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Vanessa TanUnterzeichnet: 15:42, 28/11/2014
Kazel John ChongUnterzeichnet: 12:10, 23/11/2014
"I was just thinking about this exact same idea the other day. Wow. How I wish all the world leaders agree to this."
Cesar CzrUnterzeichnet: 02:15, 23/11/2014
"Please count me in. Thank you for the noble concern for life and the world/universe or multi-verse we avail of. "
alfomar dotillosUnterzeichnet: 10:59, 07/11/2014
"may it come true..if that world will become true it will be as close we can get to paradise and heaven.."
Romeo L. LagahitUnterzeichnet: 08:35, 26/10/2014
"It's Great to be Alive !"
Faith MoranteUnterzeichnet: 06:06, 03/10/2014
"I agree to all these things. And I eagerly hope for a world with people holding hands and working together for a better and healthier life."
Leandro MacalintalUnterzeichnet: 07:21, 26/09/2014
Eddie CallejasUnterzeichnet: 17:53, 25/09/2014
"Lets Go For A Free, Fair and Sustainable Life :)"
Jefferson LizardoUnterzeichnet: 15:45, 25/09/2014
"I like this, but I have some issues I wish to discuss. I sent a message through your Facebook page. Anyway, good luck to us all!"
alexine castilloUnterzeichnet: 12:57, 25/09/2014
jose alidonUnterzeichnet: 09:37, 23/09/2014
Eduardo La MadridUnterzeichnet: 00:53, 14/09/2014
Kabir PicaUnterzeichnet: 10:16, 28/08/2014
Manuel PicaUnterzeichnet: 10:07, 28/08/2014
Wendell GoUnterzeichnet: 15:06, 26/08/2014
"I support TVP, TZM and RBE as well as FWC."
Ma. Catherine FloresUnterzeichnet: 17:17, 21/08/2014
JACK SINFUEGOUnterzeichnet: 18:25, 08/08/2014
Michel NillesUnterzeichnet: 11:04, 07/08/2014
Tropical HarpistUnterzeichnet: 06:17, 08/07/2014
Adolfo AlfecheUnterzeichnet: 10:16, 27/06/2014
Bienvenido Tamayo junUnterzeichnet: 07:56, 30/04/2014
andre stusterUnterzeichnet: 00:40, 11/03/2014
norman cincoUnterzeichnet: 16:28, 17/02/2014
"This is it we need to learn"
Dino FloresUnterzeichnet: 09:52, 19/01/2014
"I believe that everything in this universe should be free and we are all but one. Will forever support this Free World Charter. Thanks for this initiative."
Ian MaristelaUnterzeichnet: 15:19, 16/01/2014
Robert MosesUnterzeichnet: 06:36, 16/01/2014
Ela MarieUnterzeichnet: 05:25, 16/01/2014
Rizalito LampitocUnterzeichnet: 15:01, 24/12/2013
Ahmed BouhashiUnterzeichnet: 14:42, 24/12/2013
Paul Bryan CaballeroUnterzeichnet: 03:09, 30/10/2013
"Abundance for All!"
EDWIN UMAPASUnterzeichnet: 05:57, 26/09/2013
Jubilee SabinoUnterzeichnet: 14:05, 03/09/2013
"Let us be informed and aware... therefore we can act."
Ricky GeneraoUnterzeichnet: 17:41, 02/08/2013
"Our thoughts and intuition are powerful enough to make this possible. As the saying goes: "There is nothing impossible under the Sun". But, let us priorities the Disclosure Project, First Contact, etc., because with the help from our Heavenly Family and our Agarthan cousins it would be much easier to fulfill a Free World Charter as mandated by Heaven."
Juanito DimagibaUnterzeichnet: 21:59, 19/07/2013
"Social class stratification, as a result of the monetary based system, would only bring violence towards each other. It’s not anymore tolerable to have this type of inequality if we, the humanity, want to have a better future for out next generations to come. "
Anna Paula VelezUnterzeichnet: 13:06, 03/07/2013
Jaret Jose UlandayUnterzeichnet: 04:21, 31/05/2013
"English It's time to awake the world, people. Building a better society is not easy, because it requires imagination, innovation, and new ways of thinking. Gothic ??? ????? ?? ????????? ??? ?????? ??????? ???, ??????. ??????????? ?????? ???????????? ?? ???? ???, ???? ???? ??? ????????????, ???????????, ??? ???????????? ????? ?????. [Ita hweila du usskaujan sis airþai unsarai ist, ludeis. Gaskapjands iusiza gagamainduþs ni azet ist, unte þarf ita infrisahtein, maidjifraþi, jah þagkjandeins niuja weisa.] "
David AndradeUnterzeichnet: 08:20, 29/05/2013
jonathan cabellonUnterzeichnet: 20:35, 19/05/2013
Chad Alexander CarretasUnterzeichnet: 14:41, 19/05/2013
"I know that we can do this! And we need to do it now!!!"
Rey SabioUnterzeichnet: 11:13, 16/05/2013
Joshua Kurt WayUnterzeichnet: 13:02, 15/05/2013
daryl kevinUnterzeichnet: 11:23, 15/05/2013
Eugenio III TorrentoUnterzeichnet: 03:44, 15/05/2013
Bern SteinerUnterzeichnet: 22:48, 05/05/2013
Beatriz GuaschUnterzeichnet: 08:36, 01/05/2013
Fidel ObandoUnterzeichnet: 11:54, 02/04/2013
"Hi! About Nature's Resources Limit, does it limit ENERGY too? I push for FREE ENERGY, FREE ELECTRICITY, I believe ENERGY is not LIMITED, it just undergo in to a cycle. Thank You! CODE144 Admin, FIDEL OBANDO"
Dan Joseph CamongolUnterzeichnet: 10:21, 27/03/2013
"Let's do this. It's time to end this flawed monetary system we and our ancestors have created."
Robert Jr. LopezUnterzeichnet: 15:21, 23/03/2013
Ramon AlisanUnterzeichnet: 03:37, 03/03/2013
Ali ChinUnterzeichnet: 18:49, 23/02/2013
"I fully agree that money is not needed. All we need is love; and if you give love, you will receive much more love. The more you give, the more you receive. And in the hereafter, God enormously reward those who loved and gave so much."

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