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Nuno MachadoUnterzeichnet: 20:21, 07/05/2013
Fernando CarneiroUnterzeichnet: 15:28, 05/05/2013
Artur FerreiraUnterzeichnet: 00:44, 05/05/2013
"Em 6 de Julho vou editar um livro "Um Novo Mundo - Uma Nova Terra - o inicio" que basicamente tem todas estas medidas propostas, mas também dá as soluções para lá se chegar, sem mudança no poder politico nada disto será possível de se tornar uma realidade."
Aires Vilas BoasUnterzeichnet: 23:51, 26/04/2013
Henrique FerreiraUnterzeichnet: 11:41, 26/04/2013
Rogério ProençaUnterzeichnet: 23:59, 25/04/2013
Duarte Nuno Santhiago DuarteUnterzeichnet: 04:58, 20/04/2013
Paulo MestreUnterzeichnet: 09:38, 05/04/2013
Jessica BenidirUnterzeichnet: 16:41, 02/04/2013
Fernando MartinsUnterzeichnet: 22:41, 01/04/2013
"Everyone in childhood dreams that one day would be rich, healthy, and live in a peaceful world, living aswell in peace and love with all living creatures, for we as little are afraid and respect who or whatever may harm or kill us. As then, you feel the same old fears. But, don't you still want to make your dreams come true? It's your choice, your world, it's you and the world."
Luis RicardoUnterzeichnet: 20:22, 01/04/2013
Luís RicardoUnterzeichnet: 20:20, 01/04/2013
Isabel CarvalhoUnterzeichnet: 02:21, 30/03/2013
Marta AndradeUnterzeichnet: 23:47, 29/03/2013
claudia nunesUnterzeichnet: 13:40, 29/03/2013
João FabelaUnterzeichnet: 22:04, 27/03/2013
Daniel VargasUnterzeichnet: 16:19, 27/03/2013
Luís CarvalhoUnterzeichnet: 10:45, 27/03/2013
Sara CarvalhoUnterzeichnet: 22:42, 26/03/2013
Ricardo GarridoUnterzeichnet: 22:41, 26/03/2013
"I don't want to die in this horrible system. Please, let's change all this shit so we all can see our future children live on on a improved system. LOVE YOU ALL!"
Claudio TrindadeUnterzeichnet: 10:56, 25/03/2013
"We must free ourselves from monetary slavery!"
Ivan LopesUnterzeichnet: 00:31, 25/03/2013
"We are already late for all of this to happen. Many have died in vane for such things as Money and Profit. Lets move on and fast."
Ricardo XavierUnterzeichnet: 11:42, 24/03/2013
Claudia Maria Pereira MonteiroUnterzeichnet: 11:15, 24/03/2013
CHRISTIAN WERNER KASSERUnterzeichnet: 10:41, 24/03/2013
Miguel da CostaUnterzeichnet: 10:12, 24/03/2013
Nuno CorreiaUnterzeichnet: 15:20, 23/03/2013
"I agree to both these principles and those of "the zeitgeist movement". What both fail to approach is, how to do a proper transition from a monetary based system to a resource based. I do came up with a solution for this, which is as follows: 1st We need to free ourselves from the banking slavery system, the end of debt; 2nd We should create a database with all the resources available on Earth, making all the necessary preparations so that one day all that it takes is to push a switch in order to change into this new system. Some people defend the theory that it should be tested in a particular area at first, which I don't agree, but let's everyone be open to suggestions, as long as it is logical "
André AlçadaUnterzeichnet: 21:35, 08/03/2013
"Finally someone put it on paper, thank you so much keep on going! Someday..."
Ana RitaUnterzeichnet: 19:02, 23/02/2013
"Life is life, and it's priceless."
Diogo LuísUnterzeichnet: 02:04, 16/02/2013
Telmo FerreiraUnterzeichnet: 23:37, 15/02/2013
"Jacques has indeed an impressive vision amplitude. And these guys manage to synthesize all the points that matter. I'm relatively successful in our society. Thus, I believe that I'm not suspicious to produce this opinion... I really hope and I'll work to human society reach this level or something similar one of this days. Think, be happy."
Miguel Costa VazUnterzeichnet: 09:24, 14/02/2013
"It's now time for the Earth's inhabitants to move on. We've been stuck on this world where everything depends on money, and the money available is used in the wrong way. The currency system is actually holding humans back, impairing our full development and potential. Let's take a step forward and awake those who are still too afraid of the change. Let's be more human. "
marilo milan muñozUnterzeichnet: 20:49, 10/02/2013
Dennis VeigaUnterzeichnet: 19:23, 08/02/2013
Tiago FonsecaUnterzeichnet: 19:45, 07/02/2013
"put the money in ass"
Gonçalo JantaradaUnterzeichnet: 13:54, 06/02/2013
"This represents a utopia. Principle nº5 is a beautiful principle, but it would not be aplicable. In today's world, there are a lot of people that don't work because they receive some sort of unemployment fare. If these people exist when money is a problem, imagine their proliferation in a world where working to provide isn't a problem anymore. In fact, that was one of the reasons why direct trade, that is, I trade you my potatoes for your corn, came to exist. This then evolved to money, but on the same basis. Now, is our money-based system fair? No, absolutely no. But I think that this idea, although a good hypothetical one, is impractical. I would work, you would work, but many wouldn't, if everything was free."
Rita Gonçalves PereiraUnterzeichnet: 23:49, 03/02/2013
Joana NunesUnterzeichnet: 13:29, 03/02/2013
Gustavo SilvaUnterzeichnet: 17:48, 31/01/2013
Ricardo CabralUnterzeichnet: 00:48, 31/01/2013
Teresa AlfamaUnterzeichnet: 23:27, 29/01/2013
Anabela RamalhoUnterzeichnet: 14:54, 25/01/2013
Sandra SantosUnterzeichnet: 20:31, 18/01/2013
Humberto ChulaUnterzeichnet: 20:28, 18/01/2013
daniel alexandreUnterzeichnet: 17:38, 18/01/2013
"Advanced civilizations do not use money"
António FradiqueUnterzeichnet: 20:51, 16/01/2013
Eduardo MartinsUnterzeichnet: 16:35, 16/01/2013
"I don´t know what is your goal behind this, but im curious. Since money was created to better trade itens between people, rather then saying a chicken value 2 fishs and so on.. the problem was the money games and speculation other idiots did... we are on the edge of totaly destroing hte society because of greed of some lazzy ones that never done hard work in their lives..."
Carlos MiguelUnterzeichnet: 12:37, 16/01/2013
andre aguilarUnterzeichnet: 18:02, 14/01/2013
andre aguilarUnterzeichnet: 18:02, 14/01/2013

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