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Statut Wolnego Świata

"Uczyńmy wszystko darmowym i wolnym"

Michael GeertsPodpisano: 23:07, 05/03/2012
"In Flanders fields, the poppies grow... After the monstrocities of WW1, we raised a monument in Flanders fields, stating, Never War Again. It took less than 30 years, and there was WW2. In the world, there are still wars going on, all for resources, power, money. This must end. War has always been an industry that makes money for a happy few, but at what costs? Time to wake up. If it takes a revolution, so be it, but we can also evolve in a short time, peacefully, to get to this free world. Democritus said, war is mother of all progress. You must destroy in order to create. I think we are further than the ancient greeks to still believe this."

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