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ERNESTINO SACRAMENTOUnterzeichnet: 17:16, 29/03/2012
André GiebelsUnterzeichnet: 22:50, 28/03/2012
"This would be a dream come true. Yet, I know that it's a distant reality for all people around the world to agree on a common and universal rule for the well-being of all humanity. Thanks for this initiative and I wish it the best of luck."
Miguel NunesUnterzeichnet: 16:48, 27/03/2012
Fernando SilvaUnterzeichnet: 11:27, 27/03/2012
"Não podemos resolver os problemas de hoje utilizando as soluções que os criaram inicialmente."
Cristina CarvalhoUnterzeichnet: 22:30, 26/03/2012
Cristina CarvalhoUnterzeichnet: 22:30, 26/03/2012
Marcelo OliveiraUnterzeichnet: 16:07, 26/03/2012
Alexander RusskikhUnterzeichnet: 10:32, 26/03/2012
Rodolfo DemétrioUnterzeichnet: 09:52, 26/03/2012
ricardo carvalhoUnterzeichnet: 19:52, 25/03/2012
Ian James PrestonUnterzeichnet: 08:34, 23/03/2012
"These points go without saying. I find it astounding that our world does not operate with these principles in place already."
Luís Miguel NunesUnterzeichnet: 19:25, 21/03/2012
Diogo Penha Ferreira AlçadaUnterzeichnet: 11:46, 21/03/2012
"Can I translated to Portuguese, there are a lot of people that I know and don't understand english that would like to sign this for sure!!"
Jose CasimiroUnterzeichnet: 05:34, 21/03/2012
"Assim poderemos todos amar-nos uns aos outros e ao planeta ao mesmo tempo, sem qualquer tipo de condicionalismos."
Bruno CostaUnterzeichnet: 13:12, 20/03/2012
Peter Koll TameraUnterzeichnet: 15:55, 12/03/2012
"Yes, I fully agree - and me and my friends are working on this : Tamera Manifesto - For a New Generation on Planet Earth. http://www.tamera.org/manifesto/ A New Planetary Community Besides the global riots, there is today a global movement to save life on earth. It consists of groups from Indigenous, Buddhist or Christian peace-traditions, especially in Latin America and Tibet. And of those moved peace-activists, environmentalists and seekers of life that has long known that there is no future worth living within the existing systems. We see a new generation of pilgrims from all countries travelling across the earth. They are no longer bound to nation, language, race, culture or religion, nor to wealth or possessions. They help in crisis areas, visit sacred sites, meet at campfires and in hostels, share their bread and develop a new quality of community. A new global citizenship is developing beyond all institutions. ..."
Maria da Conceição Nogueiro GomesUnterzeichnet: 00:19, 12/03/2012
Antonio José de Sousa e SilvaUnterzeichnet: 19:18, 11/03/2012
Maria da Graça Ferreira LeiteUnterzeichnet: 16:50, 11/03/2012
Claudia CostaUnterzeichnet: 16:09, 11/03/2012
Manuel RodriguesUnterzeichnet: 15:30, 07/03/2012
Melissa GonçalvesUnterzeichnet: 17:28, 06/03/2012
Vitor FreitasUnterzeichnet: 02:30, 06/03/2012
Ariana RamosUnterzeichnet: 02:20, 06/03/2012
Bernardo CoelhoUnterzeichnet: 01:54, 06/03/2012
"I really hope we are heading to this new awareness that life itself is really worth living and freedom is a right for everything that lives."
sound answerUnterzeichnet: 00:30, 05/03/2012
João MiguelUnterzeichnet: 00:12, 05/03/2012
Jorge MartinsUnterzeichnet: 23:44, 04/03/2012
"I am a SoundDesigner and all what I want is to do what I like whitout looking to the money and worries derived from that."
Pedro MartinsUnterzeichnet: 22:43, 04/03/2012
Maria C. PrazeresUnterzeichnet: 22:32, 04/03/2012
Pedro CoutoUnterzeichnet: 21:38, 04/03/2012
Aleo VeuliahUnterzeichnet: 20:51, 04/03/2012
"This is a great idea, but first we have to eliminate those who have power and those who are selfish, and terminate with politicians that in majority only tell us lies and only care about themselves. And this a great task, that needs support from millions and millions of people, hope many agree with this and sign here. This world really have to change into a better one and we must take care for real of the nature and all animals, and the planet it self Maybe it is going to take some time for we see a really free world with real justice for all "
José SebastiaoUnterzeichnet: 17:12, 03/03/2012
"Que assim seja..."
bold manUnterzeichnet: 04:49, 02/03/2012
Vasco Manuel Pestana PiresUnterzeichnet: 21:01, 29/02/2012
"Há que inverter a tendência actual..."
Vitor TorresUnterzeichnet: 17:48, 29/02/2012
Diogo MascarenhasUnterzeichnet: 01:48, 29/02/2012
Hunot AnaïsUnterzeichnet: 22:45, 28/02/2012
Paulo PintoUnterzeichnet: 14:06, 28/02/2012
Sergio BatistaUnterzeichnet: 22:05, 26/02/2012
Gonçalo CORREIAUnterzeichnet: 05:32, 26/02/2012
Mónica CampanhãUnterzeichnet: 23:32, 25/02/2012
Isabel oliveiraUnterzeichnet: 14:59, 25/02/2012
Luís CampanhãUnterzeichnet: 02:05, 25/02/2012
David GasparUnterzeichnet: 16:19, 24/02/2012
"Partilhem isto pelo mundo.. Peace"
Igor AbibeUnterzeichnet: 14:33, 23/02/2012
Ivan GonçaloUnterzeichnet: 07:54, 23/02/2012
"Everone i seem to ask simply can't imagine a world without money, everyone seems programed to think it's simply impossible, and who can blame them? if they don't know any other way of living, all they know is that it's always been like this. But now we'r reaching a point where most of the world is broke and country's going bankrupt, our way of life is inefficient and outdated, something must be done. It is true that a world without money seems but a distant dream, but i would love to see it happen in my lifetime, seems like a hell of alot better than what we have right now..."
Gabriela MarramaqueUnterzeichnet: 01:54, 22/02/2012
Diogo DuarteUnterzeichnet: 19:26, 21/02/2012
"I'd like to know your opinion if I told you that there is a way to alleviate the need of money for people in the current system."
Pedro BarandaUnterzeichnet: 15:10, 21/02/2012

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