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Lina JosifovskaUnterzeichnet: 22:20, 16/10/2016
damir ilievskiUnterzeichnet: 20:17, 02/09/2016
Aleksandra VelkovskaUnterzeichnet: 08:50, 28/01/2016
dijana mestiUnterzeichnet: 23:02, 01/04/2015
"hi i love this idea and i will ask if there is any way for me to help this to become real,if you need voloners i will love to help,thank you"
Voin SrezoskiUnterzeichnet: 10:21, 16/11/2014
nikola rusomanovUnterzeichnet: 05:21, 05/11/2014
Gordana Pirkovska ZmijanacUnterzeichnet: 21:45, 07/10/2014
Nikola StojkoskiUnterzeichnet: 09:25, 07/10/2014
Stefanija zUnterzeichnet: 09:18, 07/10/2014
Kujtim HajdariUnterzeichnet: 16:53, 27/08/2014
Eleonora GjorgjievskaUnterzeichnet: 16:01, 29/07/2014
"I love the idea, but somebody has a profit of not doing all those stuff you mentioned above and also today's humans are too greedy and if one day all the money is out of use they will kill each other to get more out of something so they can store it for rainy days. But this side can be successful with the generations to come only if their parents teach them"
Petar BoshevskiUnterzeichnet: 14:58, 17/06/2014
"I have been thinking for years about this idea, but didn't do anything more ... Thank you for making this important step further in direction of the promotion and (i believe) the realisation of this wonderful idea!"
aneta naumovaUnterzeichnet: 21:57, 04/04/2014
spase risteskiUnterzeichnet: 12:40, 16/01/2014
Vlatko TokarevUnterzeichnet: 00:14, 11/01/2014
Vladimir BadarovskiUnterzeichnet: 15:05, 07/12/2013
Josip KrstikUnterzeichnet: 15:35, 14/11/2013
Sote PetreskiUnterzeichnet: 00:34, 14/11/2013
alifuat bajramiUnterzeichnet: 21:44, 17/05/2013
igor SivevskiUnterzeichnet: 11:04, 27/03/2013
Tanja NestoroskaUnterzeichnet: 22:14, 10/01/2013
blaze popovUnterzeichnet: 03:01, 09/01/2013
Mario ManevskiUnterzeichnet: 15:26, 15/07/2012
Slobodan SodicUnterzeichnet: 11:33, 11/07/2012
Marina DojcinoskiUnterzeichnet: 10:48, 28/06/2012
"Svako ko voli sebe , treba da zivi u sadasnjosti, i da trazi i uradi nesto dobro u svakom trenutku, i razmislja o blistavoj, svetloj i sigurnoj buducnost! Sve zive duse su jedno voljeno bice univerzuma,pa samim tim i zasluzuju da slobodno zive! Pozdravljam i podrzavam od srca vas trud i napor za dobro svih nas!"
Dragan MihajlovikUnterzeichnet: 08:42, 27/06/2012
isuf elmaziUnterzeichnet: 00:28, 26/06/2012
Martinka ChilimanovaUnterzeichnet: 19:30, 02/06/2012
ljubco davitkovskiUnterzeichnet: 22:03, 01/06/2012
Ilija PrentovskiUnterzeichnet: 12:29, 12/05/2012
Vojko ArsovskiUnterzeichnet: 20:39, 14/04/2012
Milivoja DodevskiUnterzeichnet: 20:28, 14/04/2012
ivo petUnterzeichnet: 19:19, 14/04/2012
Branko StefanovskiUnterzeichnet: 19:18, 14/04/2012
"Congratulations on this bright idea. Let's all move in this direction."
Stole VasilevUnterzeichnet: 18:10, 10/04/2012
Ognen DimovskiUnterzeichnet: 18:07, 10/04/2012
"I sign this for I want to live in a better place, and if freedom needs a revolution to be reached, I'M THE BIGGEST REBEL!"
Lazar JovanovUnterzeichnet: 18:06, 10/04/2012
"If principle no 4 is:"Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth." then why the name of my country is not as known in my country, Macedonia???"
Stevco DimovskiUnterzeichnet: 18:03, 10/04/2012
Viktorija TeofilovskaUnterzeichnet: 13:15, 10/04/2012
LJubomir VinokićUnterzeichnet: 21:57, 09/04/2012
"Moje su želje,opredeljenja i razmišljanja upravo usmerena u pravcu načela povelje. Povelju slobodnog svijeta podržavam punim srcem i sviješću."
Davor MitevskiUnterzeichnet: 16:42, 07/03/2012
"it is not the former Yugoslav you racist, FREE WORLD !"
Davor MitevskiUnterzeichnet: 16:40, 07/03/2012
"it is not the former Yugoslav you racist, FREE WORLD !"
Davor MitevskiUnterzeichnet: 16:40, 07/03/2012
"it is not the former Yugoslav you racist, FREE WORLD !"
svetla todosovaUnterzeichnet: 04:41, 05/03/2012
dragana denkovskaUnterzeichnet: 11:01, 02/03/2012
Jovica VeljanovskiUnterzeichnet: 01:22, 25/02/2012
Radmila PeshevaUnterzeichnet: 13:06, 15/01/2012
Tereza BabamovaUnterzeichnet: 13:02, 15/01/2012
"@ 7&9 How about creating a software that makes decisions on how much one needs, or if one is unable to contribute? I was born in a communist, independent society, and these are the exact principles I was brogt up with. And, believe me, 7&9 were the only reasons this whole concept did not work out!"
Kristina Peseva-DinovskaUnterzeichnet: 12:34, 15/01/2012
Martin SisevskiUnterzeichnet: 12:32, 06/01/2012

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