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Panagiotis VlachosUnterzeichnet: 07:53, 05/04/2014
Alexandra PavlouUnterzeichnet: 07:36, 14/03/2014
Maria PavlouUnterzeichnet: 07:15, 14/03/2014
sarbu dumitruUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 20/01/2014
Eva MakrisUnterzeichnet: 06:03, 16/01/2014
Elias SalasidisUnterzeichnet: 12:06, 29/10/2013
Panagiotis MisthosUnterzeichnet: 09:15, 29/10/2013
Ignatios SkandalisUnterzeichnet: 03:11, 07/10/2013
Ioannis CharvaliasUnterzeichnet: 13:11, 01/10/2013
Ioanna LefkadiUnterzeichnet: 18:28, 27/09/2013
Panayiota SeisoglouUnterzeichnet: 08:27, 10/09/2013
Silvia WegeleUnterzeichnet: 10:59, 03/09/2013
Geof BaldryUnterzeichnet: 15:15, 20/08/2013
rania stefanakiUnterzeichnet: 12:22, 14/08/2013
Menis TselentisUnterzeichnet: 12:09, 14/08/2013
Παρασκευή ΣούφηUnterzeichnet: 16:27, 13/08/2013
Tania RaptopoulouUnterzeichnet: 14:52, 13/08/2013
Hyperion KantasUnterzeichnet: 11:20, 13/08/2013
"Finally, someone put it out other briefly and nicely!"
Andreas PapandreouUnterzeichnet: 21:53, 04/08/2013
Maria MaziotiUnterzeichnet: 14:29, 02/08/2013
Panagiotis AravanisUnterzeichnet: 13:35, 02/08/2013
Andreas PetropoulosUnterzeichnet: 09:57, 02/08/2013
Gabriel KarnosUnterzeichnet: 23:06, 01/08/2013
"Someone has to start with a place like explained above, so we can join. Then other places will follow."
Evangelos MarkakisUnterzeichnet: 11:05, 20/07/2013
Garifallia MioteriUnterzeichnet: 09:40, 10/07/2013
"I'm so fascinated to know there are more and more people sharing the same vision. I'd be glad to contribute by any means. "
vasilis triantafillouUnterzeichnet: 17:18, 09/07/2013
Stefanos GrigoriadisUnterzeichnet: 17:41, 08/07/2013
Софиа КонстантиновнаUnterzeichnet: 17:19, 08/07/2013
Bohem DemeshkoUnterzeichnet: 10:52, 12/06/2013
Christos KarsanidisUnterzeichnet: 01:28, 29/05/2013
Giorgos KostoudisUnterzeichnet: 13:52, 27/05/2013
Chatzigeorgiou ChrysovalantisUnterzeichnet: 06:20, 15/05/2013
giannis lelUnterzeichnet: 00:04, 15/05/2013
Dimitris ThomosUnterzeichnet: 21:35, 21/04/2013
"Life and love is for everyone!"
Stathis VlachiotisUnterzeichnet: 19:12, 15/04/2013
"Hello there! I study architecture {hopefully graduating in September:)} in Technical University of Crete. My thesis, which I am still working on, is about a world where there is no money. This is my diploma project. Elimination of the financial element in societies, comes with tremendous impact on every single aspect of life. My thesis -which i am wrighting at the moment- explores the problems but also suggests solutions in as many problems as possible, which naturally emerge from this socio-(non)economic shift. Architecture combined with other fields of science, is the way humanity will face the upcoming change in the world. I believe that many problematic aspects of this "money uninstallation" are exposed and solved in my thesis, where problems are investigated in depth. Actually, I am trying very hard to "look into the future" and fantasize the times-to-come. Let me know if you wish further communication between us. Hoping for a better world :D Stathis Vlachiotis"
Rania VlahoyianniUnterzeichnet: 22:02, 30/03/2013
Athanasios MoustakasUnterzeichnet: 05:40, 30/03/2013
pigmaxos pigmaxarasUnterzeichnet: 00:31, 28/03/2013
"let us get it done!!"
Chris HatzellisUnterzeichnet: 17:52, 27/03/2013
",,,,, amazing !!!!!!"
ioanna karabiUnterzeichnet: 15:41, 27/03/2013
Katharina von SchoenaichUnterzeichnet: 14:35, 27/03/2013
konstantia notnecessaryUnterzeichnet: 12:08, 27/03/2013
"I'm afraid that this great idea will not come to reality for many years to come. However, it could be done for an amount of people that want to live that way, I fear that we cannot change the world, but we can leave it and beging something new.:)"
Linda Maria VasilakiUnterzeichnet: 11:36, 27/03/2013
"i hope with all my heart it will be reality some day.."
Mertzo ChrisUnterzeichnet: 10:53, 27/03/2013
Marianna AngelouUnterzeichnet: 10:23, 27/03/2013
konstantina lypakiUnterzeichnet: 08:22, 27/03/2013
Lee RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 23:20, 26/03/2013
vasilis paxhsUnterzeichnet: 16:30, 24/03/2013
giorgos spanodimosUnterzeichnet: 23:41, 23/03/2013
Antonis FassolasUnterzeichnet: 18:04, 23/03/2013
"Our motivation will be contribution"

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