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Statut Wolnego Świata

"Uczyńmy wszystko darmowym i wolnym"

Danny ChauPodpisano: 19:20, 22/10/2011
"It's about time for the world's people to wake up and to realize that we can make the changes for the betterment for the whole of humanity and nature. What has taken place on our planet is almost like a Hollywood block buster movie of a maniac group of people took control of the planet and it's intention is to destroy the planet. Well, thank god that like all movies, it usually ends with a good happy ending, because most humanity has now awakened and are aware enough of what was going on behind while they're sleeping. I totally believe we are about to re-write our human history that our selfishness and self serving behavior is the thing of the past and we are ascending toward the galactic collective unity consciousness, which the goal is for the common good. Love and light is our nature and it's now begin to shine, for we are all part of the same divine consciousness, no more and no less."

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