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Ladislau MatePodepsáno: 01:43, 30/09/2013
"Not sure how will you guys solve the lazy people problem :) I work daily, this year most of my weekends nights and free time was used up for extra work, i can't complain i got payed more but still others don't work at all, so how can those people be motivated without needs and force (money and police or army)? We will end up with a ton of people doing nothing, yes machines feed them but living just to consume resources contradicts your 7 th point regarding "limits of nature", using resources for "un-useful people". Also birth rights should be implemented, cause allowing us to reproduce like rabbits is not a good idea :) Also there should be some sort of police and punishment for robbers/killers and so on , a free world does not free us of psychopaths. I'm not sure who would volunteer to keep law and order in a free world :) Some form of motivation is required , im curious what would your solution be to these problems."

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