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Prince K MathewUnterzeichnet: 17:08, 01/09/2013
Rohan Khanna Unterzeichnet: 15:19, 31/08/2013
Maqbool Fida HussainUnterzeichnet: 08:53, 22/08/2013
Johan AlvaUnterzeichnet: 21:58, 04/08/2013
"I like the concept. We are 6 billion, though. Do all of us want this? How will details be settled? Etc etc. "
Loveena D'silvaUnterzeichnet: 20:44, 02/08/2013
"A good start! I may not see this in my life time, but my children and their children will. Brings hope."
moiz kachwalaUnterzeichnet: 13:21, 02/08/2013
Irshaad ShaikUnterzeichnet: 10:47, 02/08/2013
anshuman gogoiUnterzeichnet: 03:14, 02/08/2013
Jaydev SrinikethUnterzeichnet: 01:04, 21/07/2013
"My support for this charter is forever and also with the 10 basic principles which are the most important things than money and this charter has brought some hopes in life for it to continue on this planet and these 10 basic principles are just so simple to understand otherwise people who understand these 10 basic principles can try to make it understand for those who don't. And these 10 basic principles are all what it takes for a human to live a happy life on this planet."
ravi choudharyUnterzeichnet: 15:10, 11/07/2013
"Let it happen asap."
ramprasad kodialbailUnterzeichnet: 08:40, 11/07/2013
"The Principles are very fundamental for our survival as a race. However the speed at which we are hurtling towards the precipice it seems a monumental task to slow ourselves down enough to survive. Well worth a try though."
Naveen AUnterzeichnet: 18:46, 09/07/2013
"A great thought and initiative."
Venkatesh VilapakamUnterzeichnet: 17:45, 09/07/2013
Rahul DesaiUnterzeichnet: 19:44, 08/07/2013
"Lets change.......for the Better."
Dhruva ChowdhuryUnterzeichnet: 13:28, 06/07/2013
"I am not too sure about the economic angle. More study is required."
Shiva VangaraUnterzeichnet: 09:12, 27/06/2013
"A place with out Money is the inevitable future of the spiritual communities. "
Dinesh RUnterzeichnet: 18:49, 26/06/2013
Niran ChinnappaUnterzeichnet: 21:29, 23/06/2013
"Babies were the thoughts and many more I had since childhood and now I have got the opportunity to wrk under one of the largest MNC company to work on two domains, they are FREE EDUCATION AND FREE HEALTHCARE as of now. 3 cheers !!!"
Dhiraj MandalUnterzeichnet: 05:21, 14/06/2013
"One World=Free World. Bread down the boundaries, let everyone roam free, explore the beauty of life as its meant to be."
Sadique AnamUnterzeichnet: 13:57, 13/06/2013
"I am glad and really proud to be a part of this evolutionary group. Our society desperately needs renovation!!"
Aadhar GuptaUnterzeichnet: 02:52, 08/06/2013
Neela GuptaUnterzeichnet: 12:43, 07/06/2013
"Thank you for thinking of free and fair society and making such clear principles. I am sure this must a dream come true for all sensible, sensitive and passionate people. "
Tyrone MasseyUnterzeichnet: 18:47, 06/06/2013
Shruti RajUnterzeichnet: 17:54, 06/06/2013
"We are the future. We can no longer hold anyone else responsible for our present world and our future (and that of our children). We have to be the change. Be kind to each other, for we are all one..help each other...meditate with nature. I live and work in Dubai with an airline as a flight attendent. After satisfying my desire to see the world, I'm ready to leave and study Psychology in London. If there is anyway I can help in making things better for anyone, group meditations, volunteer work...please don't hesitate to contact me! Thank you."
Amit Amit DahiyaUnterzeichnet: 14:03, 06/06/2013
"In the loving service of the One & All For the Greater good of All"
Shri Harsha CUnterzeichnet: 04:00, 30/05/2013
VISHNU SWARUPUnterzeichnet: 14:00, 21/05/2013
Sunitha NaikUnterzeichnet: 07:49, 21/05/2013
Karthikeyan A KUnterzeichnet: 09:26, 20/05/2013
"Hope you guys succeed"
Dipanshu MitraUnterzeichnet: 06:51, 18/05/2013
Roshan BaharUnterzeichnet: 06:47, 16/05/2013
Behram SidhwaUnterzeichnet: 08:50, 15/05/2013
nikhil francisUnterzeichnet: 04:45, 15/05/2013
Kartik PillaiUnterzeichnet: 01:41, 15/05/2013
"Ive been saying these things for years hopefully all this comes to fruition."
abhishek sharmaUnterzeichnet: 23:40, 14/05/2013
Ramesh chUnterzeichnet: 11:45, 10/05/2013
Ayush GuptaUnterzeichnet: 09:04, 08/05/2013
"But how do you do it.. What do you do and how can I contribute?"
Praveen AnkalaUnterzeichnet: 10:28, 28/04/2013
"Every morning my day starts with a thought "why the hell we are living this way. Being slaves of a useless colourful paper called Money." I will do anything for a society as mentioned on this website, I don't mind sacrificing my life to build such a society. I strongly believe no one on earth deserves to live this way. Yours loving Fellow human."
john phuchoUnterzeichnet: 08:26, 10/04/2013
"Live and let live."
Amit SharmaUnterzeichnet: 22:33, 27/03/2013
"My dream is to live to that day where i will see the human consciousness acting according to what is logical, rational and humane in order to give us the chance to reach our highest potential. The difference between the Possible and the Impossible lies in a person's DETERMINATION....!!"
Farzad EftekharUnterzeichnet: 18:05, 27/03/2013
Mariyan Leon StephenUnterzeichnet: 10:45, 27/03/2013
Rameshkumar PenmetsaUnterzeichnet: 15:57, 25/03/2013
"Remove the Debt Monetary System."
Kartik Tanna Unterzeichnet: 20:37, 23/03/2013
MaanSinhji RanaUnterzeichnet: 18:15, 23/03/2013
"Hope this comes to effect! :) "
jaiveer singh sidhuUnterzeichnet: 08:26, 21/03/2013
"soverignity and private ownership is a right"
Sujit PhatakUnterzeichnet: 22:27, 11/03/2013
"Keep up the good work! With you and all the brothers and sisters in solidarity for the last human revolution. Love and peace. - Sujit"
Pravesh TamangUnterzeichnet: 07:07, 09/03/2013
Prabhakar KrishnamurthyUnterzeichnet: 13:44, 24/02/2013
"I wish everyone in the world adheres to this pledge and make this world a better place to live. "
naveen rsUnterzeichnet: 01:33, 24/02/2013
"tis wt the change i need fr .. "

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