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Milena WołoszynUnterzeichnet: 23:24, 03/04/2020
Jacek WołoszynUnterzeichnet: 23:23, 03/04/2020
Joanna WołoszynUnterzeichnet: 23:21, 03/04/2020
Daniel Wiśniewski Unterzeichnet: 23:07, 03/04/2020
Martyna WołoszynUnterzeichnet: 23:03, 03/04/2020
Daniel MaksymowUnterzeichnet: 12:24, 27/03/2020
"Happy to join this community, I am big fan of Linux and Free Software believer."
Iwona SzumskaUnterzeichnet: 07:59, 25/12/2019
Krzysztof CzerniszewskiUnterzeichnet: 09:46, 26/09/2019
Aleksander KoszewskiUnterzeichnet: 17:51, 08/06/2019
"Climate change is the most serious problem right now. If nothing changes we, ourselves and our surroundings are doomed by 2050(estimated by scientists, might be just a propaganda date). Our culture, advancement, history and legacy will be shattered and lost. A minor bits of it will be recovered, yet misunderstood thousands of years later. Reminds You something? History teaches us that it repeats itself. And it also shows that big extinctions had place many times on earth. This time it will be the worst. Climate change is just a beginning, it will cause migrations, that will cause military conflicts. Our earth will be a dry, toxic wasteland, covered with bodies, plastic, blood, excrement and radiation. I don't know if what you propose is the solution but something must be done before it's too late."
Jan PyrczakUnterzeichnet: 22:30, 08/05/2019
Szymon ZachariaszUnterzeichnet: 11:26, 08/05/2019
Tomasz Dembowski Unterzeichnet: 18:52, 07/05/2019
Władysław LigęzaUnterzeichnet: 13:58, 20/02/2019

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