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El Raah Ben Yahweh BeyUnterzeichnet: 07:13, 14/06/2019
Daniel BrownUnterzeichnet: 05:52, 13/06/2019
Josh HaltomUnterzeichnet: 05:20, 13/06/2019
"I must reiterate that this system of organizational and resource management is so very important for everyone living in the 21st Century. I hope to see that by the year 2020, The Free World Charter will be presented and become a unanimous, new world agreement. This ideology will take us beyond the artificial limits of money and commercial agencies, and it can uncover and overrule the lies of scarcity. Thus, we have an opportunity here to make the next stage of evolution for humanity and the planet by adhering to these basic, egalitarian principles of altruism. Much gratitude and love to/from "Our community!" "
Daniel BrownUnterzeichnet: 05:13, 13/06/2019
M.Matt "Tree" HeckertUnterzeichnet: 06:10, 07/06/2019
"The Future Is In Our Hands..."
HAROLD ARRINGTONUnterzeichnet: 08:18, 05/06/2019
"I wish we could have this in our life time. Money makes ppl mean. And i don't want to be the product of my environment. I am so scared of the world yet i do nothing to help. I see alot of things and have many solutions but they cost sooooo much money. I think payment is just contribution to society. Profit is everyone benefiting you know."
Gifty ContehUnterzeichnet: 08:19, 30/05/2019
Joshua WashburnUnterzeichnet: 00:16, 30/05/2019
Rea Elizabeth TaylorUnterzeichnet: 04:55, 29/05/2019
Ayla AnnacUnterzeichnet: 15:02, 28/05/2019
Victor RojasUnterzeichnet: 02:48, 21/05/2019
Donald SimonUnterzeichnet: 01:21, 20/05/2019
"I was always in the thought of a world without money, and how much greater Humanity could be to each other if we took away all the greed of money. I was pretty excited to learn about the freeworldcharter.org because before then I thought I was the only person who thought that way."
Joseph GrayUnterzeichnet: 23:14, 06/05/2019
"This is how life started and how I have been wondering why we have been charging for the simple things God gave us. "The MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH"."
Patricia DoughertyUnterzeichnet: 11:54, 02/05/2019
Love H.Unterzeichnet: 06:07, 02/05/2019
Abraham StoutUnterzeichnet: 11:28, 25/04/2019
"I should have mentioned, if we do not find a way to exit our solar system and inhabit other planets, we are an extinct species. Period"
Abraham StoutUnterzeichnet: 11:24, 25/04/2019
"I cannot see how this is a bad idea. Star Trek mother fuckers. We are doomed if we cannot expand beyond our solar system. Yes, we do not have to concern ourselves about it but!! If we do not want to become extinct we have to think about getting out of "here" our solar system. I feel stupid for having to type this as it is so obvious. Do no space exploration, we are extinct....."
Yael EllsworthUnterzeichnet: 18:03, 23/04/2019
"As a life coach, I founded Life Teaches Foundation to support everyone in reaching their goals, no matter their starting point, rich or poor."
Michal SuzetteUnterzeichnet: 22:08, 20/04/2019
Cara McCuneUnterzeichnet: 16:18, 20/04/2019
Cynthia HoltUnterzeichnet: 17:35, 08/04/2019
Ilya TsinisUnterzeichnet: 19:05, 06/04/2019
Ilya TsinisUnterzeichnet: 19:03, 06/04/2019
Carolina Centeno Unterzeichnet: 04:04, 05/04/2019
Raine BradfordUnterzeichnet: 15:39, 02/04/2019
Lisa HurstUnterzeichnet: 06:03, 01/04/2019
David ThompsonUnterzeichnet: 19:14, 31/03/2019
Jameel BerryUnterzeichnet: 18:31, 31/03/2019
Cameron NiehoffUnterzeichnet: 18:35, 26/03/2019
Charles MayangoUnterzeichnet: 02:40, 25/03/2019
Wade DillonUnterzeichnet: 16:23, 20/03/2019
Ellen KrikorianUnterzeichnet: 01:54, 19/03/2019
"I am a PDD-NOS adult which I suffer for all my life and climate change, the environment it hurt me so much it triggers my all sensory system I am one of who is affected so severely, I can`t stand the corporations who poison me and the world "
s kayeUnterzeichnet: 18:24, 18/03/2019
"where’s our commune? ::willing to relocate, comes with own tinyhousing::"
Margaret Balcom Unterzeichnet: 23:27, 17/03/2019
Naomi FritcheyUnterzeichnet: 21:15, 17/03/2019
Israel FritcheyUnterzeichnet: 21:10, 17/03/2019
Daniel PascuasUnterzeichnet: 16:09, 17/03/2019
"This is the next step in our evolution and we must take it fully. "
Aditya KasarlaUnterzeichnet: 23:06, 14/03/2019
Armani CochranUnterzeichnet: 16:04, 12/03/2019
"Let’s get this done"
Adam RoseUnterzeichnet: 12:32, 11/03/2019
"We are the medicine to one another."
Helen YorkUnterzeichnet: 06:40, 08/03/2019
Helen YorkUnterzeichnet: 06:21, 08/03/2019
Amanda MalkinUnterzeichnet: 12:34, 07/03/2019
Doyle AshcraftUnterzeichnet: 18:17, 02/03/2019
Kraig MottarUnterzeichnet: 01:01, 27/02/2019
"Where are the communities where this can most likely be achieved? "
Jimmy SellersUnterzeichnet: 15:47, 26/02/2019
Michael ChristopherUnterzeichnet: 19:52, 25/02/2019
Ksomething WsomethingUnterzeichnet: 00:53, 25/02/2019
Tracy DursoUnterzeichnet: 00:13, 25/02/2019
"Thank you for this Free World Charter. "
Marie SophiaUnterzeichnet: 05:48, 24/02/2019

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