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"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

steffen reberPodepsáno: 21:22, 23/02/2016
"as most of the devasating destruction in our environment and bio diversity derives from "modern logic and intelligent and sustainable science" i can not truly agree on principle no.8! most of our scientific achievements and so called common sense based decisions have created a world full of radiation, poisoning of water and bio diversity on such a global scale that i prefer not to think too much about it. leading scientists in all fields and countries all over the world, are far too scared/egocentered to truly reflect on how much veritable wisdom and knowledge they actually have! we are like beloved children that do not realise that we are responsible for our actions. science has to be free of lobbies and the necessaty of being profitable. when it is truly practiced under ethical and moral guidelines in order to achieve a sustainable wellbeing of and for ALL sentient beings i will gladly sign preamble no.8."

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