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Niklas JohnsonUnterzeichnet: 14:16, 23/02/2012
raso talaviUnterzeichnet: 12:17, 23/02/2012
"Free world, free from corruption."
Patrik JohanssonUnterzeichnet: 10:30, 23/02/2012
Natasha Trygg HannahUnterzeichnet: 08:11, 21/02/2012
erik erikssonUnterzeichnet: 15:28, 18/02/2012
uwe bressgottUnterzeichnet: 14:32, 14/02/2012
Mehdi RaimiUnterzeichnet: 13:48, 13/02/2012
Mikael WallinUnterzeichnet: 19:54, 10/02/2012
"I am amazed that so few pepole don´t see that money is the problem to all the suffering in the world."
Stefan MichalUnterzeichnet: 19:52, 10/02/2012
Amir MortazaviUnterzeichnet: 08:27, 08/02/2012
Rickard NilssonUnterzeichnet: 18:31, 05/02/2012
Anton NilssonUnterzeichnet: 13:32, 04/02/2012
Ben AngelUnterzeichnet: 03:28, 30/01/2012
"Every other species on this planet can survive for a whole lifetime without money. Surely it is time for us humans to free ourselves from the manipulation, misery and madness created by our artificial monetary system. With modern technology we no longer need to live like robots. Who will miss the long queues at the bank or the unemployment exchange? Is there anybody who will miss paying income tax on their hard earned money? For those who suffer from poverty don't actually want money. They want food, water and a home to live in. The things that nature can provide."
EvaMari JalkehagUnterzeichnet: 00:26, 30/01/2012
Marcus TyrebrantUnterzeichnet: 17:53, 28/01/2012
Leonor PalazzoUnterzeichnet: 11:01, 28/01/2012
OLOF JONNERSTIGUnterzeichnet: 16:18, 26/01/2012
Johan BohlinUnterzeichnet: 12:29, 22/01/2012
"This approach is wonderful, because of its simplicity. Watch 6:30 minutes of film, Read a page of decrees, and sign it. Nobody can say it's a waste of time, or too difficult to understand. The future as it should be and perhaps the only possible one. Time to put mankind to test; are we truly capable of collaboration and good will? Or have we indeed already become true evil? "
Christoffer JacobssonUnterzeichnet: 13:40, 20/01/2012
"I cant see why anyone would disagree to this. Lets make change!"
Martin JonssonUnterzeichnet: 11:39, 20/01/2012
"This is something that we need to start working for or it will be the end of our civilisation."
Nicklas JanssonUnterzeichnet: 09:56, 17/01/2012
philip salanderUnterzeichnet: 22:31, 16/01/2012
Anton NeanderUnterzeichnet: 21:43, 16/01/2012
"People need to be aware that the money actually works against us. I am active in the occupy movement and I'm getting tired of ambiguous messages, I know that some of the wisest and most sensible people are still active but it is not those who appear on the first results on google or news stories, etc.. Let us be philosophical, because that's what's needed to understand a world without money. Do not play politics game. Not the foremost are concerned by concrete action. We can make this world the best. What we can thank ourselves for is creativity. Then all we need is each other and that together we care about the truth."
Pontus LindblomUnterzeichnet: 13:02, 02/01/2012
Mikael WafinUnterzeichnet: 06:57, 02/01/2012
isak sandströmUnterzeichnet: 23:06, 28/12/2011
Elias LaurellUnterzeichnet: 13:01, 28/12/2011
Leif NerenUnterzeichnet: 09:40, 27/12/2011
jake burmenUnterzeichnet: 18:44, 22/12/2011
Joakim Pihlstrand-TrulpUnterzeichnet: 19:12, 21/12/2011
"An eminent chart, based on politically green perspectives. Pro vivo."
James HallUnterzeichnet: 16:42, 21/12/2011
"A Free Economy is Very Obvious and Very Overdue. "
Erika LindbergUnterzeichnet: 10:58, 21/12/2011
"we can make the best of our existence, but we just don't. those who want to choose different paths in life are hindered by the rest who know nothing else. i sign this to support the spreading of knowledge and i hope to provoke thought and questions."
Ivica Svagusa MaricUnterzeichnet: 20:04, 19/12/2011
mats nilssonUnterzeichnet: 18:16, 18/12/2011
Nestor SalazarUnterzeichnet: 18:08, 08/12/2011
Jim SeverinUnterzeichnet: 14:04, 03/12/2011
"This is so obvious and should be common sense for everyone!"
Viktor AspegrenUnterzeichnet: 12:55, 03/12/2011
"Money is just paper."
Henrik PedersenUnterzeichnet: 00:32, 03/12/2011
"Well done talk to roxanne about making peace with "peter joseph" He's is just a little screptic is all :)"
Tomas VictorssonUnterzeichnet: 22:59, 02/12/2011
Carl-Otto JohanssonUnterzeichnet: 21:36, 02/12/2011
"This is a great start!"
Stefan BjorkmanUnterzeichnet: 19:19, 01/12/2011
eliyas kaUnterzeichnet: 20:27, 30/11/2011
Robert BergströmUnterzeichnet: 00:01, 24/11/2011
"The time for a revolution of consciousness has come. The old system has repeatedly proven to constrain our development, both on a personal level and on a global level. Our generation has the possibilitiy to create a revolution even greater than the ones before us, and when we start to realize that, nothing should hold us back"
Anton NilssonUnterzeichnet: 00:17, 18/11/2011
Nicolai WandelUnterzeichnet: 01:31, 08/11/2011
"You should work together with the "Zeitgeist Movement" if you already aren't, you share the same thoughts for our future. And they have alot of Video material (Masterpieces) to be honest. Good luck, I'll do my best to spread this around... yes for free, because money is worth NOTHING!"
Jelena RautjärviUnterzeichnet: 08:46, 07/11/2011
"I belive in this, with all my heart <3 One Love /jels"
Rasmus VanagandUnterzeichnet: 08:04, 06/11/2011
Tommy Gärdh Unterzeichnet: 11:11, 04/11/2011
AgnesMaud JönssonUnterzeichnet: 11:17, 03/11/2011
Pontus KersUnterzeichnet: 07:59, 03/11/2011

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