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"Uczyńmy wszystko darmowym i wolnym"

Wyświetlono 80 podpisów z Macedonia, Republic of

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Petar KeramitchievPodpisano: 20:41, 05/01/2012
"This is the future :)"
Stefan PenevPodpisano: 19:44, 04/01/2012
"I always believed that this is possible and needed and always will!"
Nikolche CilevPodpisano: 18:13, 04/01/2012
Filip JosifoskiPodpisano: 14:23, 04/01/2012
Ivan TrpchevskiPodpisano: 22:21, 03/01/2012
Vladimir BadarovskiPodpisano: 20:25, 03/01/2012
"Maybe this will become reality in a faraway future, sounds very nice but for now its science fiction, at least in my country. Anyway i support this with all of my natural strength and emotions. Best of luck."
Naum LokoskiPodpisano: 18:05, 03/01/2012
Blerim IsmailiPodpisano: 17:48, 03/01/2012
"It is now or never, the world can still be a wonderful place to live the only life we have. Everyone has one point, and that is to live the life to the fullest, in order to achieve that we need one-another. Together we can achieve the un-achievable, reach the un- reachable and do the impossible. There are more then enough natural resources for everyone, it all depends on how we use them. It's ironic how on the left side of earth we see fat kids while the left side of earth in Africa we see pictures of people dying of hunger. In the Free World that won't be a problem, and the fat won't be an issue, because there will be balance for everything and anything. Cheers. "
govinda dasPodpisano: 17:36, 21/10/2011
Ilija PetrovPodpisano: 00:15, 17/09/2011
Darko StefanoskiPodpisano: 11:48, 27/08/2011
Kiril UzunovPodpisano: 03:58, 21/07/2011
Dragan JovanovPodpisano: 12:18, 15/07/2011
Igor StefanovskiPodpisano: 09:34, 14/07/2011
"It may sound naive, but I'm sure it's possible. It'll probably require a lot of our blood and tears, but I'm convinced it's worth it. We've never been so imprisoned as human beings, so the time is right to set ourselves free... TOGETHER WE'RE STRONGER!"
Boban NaumovskiPodpisano: 13:20, 13/07/2011
Valentina BalovskaPodpisano: 10:38, 05/07/2011
"This is the chance for a CHANGE..."
Marko PanajotovPodpisano: 18:00, 02/05/2011
Ivana AtanasovaPodpisano: 12:08, 30/04/2011
"Only united can we finally understand the meaning of FREEDOM"
Julijana StojanoskaPodpisano: 22:21, 22/04/2011
Aneta StojnikPodpisano: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Igor VučićPodpisano: 13:56, 14/04/2011
"The most brilliant, sublime & courageous way to tell the truth! We can make it happen"
Aleksandar DimitrovPodpisano: 12:57, 14/04/2011
Aleksandar MitrevskiPodpisano: 10:29, 12/04/2011
Blagoj KapsarovPodpisano: 21:15, 11/04/2011
sinisa micevPodpisano: 09:59, 02/04/2011
Viktor GjorgonoskiPodpisano: 07:09, 02/04/2011
Andrijana ChichevalievaPodpisano: 15:51, 24/03/2011
Todor NovakovPodpisano: 11:59, 21/03/2011
"tnx for support the humans, we love you"

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