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Stjepan BartaUnterzeichnet: 09:16, 14/11/2013
Milka MajdandzicUnterzeichnet: 19:28, 09/11/2013
Rashid Awad-ElkarimUnterzeichnet: 20:12, 14/10/2013
"Nadam se da će ovaj koncept zaživjeti što prije, jer ovako se više ne može dalje. Ovaj i slični koncepti samoodrživosti i samodostatnosti su jedini načini da opstanemo kao vrsta. Pokrenimo se SADA, jer sutra već može biti kasno! Svijet možemo promijeniti samo ako djelujemo zajedno. Sretno nam svima!"
Barbara GovorcinUnterzeichnet: 09:41, 09/10/2013
"Especially this i repeat all the time earth resources are rights for every being to share freely and we need to bring back direct contact with nature and common sense!!! 3.Earth's natural resources are the birthright of all its inhabitants, and free to share in the combined common good. 4.Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth. 5.Our community is founded on the spirit of cooperation and an understanding of nature, provided through basic education."
Stipe VickovićUnterzeichnet: 18:16, 05/10/2013
"Nadam se da ce jednog dana znanost sluziti čovjeku kako bi olaksala i unaprijedila njegov zivot. Isto tako se nadam ce novac napokon izavici iz uporabe, da ce mu isteci rok trajanja. Novac je zlo! "
Vlatka DrobinaUnterzeichnet: 11:27, 28/09/2013
Visnja ZeljeznjakUnterzeichnet: 17:25, 27/09/2013
Igor MohorićUnterzeichnet: 09:19, 26/09/2013
Ivan ArezinUnterzeichnet: 22:10, 25/09/2013
"keep up the good work , ppl are begining to understand."
Mladen PetkovićUnterzeichnet: 12:08, 23/09/2013
Mario LedencanUnterzeichnet: 19:07, 14/09/2013
Maria TadicUnterzeichnet: 17:23, 28/08/2013
Vanja GačićUnterzeichnet: 11:33, 21/08/2013
Blaženko KarešinUnterzeichnet: 02:33, 13/08/2013
Zeljana MaricUnterzeichnet: 12:04, 18/07/2013
Dean AntonicUnterzeichnet: 14:58, 09/06/2013
Leona MatjačićUnterzeichnet: 20:37, 06/06/2013
Tanja ŠtajduharUnterzeichnet: 19:56, 06/06/2013
David PranjicUnterzeichnet: 18:15, 06/06/2013
Ivan PunčecUnterzeichnet: 14:35, 06/06/2013
Milena BeniniUnterzeichnet: 16:25, 16/05/2013
Daniel CvjetićaninUnterzeichnet: 11:49, 16/05/2013
"This is a great idea and I myself been thinking a lot past few years about it and gotta say , you gonna have problems. This technology will still have to be maintained and there are still jobs like education and health systems and many more that will still require human touch. If I have everything I want and dont need to work , why the hell would I want to work , maybe boredom , for a while , so people that work , after some time will get pissed at the people that dont work and clam that they deserve more than the others.You got to realize that we humans are a race with lots and lots of complexes of self value which is the reason we have money in the first place. You will have to have some kind of a system at least transitional because people are afraid of changes. To get from where we are now , to where you suggest we are going to have many years of hard work , change , and behavior modification.Idea is great , now I want to see have to make it happen. Best regards Daniel "
Ivan OreškovićUnterzeichnet: 11:09, 16/05/2013
Milivoi KrkovicUnterzeichnet: 20:59, 15/05/2013
Marko BrekaloUnterzeichnet: 18:46, 15/05/2013
Marko AntolićUnterzeichnet: 11:04, 15/05/2013
IVA KLEPECUnterzeichnet: 22:31, 14/05/2013
"to live a life :))"
Pavao ReljićUnterzeichnet: 22:22, 14/05/2013
Petar PosavecUnterzeichnet: 18:45, 02/05/2013
"This video is an excellent 'in a nutshell' introduction to Resource Based Economy and The Venus Project. AIMS are the same. But we definitely need to expose the global population first to these ideas, as well to relevant general education, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and introduce a transitional system of about 10 years (technologically however, it would be possible to change the planet into this world in less than 10 years). Lets learn from our past mistakes and make this happen. "
Vlado GasperovUnterzeichnet: 20:52, 27/04/2013
"Čuo sam za ovu povelju, potpisujem je drage volje, iako moram reći, da je čovječanstvo vrlo daleko od toga da shvati povelju, usvoji je i pridržava je se. "
Diana BečeheliUnterzeichnet: 15:13, 27/04/2013
davorka barišićUnterzeichnet: 14:41, 25/04/2013
saša bačaniUnterzeichnet: 21:05, 12/04/2013
"nadam se da če to postati i moje sutra"
Nino WesleyUnterzeichnet: 12:15, 04/04/2013
Milivoi KrkovicUnterzeichnet: 09:46, 29/03/2013
Patrik FrljićUnterzeichnet: 15:00, 28/03/2013
Mirko MaricUnterzeichnet: 17:10, 27/03/2013
"For the better world,all together...."
Sven ŠkarićUnterzeichnet: 15:21, 27/03/2013
Tin MiladinovićUnterzeichnet: 14:02, 27/03/2013
"It's sad that only the existence of a large mass of idiots that would run amock if let to their own devices...but that kind of behaviour has a tendency to drop as it's futility gives in way to wanting to contribute. :-) There might still be hope :-)"
Andrej ŽuškinUnterzeichnet: 12:39, 27/03/2013
Dubravka KontakUnterzeichnet: 07:25, 27/03/2013
Dorotea ŠvrakaUnterzeichnet: 22:20, 26/03/2013
Klaudio KolarUnterzeichnet: 14:34, 25/03/2013
Velibor GrdicUnterzeichnet: 11:39, 24/03/2013
Goran BabicUnterzeichnet: 18:50, 23/03/2013
Lucija StojkovićUnterzeichnet: 18:08, 23/03/2013
Ivan LugomerUnterzeichnet: 17:50, 23/03/2013
Dario ŠimatićUnterzeichnet: 15:46, 23/03/2013
Eugen GujićUnterzeichnet: 15:29, 23/03/2013
Ferhad TucoUnterzeichnet: 14:56, 23/03/2013

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