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Daniel CvjetićaninUnterzeichnet: 11:49, 16/05/2013
"This is a great idea and I myself been thinking a lot past few years about it and gotta say , you gonna have problems. This technology will still have to be maintained and there are still jobs like education and health systems and many more that will still require human touch. If I have everything I want and dont need to work , why the hell would I want to work , maybe boredom , for a while , so people that work , after some time will get pissed at the people that dont work and clam that they deserve more than the others.You got to realize that we humans are a race with lots and lots of complexes of self value which is the reason we have money in the first place. You will have to have some kind of a system at least transitional because people are afraid of changes. To get from where we are now , to where you suggest we are going to have many years of hard work , change , and behavior modification.Idea is great , now I want to see have to make it happen. Best regards Daniel "

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