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Raees Ahmed ShaikhUnterzeichnet: 03:23, 16/10/2020
Raees Ahmed ShaikhUnterzeichnet: 03:20, 16/10/2020
"I 2nd & endorse 'the charter !"
Azam GilaniUnterzeichnet: 18:45, 31/03/2020
"We are born free and should live free, money has made this world hell or even worse. Look at birds, cats, dogs, fishes and other species they are all living a better life than us, they are enjoying the nature. They don't worry about food, it's us human beings with great mind who are stalling the food worrying about the future and also it's us the great human beings who are dying because of food. Each and every person on this earth has the same right on everything on earth. Spread the good and make the world a heaven to live."
jawad HaiderUnterzeichnet: 10:38, 23/06/2018
"Marvelous job cos thats what every human want, equality, love, respect, develop a system which will automatically take care of every step of everything. with the advancements of science now we r able foretold the future n can predict almost anything n time will come where we become conqueror of death n no death, misery or illness instead we predict for every person who needs what to excel in his passion n so on, as i said i m not the genius, but i m cos of merits doing its job truthfully. "
Umar FarooqUnterzeichnet: 18:04, 09/04/2018
Wahab HamidUnterzeichnet: 21:20, 04/12/2017
Rana MahmoodUnterzeichnet: 12:02, 05/08/2017
"Peace,Love and Light Rana"
Muhammad Abdullah KhalidUnterzeichnet: 07:57, 04/10/2015
Asim KalimUnterzeichnet: 17:15, 03/10/2015
"there are a few things that need a bit of attention too... especially something like if we are to become a type 2 global civilization, religion has to be obsolete. one other thing is social dilemmas, to overcome that we need a complete change in our adapted and inherited psychology as well as you mentioned an overhauled educational system."
Nabil ShaukatUnterzeichnet: 05:47, 17/09/2015
Faraz ShiwaniUnterzeichnet: 19:04, 14/05/2015
"I am 34 now, and wish to see this happening in my life."
salman humdullahUnterzeichnet: 18:53, 05/04/2015
"No way out. This is the only solution for the humanity to progress. We must rise as we have risen countless time in past to the challenge and once again lets change history. LET THERE BE NO MISERY AND MONEY."
Jamil AkhtarUnterzeichnet: 14:32, 22/02/2015
Salim AkhtarUnterzeichnet: 17:16, 09/02/2015
"Exploitation in any form of human beings, animals by people , corporations, multinationals must end. This world be a peaceful place with no wars. Manufacture of weapons/ ammunation in all forms must end."
Muhammad Bilal QadriUnterzeichnet: 05:26, 24/01/2015
Zohaib AsgharUnterzeichnet: 15:59, 14/08/2014
Khadeeja Motiwala Unterzeichnet: 15:28, 29/06/2014
Sumera AkhtarUnterzeichnet: 09:54, 13/05/2014
"Optimistic for a brighter future with lot of smiles"
Tariq MirUnterzeichnet: 16:58, 04/05/2014
Faisal NishatUnterzeichnet: 20:29, 12/10/2013
Mubashar BashirUnterzeichnet: 20:35, 09/08/2013
rohail waseemUnterzeichnet: 21:20, 30/07/2013
Shaffaq ChishtyUnterzeichnet: 22:51, 14/05/2013
irshad ul haqueUnterzeichnet: 17:49, 11/04/2013
Sami SyedUnterzeichnet: 05:50, 02/04/2013
"I loved this idea, want to do anything I can do to make it possible, seeking guidence to perform my part"
Zahid PervaizUnterzeichnet: 01:05, 25/02/2013
Waqqas QadirUnterzeichnet: 18:09, 30/01/2013
"There are quite a few questions, like if everything is free, who will work? or in order to maintain order, are we looking at some refined form of Communism?"
Ahmad AmmarUnterzeichnet: 09:31, 20/01/2013
"FOR FORMING AN IDEAL SOCIETY: People should build their own carbon-zero & self-sustainable houses using green technologies such as Hempcrete (bricks made out of Hemp plant) & solar-energy. Grow fruits & vegetables, and even share it with neighbours. Use homeopathy & naturally existing bio-chemicals present in herbs for staying healthy, like Cannaboids, etc. CREATE & SHARE TECHNOLOGIES WITH FELLOW BEINGS FOR FREE. Everyone should ponder over the natural phenomenons & use his/her knowledge for benefiting the mankind. Love humanity unconditionally. In such society, education ain't a business, but a passion of students & teachers. P.S. MONEY AIN'T REQUIRED TO RUN ANYTHING IN SUCH A SCIENCE ORIENTED SOCIETY WHERE TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS WILL BE BASED ON LOVE FOR HUMANITY, AS NATURE IS AN OPEN-SOURCE OF RESOURCES."
Shrjeel KhanUnterzeichnet: 12:13, 11/10/2012
Farooq NasirUnterzeichnet: 21:03, 02/10/2012
Sarah TalaatUnterzeichnet: 10:55, 26/07/2012
Faisal NaseerUnterzeichnet: 12:44, 21/07/2012
"Let's not just write and share but do something PRACTICAL to make it happen!!! I am in with all my efforts, but guide and share with me so i can take a step at a time, let me be the tool, the instrument, to make the world a better place, for all humans equally. If i am able to serve humanity i shall be most grateful to humanity! "
Shahzad yousafUnterzeichnet: 08:41, 21/06/2012
"I support this charter since my birth"
Umar KhanUnterzeichnet: 11:07, 20/06/2012
"I believe that all our actions should be based on a single consideration - impact on our future generations; and that alone should define our vision, goal and strategy in life as citizens of this world!! "
sobia aliUnterzeichnet: 10:52, 07/06/2012
"Hi,after thoroughly reading all the above mentioned points of principles i am 100 percent agree with The free world charter and wanted to become the part of this comunity life without mony how beautifull theme and concept i hope one day we will able to build a socity where no body hates other one poor all human being would b live equaly without any boundries that day life must b beautifull so best of luck for this journy ."
nauman abidUnterzeichnet: 19:41, 10/05/2012
Munawar Ali ShahidUnterzeichnet: 14:15, 08/05/2012
Shan MuhammadUnterzeichnet: 15:12, 10/02/2012
"Humans are responsible for Humanity and Harmony on the earth not the animals."
Z A SheriffUnterzeichnet: 07:47, 04/10/2011
"I dream a free world"
Umar DrazUnterzeichnet: 16:11, 11/07/2011
"I m firm believer of free world although enslaved by the system and taboo of intolerant Islamic society."
Rauf paras DayoUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"I endorse/support all the points of Free World Charter "
Ibrahim SalehMohammadUnterzeichnet: 19:58, 21/03/2011
"Agreed and Support the Charter"

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