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med bendiUnterzeichnet: 14:38, 03/03/2019
"I always had this idea, My god knowing that you exist make a warmth in my heart. I would love to help in everything I can. I do speak French, Arabic traditional and most of Darija dielectrics. I do speak also Turkish and German but you can consider it under B1 Level. I can help with my knowledge if these languages. I can also help in visuals, I do 2 animation, and 3D. If you need modifications in photos with Photoshop, I can help as well. I Do writing as a hobby. I was in turkey, I visited also china, and now I live currently in Morocco. if anybody of you are visiting Morocco, you are so welcome. I am trying to study architecture, for now I can't afford it but anyway. I really think I can help you in this beautiful project, I have so many ideas to share. Love you all! PEACE."
ABDELKHALK AIT EL HAJUnterzeichnet: 09:53, 25/12/2017
"الحياة للجميع"
amal el bekri Unterzeichnet: 07:46, 16/06/2016
Asma AOUARIUnterzeichnet: 01:32, 12/01/2016
"Am allowing myselt to sign the Charter and make all together this world free so as all human beings can live peacefully and equal "
Mohaméd RédaUnterzeichnet: 23:02, 11/01/2016
"Very impressive !!"
azza khalidUnterzeichnet: 16:08, 11/01/2016
nizar dionizosUnterzeichnet: 15:39, 11/01/2016
"all people would had a naturall life , without fucking money ; who had kill every one , and he still . I think in my opinion, all human need to understand; that the world will be more than awesome without money . "
Sel MaUnterzeichnet: 00:10, 20/11/2015
"Give peace a chance"
widad mahmoudiUnterzeichnet: 05:07, 18/09/2015
"what is the motivations?"
mounaim el yamaniUnterzeichnet: 19:55, 03/06/2015
naoufal elalaouiUnterzeichnet: 08:27, 02/06/2015
Amine BoubrickUnterzeichnet: 10:29, 04/03/2015
hamza el ouarethUnterzeichnet: 12:39, 02/03/2015
رحيوي حسن Unterzeichnet: 09:02, 19/12/2014
"نحن جزء لا يتجزء من الطبيعة والإخلال بمنظومتها هو إخلال بمبدأ الحق في الحياة ..."
Ayoub AmkhaouUnterzeichnet: 22:20, 16/11/2014
ANAS AMIRUnterzeichnet: 14:11, 16/11/2014
abdellah lahrouniUnterzeichnet: 15:44, 29/10/2014
"no comment all is right"
ELIAS TERRASSUnterzeichnet: 23:26, 26/09/2014
belabbas abdelaliUnterzeichnet: 06:43, 07/09/2014
Abdelilah TAQIUnterzeichnet: 15:38, 17/08/2014
Leyla ElaUnterzeichnet: 19:28, 03/08/2014
Aissam HabchaneUnterzeichnet: 22:27, 23/07/2014
"Hi, i love what you do and i like to be in "
Sam LangmanUnterzeichnet: 04:10, 15/07/2014
jalal kartachiUnterzeichnet: 19:30, 23/06/2014
kartachi jalalUnterzeichnet: 19:24, 23/06/2014
"c'est beau comme principe mais il faut commencé les 1er pas pour le realiser"
زراد ادريسUnterzeichnet: 14:01, 19/06/2014
"انا اوافق على كل المقترحات و شكرا لمجهودكم "
maroc freeUnterzeichnet: 20:41, 18/06/2014
"المجانية هي السبيل الوحيد لانقاد البشرية من الدمار والهلاك"
Ibrahim Al KattanUnterzeichnet: 19:23, 18/06/2014
محمد نوفلUnterzeichnet: 16:13, 18/06/2014
habbachi abdessamadUnterzeichnet: 16:02, 18/06/2014
"One world one country one future "
محمد ياسين الحيليUnterzeichnet: 15:40, 18/06/2014
Hassnae BenlamlihUnterzeichnet: 19:17, 17/06/2014
soufinae sakkamUnterzeichnet: 23:08, 16/06/2014
younes el hamdiUnterzeichnet: 23:27, 03/05/2014
mohamed abdellaouiUnterzeichnet: 12:44, 03/05/2014
Oussama LamineUnterzeichnet: 01:04, 03/05/2014
"we can change this rules .. Our Dream , Our Struggle , Our World peace and love"
tarek benbabaUnterzeichnet: 21:52, 02/05/2014
Leonardo ArabyUnterzeichnet: 12:17, 02/05/2014
"I hope that after few generations, my grandchildren will thanks this choice. Or will be angry , that I was stupid booby!."
Amine EchiguerUnterzeichnet: 17:16, 07/02/2014
Mahmoud GouizaUnterzeichnet: 04:14, 08/01/2014
aziz uariachiUnterzeichnet: 22:23, 01/10/2013
marzok benaliUnterzeichnet: 21:43, 01/10/2013
"مبادئ سامية ونبيلة كفيلة بتحقيق ما نصبو إليه في هذه الحياة لو تم الإلتزام بمضامينها من طرف الجميع."
soufian toumi amineUnterzeichnet: 20:08, 01/10/2013
أمال كريم Unterzeichnet: 18:31, 01/10/2013
AYOUB CHARBAOUIUnterzeichnet: 18:05, 01/10/2013
إيمان ملوكUnterzeichnet: 18:03, 01/10/2013
sulaiman nouinaUnterzeichnet: 14:44, 28/09/2013
mekrami abderrahimUnterzeichnet: 14:03, 20/09/2013
"let's try , and I hope there is no marketing behind this , I trust the venus project , at least Fresco has more tahn 60 years of experience and philosophy"
Ghita KamalUnterzeichnet: 12:41, 08/06/2013
Meryem AmmarUnterzeichnet: 10:31, 08/06/2013

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