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Clarissa VictorUnterzeichnet: 18:58, 05/04/2022
Nicole Joseph-ChinUnterzeichnet: 15:06, 17/06/2016
Anya Ayoung CheeUnterzeichnet: 10:13, 15/06/2016
kriss marajUnterzeichnet: 13:59, 02/06/2016
troy allenUnterzeichnet: 03:35, 10/02/2015
"What do you mean by "basic logic"?. Wouldn't even "logic" be shaped by the socialization process?? Regardless... This sounds very sumilar to "the Venus project". After only reviewing the principles of this charter I am in support of this initiative. Without any bias, I hope both "The Venus Project" and the "Free World Charter" collaborate. "
Narendra MishraUnterzeichnet: 16:08, 26/11/2014
Daniel StollemUnterzeichnet: 15:57, 18/04/2013
"Existence is not limited merely to the surface of the observed world. Though we can be treated as seperate elements, we are indistiguishable from the universe and all its grandeur. We may not be aware of the unlimited scope of our true identities, but we can be aware that we are more than we know."
Anicka SeniorUnterzeichnet: 11:56, 27/03/2013
Alex FakiraUnterzeichnet: 18:45, 03/02/2013
Ralph CrouchUnterzeichnet: 13:47, 31/01/2013
Paul NaudeUnterzeichnet: 16:22, 19/09/2012
Irtha DanielUnterzeichnet: 18:07, 13/08/2012
"Can I help to spread this message by publishing the principles and website in my newsletter?"
Robert YeatesUnterzeichnet: 02:02, 19/07/2012
"A great effort in saving the world from itself. How can you make this better is by partnering because it is not what one man can do by himself but what he can do with others. The collective knowledge of the world right now can save it yet we don't seem to want to. We would prefer inventions like super amoled screens and such but forget about where we must use these inventions on earth. I hope that one day we will all coexist and breathe clean air."
Anthony CastanadaUnterzeichnet: 19:53, 09/07/2012
"We must keep hope alive as impossible as it seems to fix our world at this point, we must continue to fight together for a better world and better tomorrow especially for the younger ones, we must continue to fight to make a difference as small as it may seem at times..."
Jesse JamesUnterzeichnet: 06:56, 21/05/2012
Jason DookeranUnterzeichnet: 00:55, 26/03/2012
Lisa KhanUnterzeichnet: 00:05, 05/08/2011
Jennifer BairdUnterzeichnet: 22:24, 11/05/2011

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