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Ch IossifUnterzeichnet: 15:16, 23/03/2013
""we must exercise wisdom and responsibility" as long as love and respect... "
Penny LeveUnterzeichnet: 15:06, 23/03/2013
eirini gougourelaUnterzeichnet: 17:15, 14/03/2013
Ioannis MihailUnterzeichnet: 15:08, 04/03/2013
Katerina DouviUnterzeichnet: 17:40, 28/02/2013
Panayiota SeisoglouUnterzeichnet: 17:40, 27/02/2013
Mike DaskalopoulosUnterzeichnet: 21:44, 14/02/2013
Haralambos M.Unterzeichnet: 05:09, 14/01/2013
Cathy Petratos MourtouUnterzeichnet: 12:48, 13/01/2013
"i would like to teach myself and others everyday the freedom starts within us and then around us... specifically, everything starts and ends with love..."
Renate ParasoglouUnterzeichnet: 07:48, 09/01/2013
ATHANASIOS KOTSOMITISUnterzeichnet: 05:56, 09/01/2013
Akis SarantisUnterzeichnet: 02:11, 09/01/2013
"Hello. Nice to be here. Thanks."
Constantine AlexanderUnterzeichnet: 14:15, 08/01/2013
Chris TaklisUnterzeichnet: 10:41, 04/01/2013
Aris VanikiotisUnterzeichnet: 10:15, 04/01/2013
ilias mavrostomosUnterzeichnet: 07:08, 02/01/2013
stavroula siopoulouUnterzeichnet: 23:46, 19/12/2012
Dora StathiUnterzeichnet: 18:55, 19/12/2012
Nicolas GeorgiadisUnterzeichnet: 09:59, 19/12/2012
EFI ASVESTIUnterzeichnet: 09:40, 19/12/2012
"This can never happen because people love money.We love to suffer,kill and die..and this deserves to be the end of humanity..I wish the best for our planet and our friends animals..Kisses.."
Anna Argyropoulou ArgyropoulouUnterzeichnet: 08:55, 19/12/2012
ALEXIS AUnterzeichnet: 14:11, 29/11/2012
Sivakripa SaraswatiUnterzeichnet: 08:10, 31/10/2012
Dimitris ParaskevopoulosUnterzeichnet: 11:21, 25/10/2012
John GialitakisUnterzeichnet: 11:04, 25/10/2012
Kostas IoannidisUnterzeichnet: 11:02, 25/10/2012
Eleni MichaUnterzeichnet: 08:28, 30/09/2012
"Its so liberating to finally see all these thoughts that have been torturing my head for years, being written down in such a reasonable and eloquent text. Its liberating to see that there IS common sense after all, and that there are people who think freely and with no limits. That is the true meaning of globalization summarized in one sentence: "Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth." Not monetary globalization and not fiscal globalization. Cultures are there to be respected and to learn from, not to eliminate them into a big global clump! Thank you for starting this initiative and know that you have my full support. Respect LIFE. do not just strive for survival. Peace, Unity & Love from Greece!"
Litsa MourelatosUnterzeichnet: 05:20, 30/09/2012
"We should promote the vision of The FWC!"
Athanasopoulou ElenaUnterzeichnet: 01:01, 30/09/2012
LIA HATZIPARASKEVAIDOUUnterzeichnet: 20:13, 29/09/2012
susie syrigonakisUnterzeichnet: 21:13, 23/09/2012
"if only the whole world would do this..we would be free!!"
Val PeachUnterzeichnet: 16:52, 23/09/2012
"The single most impressive system to eradicate poverty and misery of millions "
Philip GlinavosUnterzeichnet: 14:37, 25/08/2012
ELENI MALTIDOUUnterzeichnet: 12:39, 01/08/2012
sotiris chondroulisUnterzeichnet: 12:48, 29/07/2012
Nikos KallinikidisUnterzeichnet: 19:41, 25/07/2012
Ioanna LefkaditiUnterzeichnet: 18:10, 25/07/2012
Despina MoissidouUnterzeichnet: 18:05, 25/07/2012
Evdhokia KarayanniUnterzeichnet: 17:01, 25/07/2012
MILICA KOSANOVICUnterzeichnet: 15:27, 25/07/2012
"I believe that we can, all together, change the world and make it a better place for living. Thank you :))) "
Kostas LambrouUnterzeichnet: 16:06, 24/07/2012
Andreas KoutroulisUnterzeichnet: 10:09, 11/07/2012
Yiannis ZervawUnterzeichnet: 13:16, 10/07/2012
mari salisUnterzeichnet: 09:58, 10/07/2012
konstantinos MadenidisUnterzeichnet: 19:34, 27/06/2012
maria tountaUnterzeichnet: 14:50, 21/06/2012
despina zorpaUnterzeichnet: 08:18, 21/06/2012
Lydia NikolaouUnterzeichnet: 16:46, 20/06/2012
"....to leave a better world to our futu re generations !"
Anastasia AslanidouUnterzeichnet: 08:23, 10/06/2012
Stavros KokkineasUnterzeichnet: 13:28, 06/06/2012

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