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George ConstantopoulosUnterzeichnet: 22:20, 29/04/2011
Christoforos DimitrakopoulosUnterzeichnet: 21:54, 29/04/2011
matina katsarakouUnterzeichnet: 21:52, 29/04/2011
kostas bairasUnterzeichnet: 21:47, 29/04/2011
Ioannis ProfillidisUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"The only hope of the Humanity "
Anastasia KoniUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Charalampos FilotheouUnterzeichnet: 00:53, 21/04/2011
BETTY RENTZOUUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"We need to move on "
Gesa LuetkensUnterzeichnet: 12:05, 16/04/2011
Alexandra MoraitiUnterzeichnet: 12:50, 14/04/2011
"The change will come from within!! Let's start digging for the tools....Love, Compassion, Social responsibility"
billis antoniadisUnterzeichnet: 23:19, 10/04/2011
"time for change !! to a better world"
Karolos KoutsogiannopoulosUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Already an Active Member of the Zeitgeist Movement "
manos mirodiasUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Ntinos KalathosUnterzeichnet: 23:58, 04/04/2011
KONSTANTINOS PAPACHRISTOSUnterzeichnet: 10:09, 31/03/2011
Penny KouUnterzeichnet: 23:58, 28/03/2011
Kostas MUnterzeichnet: 23:57, 28/03/2011
"Radical opposition is not enough. Radical creation in the here and now is equally necessary."
Pandelis PapanikolaouUnterzeichnet: 18:00, 28/03/2011
"Lets hope that it won't take 3 centuries... "The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn't exist in the 24th century... The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of Humanity"
Nikiforos ArchakisUnterzeichnet: 12:20, 25/03/2011
chrs bkrsUnterzeichnet: 01:47, 25/03/2011
fokas stavrosUnterzeichnet: 16:03, 24/03/2011
"if you look back at the past will discover the real system of life . congratulation"
Petros GrigoropoulosUnterzeichnet: 15:59, 24/03/2011
Lef TsinUnterzeichnet: 15:28, 24/03/2011
"Lets free ourselfs from money"
ANNA PAPADOPOULOUUnterzeichnet: 14:12, 24/03/2011
Nikolas PittasUnterzeichnet: 14:06, 24/03/2011
Ilias PatrinosUnterzeichnet: 13:30, 24/03/2011
"The only limitations we have as a human race are those which we impose on ourselves. ~Jacque Fresco"
Takis AsimomitisUnterzeichnet: 11:36, 24/03/2011
Athanasios TselepidisUnterzeichnet: 11:26, 24/03/2011
"You must indicate that religion and language is the birthright of every human being and that will not oppressed in any way"
Nikos PorgiotisUnterzeichnet: 19:03, 21/03/2011
"our ancestors honored their ancestors.. we care only for ourselves... its time to educate our selves and our children to honor all: our ancestors, our selves and those who will come after us in this world. not only human, but animals, plants and every living organism that exists out there. WE ARE ONE PLANET"
Giannis NakosUnterzeichnet: 18:28, 21/03/2011
Antonis TriantafyllakisUnterzeichnet: 05:06, 21/03/2011
"Exactly the points of view I've been independently developing myself and hope to achieve before I die"
Panos DampanisUnterzeichnet: 03:07, 21/03/2011
simos xalUnterzeichnet: 22:55, 20/03/2011
Panos GlykosUnterzeichnet: 15:17, 20/03/2011
"All for everyone!..and everyone for All"
Maria KortzidouUnterzeichnet: 11:55, 20/03/2011
Konstantinos StavrouUnterzeichnet: 08:32, 20/03/2011
Ioannis ProfillidisUnterzeichnet: 17:51, 19/03/2011
"This is our debt for the humans to come"
antonis kapousouzisUnterzeichnet: 15:49, 19/03/2011
"about scientific method: i believe is the best way to solve our "technical" problems. But there are also other kind of decisions we have to take, which has to based on a common perception of humanity, and this depends on our spirituality"
Maya HeliadouUnterzeichnet: 20:56, 18/03/2011
Achilleas AivazoglouUnterzeichnet: 17:45, 18/03/2011
Mihalis PagoudisUnterzeichnet: 16:49, 18/03/2011
Eustace KravaritisUnterzeichnet: 14:52, 18/03/2011
"The only laws we can apply to our society are the laws of the universe"
Bam BamagiotisUnterzeichnet: 03:15, 18/03/2011
Stelios VasiliadisUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011

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