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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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ian skillenPodepsáno: 13:52, 24/10/2014
Josie samwaysPodepsáno: 10:15, 24/10/2014
LYNDA CONNOLLY Podepsáno: 07:17, 24/10/2014
stephen whiteleyPodepsáno: 01:30, 24/10/2014
"Democracy and freedom have been smashed by greedy capitalistic bankers.. be the change is my motto.."
Andrew WestPodepsáno: 14:44, 23/10/2014
"Freedom and equality for all, not just the few."
Jonathan CuttingPodepsáno: 14:23, 22/10/2014
"I hope I am still alive to see a resourced based society and to that end I am happy to contribute to the revolution in which ever way I can :)"
p sPodepsáno: 20:55, 21/10/2014
Andy MurrayPodepsáno: 12:27, 21/10/2014
Frank ReidPodepsáno: 02:47, 20/10/2014
Fergus C McLachlanPodepsáno: 18:04, 19/10/2014
Neil SheltonPodepsáno: 04:52, 18/10/2014
"I have a dream ! Freedom for all ! Equality in all things ! I am a Citizen of the Universes !"
Bruce McLachlanPodepsáno: 22:25, 17/10/2014
Monty PhillipsPodepsáno: 21:01, 17/10/2014
Frances GreenPodepsáno: 16:41, 17/10/2014
Nicola Doyle Podepsáno: 21:07, 15/10/2014
Paul JohnstonPodepsáno: 16:16, 14/10/2014
Giona RudelloPodepsáno: 10:48, 14/10/2014
Roy DaviesPodepsáno: 20:16, 13/10/2014
"Love is really all there is."
Daniel HarrisonPodepsáno: 13:32, 13/10/2014
sam austinPodepsáno: 15:33, 11/10/2014
"One hundred percent agree. Things need to change."
Barry AldridgePodepsáno: 14:55, 11/10/2014
Nicholas WilliamsPodepsáno: 17:19, 10/10/2014
"I feel all these points should be universally agreed and acted upon without mention but sadly this is not the case and it is not common knowledge. We have been blinded. I confess i have no activistic experience or connections but if there is something i could do here in Sheffield, England to spread the word or take action then please let me know. I have a dream for our future and it seems to fit with yours so lets work to make it happen. Thanks."
Miguel FernandezPodepsáno: 10:24, 09/10/2014
Mitchell ChapmanPodepsáno: 17:26, 07/10/2014
rish mustainePodepsáno: 23:59, 05/10/2014
Christopher BrownPodepsáno: 18:21, 05/10/2014
Oliver WookeyPodepsáno: 06:08, 05/10/2014
Liezel MagillPodepsáno: 14:19, 02/10/2014
Gary ClosePodepsáno: 23:05, 01/10/2014
"All we need is LOVE, LOVE is all we need"
cheryle wilsonPodepsáno: 17:49, 01/10/2014
"when do i start were do i move to xx"
alex passmorePodepsáno: 23:58, 29/09/2014
spencer hepburnPodepsáno: 20:51, 28/09/2014
"I would love to see this come true,since i was a little boy i always knew something was very wrong with this world."
karl parrishPodepsáno: 15:19, 28/09/2014
Hannah O'HoraPodepsáno: 13:00, 28/09/2014
Clare SweeneyPodepsáno: 08:38, 28/09/2014
Steven MullinsPodepsáno: 17:14, 27/09/2014
Deirdre KingsmanPodepsáno: 16:54, 27/09/2014
"The world is in a mess because we’ve allowed something that doesn’t actually exist – money – to become an essential prerequisite for life itself. People need to see how immoral it is that losing a job can lead to losing one’s home or even life itself."
luke pikePodepsáno: 16:18, 27/09/2014
Elliot O'LearyPodepsáno: 12:23, 27/09/2014
Bryan ChapmanPodepsáno: 00:59, 27/09/2014
Paul BivortPodepsáno: 20:08, 26/09/2014
Marcos LeePodepsáno: 18:12, 25/09/2014
Helen CromarPodepsáno: 17:54, 25/09/2014
martin clowesPodepsáno: 06:55, 25/09/2014
Chris WicksPodepsáno: 04:12, 25/09/2014
"Your optimism is refreshing indeed in these current times. Good of you to shine such light in the darkness :-) Don't feel disheartened if people think this is impossible, we just have to reach critical mass...!"
Dale AllenPodepsáno: 22:19, 24/09/2014
"Beautiful idea that has fundamental truth at its core. What more can be said? THE way for all on this planet to live in harmony. "
Gigliola BerguecioPodepsáno: 21:00, 24/09/2014
Pat BlankPodepsáno: 20:00, 24/09/2014
Jan OwenPodepsáno: 16:56, 24/09/2014
Peter ParkerPodepsáno: 15:35, 24/09/2014
"This is much like Michael Tellingers idea of contributionalism. If we were to work together rather than in competition, just imagine what we could achieve. We all have the right to a good standard of living, and share our talents with everyone. It would inspire real creativity and a spirit of togetherness. The time has come to rid humanity of the chains we have lived with for too many years. "

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