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Tony ElvströmUnterzeichnet: 15:53, 20/02/2014
Marielle HolmqvistUnterzeichnet: 17:12, 13/02/2014
Erik FlygtUnterzeichnet: 13:00, 13/02/2014
André JönssonUnterzeichnet: 14:45, 04/02/2014
Micke LeonUnterzeichnet: 23:04, 22/01/2014
"Ive been following this concept for years now, im still hoping for more. I truly believe in these principles, and think that we can be so much more as a species.. Humans are actually awesome! But when cornered into poverty or obligation, we react , most often aggressively. This can be changed with more knowledge, cooperation and the will to advance together, not just individually. Lets start today! seriously why don't we? We can share knowledge for free, we can stop over-consuming by choice, and we can all try to make a difference where we live. I promise that i will keep trying, and hopefully ill get to see this idea grow into a paradigm. "
Max ErikssonUnterzeichnet: 15:43, 20/01/2014
Torgeir HasselUnterzeichnet: 08:51, 16/01/2014
BENGT JONSSONUnterzeichnet: 03:45, 16/01/2014
"We should just listen to Jacque Fresco. He has it all figured out. The only obstacle for a change is the cancer of humanity: GREED."
Johanna HultinUnterzeichnet: 03:03, 16/01/2014
Octavio Rodriguez BarbozaoUnterzeichnet: 11:12, 24/12/2013
"Sign me up :)) peace"
Lars ForsbomUnterzeichnet: 08:37, 09/12/2013
Erika FeelyUnterzeichnet: 06:25, 09/12/2013
Christoffer JohnsonUnterzeichnet: 19:27, 07/12/2013
Jacob NilssonUnterzeichnet: 17:00, 07/12/2013
Mira MajstorovicUnterzeichnet: 07:01, 14/11/2013
Hans-Åke AnderssonUnterzeichnet: 18:00, 13/11/2013
Niclas HagmanUnterzeichnet: 15:38, 13/11/2013
Robert ChachaUnterzeichnet: 23:44, 07/11/2013
H. P.Unterzeichnet: 22:14, 05/11/2013
Martin MåsvikenUnterzeichnet: 13:36, 03/11/2013
Martin LindedahlUnterzeichnet: 07:55, 23/10/2013
"A resource based economy is the only way for the human race on this planet to survive in the longrun. It will provide EVERYONE with clean energy, smart housing, ecological food, clean water, best possible healthcare and top of the line education since cost is not an issue. But we have to handle our resources with care and create everything as sustainable and clean as possible. This will also give us a chance to heal the damage we have done to nature and all its creatures. "
Yassine TemessekUnterzeichnet: 11:21, 11/10/2013
Johan AskelöfUnterzeichnet: 23:01, 09/10/2013
"verygoodnice this would be! "
Sören BackmanUnterzeichnet: 01:44, 07/10/2013
Gerardo Antonio Amaya ChaconUnterzeichnet: 20:56, 05/10/2013
"Bring back love to humanity!"
Marina ErikssonUnterzeichnet: 22:18, 02/10/2013
John DaleyUnterzeichnet: 16:23, 02/10/2013
"Something I think all of us can agree on:)"
Oscar Michael Unterzeichnet: 11:37, 28/09/2013
"Thank you for this. I agreed with everything and believe that if done correctly and safely this is an essential step in our evolution. "
Erik de MelloUnterzeichnet: 18:09, 26/09/2013
Daniel SundbergUnterzeichnet: 11:51, 26/09/2013
"Only when the last fish is caught, the last tree is chopped down and the last river is poisoned will we realize that we can not eat money. /Native American saying"
Anneli Karlsten MontinUnterzeichnet: 11:08, 26/09/2013
"The most important voluntary agreement I have signed over my 37 years on this planet. Thank you for creating the new foundation for the only reasonable way to live on our precious planet! I'll keep sharing for years to come."
Fredrik SvenssonUnterzeichnet: 20:11, 24/09/2013
Onni QvickströmUnterzeichnet: 08:43, 20/09/2013
"Aren't you guys, like, 200 years to early in history? Let's talk and dream, but keep working on actually paying the poor today."
Anne LenkeUnterzeichnet: 20:10, 17/09/2013
Simon LindbergUnterzeichnet: 12:10, 13/09/2013
"Lets make this world a better and freer place for everyone before money destroys us all and there is no turning back. Our planet and human kind is clearly on the wrong course so lets join together and start making things happend."
sandra van bommelUnterzeichnet: 11:24, 10/09/2013
Line HedalUnterzeichnet: 14:18, 03/09/2013
Nora MannfolkUnterzeichnet: 16:15, 26/08/2013
Lars IsakssonUnterzeichnet: 15:17, 22/08/2013
Marcus LindströmUnterzeichnet: 01:00, 19/08/2013
Michelle WintherUnterzeichnet: 23:22, 13/08/2013
Jonas FredriksonUnterzeichnet: 07:55, 12/08/2013
"For too long have people - politicians and rich people in particular - served only their own, outdated political or social theories as well as their own egos. It is time for change. For people to live their lives according to what works and what serves to better themselves, their fellow humans, and the planet as a whole. It is time to abandon destructive order as well as disorder, to replace them with creative, sustainable order and disorder. For what is creativity, but disorder and order allowing it to flourish, as opposed to destroy or stifle it? Abandon destruction, embrace creation. It is time for change."
Fredrik SjöstrandUnterzeichnet: 08:50, 03/08/2013
Mikael PerssonUnterzeichnet: 20:24, 02/08/2013
Karl JohanssonUnterzeichnet: 10:57, 02/08/2013
Niki ChalusiUnterzeichnet: 22:53, 27/07/2013
"It has to start somewhere "
Tomas MobergUnterzeichnet: 23:42, 24/07/2013
Ron MorinaUnterzeichnet: 01:05, 14/07/2013
"For a better world , Peace and Love to all Humanity"
Timothy JobeUnterzeichnet: 23:48, 13/07/2013
"For the love and service to the whole <3"
marie gullvertUnterzeichnet: 10:14, 01/07/2013

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