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Manav KhattriUnterzeichnet: 07:45, 18/10/2011
Sharath SatheeshUnterzeichnet: 18:16, 14/10/2011
rahul dahiyaUnterzeichnet: 18:37, 12/10/2011
Udit SehgalUnterzeichnet: 22:46, 09/10/2011
Anshul KUnterzeichnet: 08:25, 04/10/2011
"people work for something, to which someone has given value out of nothing while they sould be doing what they love, they are trying to love what they do... we are not civilized yet. as long as we have armies, navies, prison, police, we are not civilized. as long as we use money, the bottomline will be money. then, those who control money will rule."
feroz khanUnterzeichnet: 08:11, 04/10/2011
shivang patelUnterzeichnet: 21:23, 03/10/2011
pratyush paruchuriUnterzeichnet: 15:47, 03/10/2011
"very true....there should be no difference..after all, all of us part of evolution "
Chaitanya TapaseUnterzeichnet: 12:15, 02/10/2011
Neelesh MarikUnterzeichnet: 10:59, 01/10/2011
"Student and Change Consultant"
Pulkit GeraUnterzeichnet: 13:32, 18/09/2011
Payal LalUnterzeichnet: 19:09, 09/09/2011
"If these principles are followed through, not only will it lead to a more equal but also a happier and a stress free world! I keep my hopes up!"
Deepak SethiUnterzeichnet: 06:29, 09/09/2011
"Thank you . Very Enlightening . "
Amit GharatUnterzeichnet: 18:48, 01/09/2011
Maheep GuptaUnterzeichnet: 15:24, 01/09/2011
Hufreesh DumasiaUnterzeichnet: 10:53, 31/08/2011
"This world is growing one without borders. We belong not just to our countries...but are the citizen of the world. One love, one world!"
sakthi ganeshUnterzeichnet: 16:47, 30/08/2011
Tamer SalamehUnterzeichnet: 09:17, 28/08/2011
shobitha kedlayaUnterzeichnet: 08:22, 27/08/2011
rinki banerjiUnterzeichnet: 12:17, 26/08/2011
Siddharth KumarUnterzeichnet: 10:00, 25/08/2011
Ram Mahesh KodialbailUnterzeichnet: 23:23, 24/08/2011
Madhav PrasadUnterzeichnet: 06:05, 23/08/2011
"At last we are opening our eyes! lets it will happen as early and as successful as it can be. Peace! "
Kulla OkramUnterzeichnet: 21:12, 14/07/2011
Abhijit JiwaUnterzeichnet: 13:45, 13/07/2011
"My ideas too. I have been talking about this , about how to have communties of a hundred or five hundred each, and make it an open free community. Each community sustains itself. Links could be established to other communities. Hope it takes off soon. The world in its current situation is an ugly place, and getting more uglier. Regards Abhie"
Atul MauryaUnterzeichnet: 19:46, 10/07/2011
Gohulraj KUnterzeichnet: 13:05, 02/07/2011
benraj sdUnterzeichnet: 22:52, 01/07/2011
"be a butterfly live freely and enjoy the global beauty without harm anything"
Alex SurenderUnterzeichnet: 18:00, 21/06/2011
Radheshwari Singh Unterzeichnet: 13:27, 26/05/2011
"This is so TRUE and absolutely wonderful!! We have been dreaming of this so many years!! It reminds me of the original concept of the '60's " Flower Power!" etc... But this sounds even better, if we get organized and focused by LOVE! Thank-you, PEACE~ LOVE~JOY~ LIGHT!~ Om!"
Fayez FazalUnterzeichnet: 16:06, 24/05/2011
Mithun DuttaUnterzeichnet: 13:40, 24/05/2011
"I am totally in support of Free world.. and mechanism other than what Adam Smith has defined..."
Rakesh SUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Ashish badalUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
bryan plymaleUnterzeichnet: 22:14, 16/05/2011
"for the common good of all"
Ashish MathurUnterzeichnet: 19:22, 15/05/2011
"Very Refreshing, but almost impossible to acheive as it challanges what we call"HUMAN EVOLUTION"
MANU KAUSHIKUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Arun HollaUnterzeichnet: 06:02, 05/05/2011
robin infant raj devadossUnterzeichnet: 09:23, 02/05/2011
Sonam LamaUnterzeichnet: 21:11, 30/04/2011
"I think that a unrecoverable damage has already done to natural evolution of the human beings and the way it was supposed to live on earth"
Abhinav GuptaUnterzeichnet: 15:58, 30/04/2011
prabhu duraiswamyUnterzeichnet: 12:26, 30/04/2011
"Let's make it FREE"
Arun Kumar Shunmuga SundaramUnterzeichnet: 11:47, 30/04/2011
"This may never come up in the history of mankind. Atleast not in the near generation. Money which was an tool of credit corrupted the society and the human soul to its core. Fear of not having enough is the driving force on earth. Its never enough and always want more and more. Everything is defined on the level of this paper credit. Hope one day mankind moves out of this wrath"
anjo johnUnterzeichnet: 10:17, 30/04/2011
Amit PanchalUnterzeichnet: 08:08, 30/04/2011
Prabha karanUnterzeichnet: 07:36, 30/04/2011
Shrey ChoudharyUnterzeichnet: 07:18, 30/04/2011
Dinesh SUnterzeichnet: 05:14, 30/04/2011
Pranav VaniawalaUnterzeichnet: 22:16, 29/04/2011
"on the moral grounds I would completely support the idea; having said that I would like to mention that the concept faces the challenge of sustainability. If everyone would be able to get everything for free; Who would want to work to produce the things ? I wonder how we would be able to impart the motivation in individuals to take up the task of manufacturing / maintenance of things / production and support of Information Services and infrastructure ... For sure there would be dedicated persons working in their field; who wouldn't need monitory motivations. but as a whole, I see a lot of persons contributing to the society just because they have to feed themselves/kids. given a chance to lay back without any worries there is quite a chance that one would simply turn into a consumer of goods without giving any contribution back. Competitiveness definitely brings in better/faster outcomes. Rather then creating alternative system it might be beneficial to cure the ills of current society"
shreela manoharUnterzeichnet: 22:01, 29/04/2011
"is there anything or anyone that doesn't deserve this"

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