If this Charter doesn`t change things, there is only one thing left for us....certain death by our own hands. Bring it on !!"
Raymond HeesenPodepsáno: 14:34, 12/07/2011
"thanks to the zeigheist movement for refering me to free world charter. I am VERY supportive of these. I feel positive that these initaitives will make a difference for future generations and our planet. I have also started by showing this infomation to my 15yr old daughter, and look forward to doing the same with my friends&family. step 1- spread the word:)"
Wybrandt CoetzeePodepsáno: 17:37, 06/07/2011
Gareth TaylorPodepsáno: 07:32, 06/07/2011
Travis MockePodepsáno: 05:30, 02/07/2011
Alistair ThomsonPodepsáno: 05:21, 02/07/2011
"A long time overdue but I am ecstatic that we are finally coming to our senses. Some simple common sense has, at long last returned..."
Wade WilliamsPodepsáno: 09:12, 29/06/2011
Wesley MarkPodepsáno: 12:37, 28/06/2011
Ann-louise van wykPodepsáno: 11:50, 28/06/2011
"Time for drastic change is here!!"
Niel MeiringPodepsáno: 09:44, 28/06/2011
Christo SnymanPodepsáno: 08:22, 28/06/2011
Carol NelsonPodepsáno: 18:31, 27/06/2011
"Why delay it, this is the only way forward that makes sense"
Samantha DredgePodepsáno: 18:15, 27/06/2011
"Yes, we need to establish a new society based on the concept of free exchange of goods, technology and knowledge. A society where each person contributes a certain aspect to the community and in return for sharing his goods/service/knowledge etc he will receive the same from his fellow community members."
Jodi Gordon-ForbesPodepsáno: 16:37, 27/06/2011
Lebz LetsebePodepsáno: 14:29, 27/06/2011
""Where there is Love, Do what you will, It will be right action..." J.Krishnamurti"
Jody BlakePodepsáno: 14:16, 27/06/2011
"Power to the People!"
Trevor WilkesPodepsáno: 09:39, 27/06/2011
"May a positive butterfly effect happen to this idea"
Donne van der MerwePodepsáno: 19:25, 26/06/2011
vishal beehariePodepsáno: 15:00, 26/06/2011
"I believe that HUMANITY is the most important Religion on earth and when himanity is not being looked after.It is a dark day for the whole world.Money is hurting people.Its out dated and old fashioned.we can go beyond can quote me on this - VISHAL ANDREW BEEHARIE"
Marie van WykPodepsáno: 19:46, 20/06/2011
"It's time for us to set ourselves free from greed, poverty and all forms of suffering. The only way to do that is if we let go of our old ways of doing things and start living in manner that benefits all!"
Joshua ClarkPodepsáno: 18:59, 08/06/2011
"I have always felt the need for some sort of change in the world. Since i have been able to think for myself i have never been the kind to follow blindly or too keen on joining any particular religous and political group. they could never fool me. however i have always been looking for an answer...the right questions, purpose and meaning etc. when i found out about the VENUS PROJECT my hopes sored. now i am here hoping that i may be apart of something...significant, truthfull. i want to be apart of the change that sweeps the globe. i want to help free mankind."
Liesl Du PreezPodepsáno: 20:45, 07/06/2011
Joshua Taylor EganPodepsáno: 09:51, 01/06/2011
"I believe that this charter will help ameliorate many of the African countries -as well as the rest of the world- We need to end the hardships we live through each and everyday but maybe not the complete abolition of the monetary system- perhaps this is the answer????"
Melanie AnnPodepsáno: 08:24, 24/05/2011
Eric BadenhorstPodepsáno: 08:02, 23/05/2011
Fiona BrownePodepsáno: 07:46, 23/05/2011
Joanna BaikoffPodepsáno: 06:30, 21/05/2011
Lynne GrantPodepsáno: 19:27, 19/05/2011
Janine de wittPodepsáno: 15:28, 19/05/2011
Mirella Lelia DoffiziPodepsáno: 14:59, 19/05/2011
Allen LangePodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Its time for man to realise that everyone and everything is directly connected to him. If man becomes a human being he ceases to be a human doing...or a human being done, but to get there he needs to lose attachment to money "

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