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Victoria NgUnterzeichnet: 14:11, 27/01/2020
sam LeeUnterzeichnet: 03:03, 23/03/2016
JONO LEFTFIELDUnterzeichnet: 01:13, 21/03/2016
Wai Kwun YimUnterzeichnet: 13:18, 11/05/2015
Lam Yip SingUnterzeichnet: 15:26, 03/05/2015
Fong SukiUnterzeichnet: 00:33, 20/03/2015
Karl TamUnterzeichnet: 14:47, 10/02/2015
Matias BerasteguiUnterzeichnet: 01:36, 28/01/2015
William CheungUnterzeichnet: 00:52, 30/11/2014
Lester LauUnterzeichnet: 15:29, 17/11/2014
Tiffany FlorUnterzeichnet: 05:24, 07/11/2014
"The Free World Charter is an excellent path for humans to take. It will be strange at first, it will be unorthodox, it will be a transformation, not just a change, from our current way of life and thought, but, it will be for the better. We shall be taking our freedom back from the money hungry, we shall be giving future generations a life of love and happiness, and we shall finally be expanding our boundless minds rather than stifling them. We are human beings with potential, a free world is our ticket to unlocking the best in us all."
Brandon Brassard Unterzeichnet: 04:31, 26/08/2014
KA KIT PATRICK NGUnterzeichnet: 15:02, 18/07/2014
"that's really like utopia.....in this system .... we don't have to work like a slave.....in the same time people do not make things for businessman to earn money....no more alienation"
ryo saebaUnterzeichnet: 14:58, 17/07/2014
TatWa FokUnterzeichnet: 01:51, 26/06/2014
marcus yickUnterzeichnet: 14:05, 13/05/2014
cal tangUnterzeichnet: 13:40, 13/05/2014
"Look forward to a better future."
Suzy SYUnterzeichnet: 15:46, 10/04/2014
Ulf OlofssonUnterzeichnet: 12:32, 09/04/2014
Pierre VeniotUnterzeichnet: 04:59, 09/04/2014
HO KWUN PANGUnterzeichnet: 18:16, 19/12/2013
Kylie ChanUnterzeichnet: 13:48, 15/09/2013
"I am here to patriot ledger to the earth and all living species."
WING KEUNG TSUIUnterzeichnet: 15:18, 18/08/2013
elaine pangUnterzeichnet: 05:04, 18/08/2013
Rachna KalsiUnterzeichnet: 18:20, 09/07/2013
"Would you like to visit us in Hong Kong. U can stay with us too and have nice music n food. TC all the best. "
Tang Siu Keung Dennis KGUnterzeichnet: 15:59, 07/06/2013
"When im 4 years old i start have a Big feeling i Feel this world is have somthing wrong but i cant explain on that And everytime when i feel myself live here will feel very very bad and worry Now i know all the answer i both for this new world not the old one the learn the meaning of lifes from the old world and then bring all the things i learn for the New One im really happy i can join this !!!!!"
Swati TyagiUnterzeichnet: 06:06, 28/08/2012
"I was looking for or wanted to create something exactly like this. I'm glad I found this and an excited to make such a world a reality."
Tsang YuUnterzeichnet: 11:16, 03/08/2012
Ka Cheong KanUnterzeichnet: 03:32, 25/06/2012
"I hope that we can achieve free world in short time. Freedom, Free energy, Wealth, Health, Ascension, No money use."
cheng wai himUnterzeichnet: 20:06, 28/05/2012
piao xue LiUnterzeichnet: 08:03, 16/05/2012
Wilson ChanUnterzeichnet: 19:23, 14/05/2012
"Looking forward to such a new world with new lifestyle. It is important that everyone in the world have same status and the right to raise their voice."
roy yuenUnterzeichnet: 11:53, 14/05/2012
Lemon LiUnterzeichnet: 16:31, 13/05/2012
Chan Yuen Ching ChingUnterzeichnet: 16:03, 10/05/2012
Hung Ki Cheng Unterzeichnet: 06:08, 21/03/2012
Ester LiUnterzeichnet: 14:51, 16/03/2012
yat ming loUnterzeichnet: 21:11, 07/03/2012
Roberta A. HoUnterzeichnet: 14:08, 04/03/2012
Chang Tze HinUnterzeichnet: 07:53, 03/03/2012
tong kim hongUnterzeichnet: 02:26, 02/03/2012
"pls change the world together~"
chung yan lauUnterzeichnet: 12:53, 01/03/2012
Hung Kwan ChengUnterzeichnet: 06:59, 29/02/2012
"Love makes the World better."
Ng Chung HonUnterzeichnet: 13:59, 25/01/2012
TANG SIU MINGUnterzeichnet: 13:33, 25/01/2012
Tsz Cheung LauUnterzeichnet: 01:43, 19/12/2011
Annie CheungUnterzeichnet: 14:02, 13/12/2011
"I look forward to the realization of this free world. What could we do to publicize such an idea and contribute to its realization, given that our governments are still so powerful nowadays?"
Suen Wai KwanUnterzeichnet: 15:26, 10/12/2011
John YickUnterzeichnet: 16:20, 09/12/2011
"As a human being, this is what we needed!"
Salina KhanUnterzeichnet: 15:10, 03/12/2011

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