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Robert FishburnUnterzeichnet: 10:41, 31/05/2022
"After the last 2 years we don't watch back to normal, we need a complete system turnaround."
Richard CasiliUnterzeichnet: 22:57, 30/05/2022
Jason WeilandUnterzeichnet: 11:02, 18/04/2021
"I have been fighting against capitalism without really understanding what the alternatives were. Awareness is key and I will do my utmost to get the word out. This is important. This is our future."
Eric John VillenaUnterzeichnet: 18:02, 07/02/2021
Alyssa OlaliaUnterzeichnet: 20:16, 05/10/2020
Joel JimenoUnterzeichnet: 01:33, 25/05/2020
Mhellan NarcisoUnterzeichnet: 05:17, 14/05/2020
Ericardo ElizondoUnterzeichnet: 04:50, 27/03/2020
"Humanity and its society is continuously evolving and nature is always present to bringing balance relative to changes in this world. This community awareness is a step in the right direction for a peaceful and cooperative existence for all living creatures. Our heaven on Earth. "
Heaven Jay ListonUnterzeichnet: 09:36, 24/05/2019
"I'm just 17 year old boy.I seen the video YouTube about this Charter thingy."
WENDELL MAKILANUnterzeichnet: 20:10, 26/11/2018
WENDELL MAKILANUnterzeichnet: 19:46, 26/11/2018
"Yes it's very possible. Everything is FREE!!! but first we must change the way we think.We must breakdown the old system.how we do it? for now I don't know.I am welling to learn.please educate me."
Noi LozadaUnterzeichnet: 16:47, 29/08/2018
"we're on the same page all along, for once I thought I was alone, stumbled an idea for evryone but don't have the words to share it but here you are and then I found a sense of belonging.I strongly support this movement."
Beverly AlarconUnterzeichnet: 16:02, 15/07/2018
Bev AlarconUnterzeichnet: 08:58, 15/07/2018
Todd ThompsonUnterzeichnet: 04:27, 04/06/2018
"The first obstacle to overcome is to believe it CAN be done!"
Jeffrey OliverUnterzeichnet: 06:24, 22/12/2017
"Let's make this Happened! "
charles michel hoalletUnterzeichnet: 06:19, 01/12/2017
Cirilo VillartaUnterzeichnet: 13:36, 06/07/2017
trowa daryonUnterzeichnet: 14:11, 03/04/2017
Sophia Joyce NgUnterzeichnet: 06:13, 17/02/2017
Jasper TomasUnterzeichnet: 05:03, 24/12/2016
Henry Jefferson AbundaUnterzeichnet: 04:59, 08/11/2016
sosail ledesmaUnterzeichnet: 07:26, 04/10/2016
"I believe in this idea and principles. I was thinking about this few months ago and I thought i was only one dreaming about this, but now i found that i was not alone,,,its is impossible to happen, but this is the only way that make us live free,slave free."
Alvin ReyesUnterzeichnet: 15:19, 29/09/2016
Bern ChangcoUnterzeichnet: 08:58, 28/07/2016
Rene Eune PonteUnterzeichnet: 15:21, 27/06/2016
Lawrence LopezUnterzeichnet: 01:37, 27/06/2016
Hairodin ArapUnterzeichnet: 02:40, 16/06/2016
"free means freedom"
Iñigo JapelliUnterzeichnet: 08:41, 12/05/2016
"I am willing to learn and help the human race make progress.-japellifernandez"
Liza ConcepcionUnterzeichnet: 08:08, 04/05/2016
Joseph EdisonUnterzeichnet: 03:23, 02/05/2016
Alaric BayUnterzeichnet: 01:19, 26/04/2016
MARIA ESPERANZAUnterzeichnet: 08:57, 13/04/2016
Jasper TomasUnterzeichnet: 03:51, 24/03/2016
"Make everything free, and the limit is not just our imagination and resources, but also our ability to manage those resources. Any person who has played a resource based simulation game (like say the Facebook game Klondike, highly recommended) knows the threat of bankruptcy is real not just in a monetary economy but also in a resource based economy. We still need to work, and we still need to be smart about it. "
Jaime BallaresUnterzeichnet: 21:49, 22/02/2016
Josiah HodijahUnterzeichnet: 15:47, 21/02/2016
"This fits nicely on a single page document to distribute. Ingat."
William StaughtonUnterzeichnet: 04:58, 25/12/2015
Laarni AlfaroUnterzeichnet: 00:46, 23/11/2015
Vince Manuel OsmaUnterzeichnet: 13:04, 14/11/2015
Jaime FernandoUnterzeichnet: 13:29, 13/11/2015
Mark Daniel VergaraUnterzeichnet: 12:10, 14/08/2015
"Even if we had the capability to leave this planet in search of new new habitable ones, universal morality dictates to preserve this unique gift we call Earth. "
John Eric RoxasUnterzeichnet: 13:42, 14/07/2015
Elbert YeungUnterzeichnet: 16:48, 07/07/2015
dan delfinUnterzeichnet: 13:29, 07/07/2015
"Yes to a free world!"
Rowena MayUnterzeichnet: 15:19, 15/06/2015
Gilray Trickadoo RoaUnterzeichnet: 13:44, 06/06/2015
"Law of making everyone work for free to make everything free"
Mark Steven PandanUnterzeichnet: 14:38, 27/05/2015
visitacion leticia s. de alban nena de albanUnterzeichnet: 06:02, 08/05/2015
"Our world is for all. Life is short. Every man lives only for about one million hours. Lets us help everyone enjoy the more or less one million hours of life. After that than we shall meet our creator of heaven and earth. He our God known by different names. I know him as Almighty God with three divine persons. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. And I pray to him asking the intercession of the Blessed Mother, St Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Vincent Ferrer and other Saints. I also ask my ancestors, parents and brother and sister to pray for me to the Lord our God. God bless us all!"
Isagani BuriasUnterzeichnet: 21:43, 26/04/2015
"I am excited about the future we are creating today! We can co-create together for The Great Harmony World!"
Rhonalyn BayaniUnterzeichnet: 17:19, 26/04/2015

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