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"Absolutely ..thank you gratefull for the change happening God Creator Source is the Almighty Glory and Praise to Him ..He Is the All Eye AM ..the BE-AM of Light Eye Shine..and all of us do in Unity Oneness in Trust to Lord God and Faith and Believe...we Protect Mother Gaia Earth and share sustainable living as 2nd nature...where ever we tread the earth. Unconditional Love to All of Humanity and All Entities EYE AM Lunessa of the Light. XXX " - Christel Minette3 days ago
"release technologies suppressed from us like free energy, replicators, and anti gravity" - Gary Ibranyi3 days ago
"Alles wäre so einfach" - Tanja Winter3 days ago
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Juuso MäättäUnterzeichnet: 10:02, 12/05/2019
Anja UkontuliUnterzeichnet: 08:03, 11/12/2018
"" I believe in RBE and my dream is to live self-sufficently in lovely ecovillage that respects nature and corrects the mistakes Human Beings have done to this planet in the name of Greed.""
Jani LampinenUnterzeichnet: 19:14, 19/04/2018
"Kysyvä ei tieltä eksy."
Teemu HeikkiläUnterzeichnet: 19:41, 15/01/2018
Tapio KuosmaUnterzeichnet: 20:54, 08/01/2018
Jannica JoelssonUnterzeichnet: 11:55, 12/12/2017
Miika HelolaUnterzeichnet: 20:32, 01/11/2017
Abdulqadir MohamedUnterzeichnet: 18:53, 04/10/2017
"I agree with all of the above mentioned."
zeit geistUnterzeichnet: 14:35, 24/09/2017
Sampo KoskinenUnterzeichnet: 23:59, 24/08/2017
"What you pay attention to, you become conscious of."
Erkka KulmalaUnterzeichnet: 12:47, 09/08/2017
Vilma PylkköUnterzeichnet: 13:31, 06/08/2017
Riitta VeijalainenUnterzeichnet: 12:38, 27/02/2017
"Sharing is caring..."
Flora EdlundUnterzeichnet: 10:37, 16/02/2017
Hillevi HolmbergUnterzeichnet: 09:36, 16/02/2017
"Var och en levande varelse har rätt att leva och finnas till på vår gemensamma jord. Ingen ska betala och ingen ska ta betalt. Ingen ska heller ha makt över en annan."
Marko PetäysUnterzeichnet: 07:08, 13/02/2017
P TUnterzeichnet: 03:35, 01/02/2017
Annariikka KyllönenUnterzeichnet: 13:20, 27/12/2016
Tuula SaarelaUnterzeichnet: 17:54, 10/11/2016
Timo NikkiläUnterzeichnet: 19:37, 04/09/2016
Eliel HeikkinenUnterzeichnet: 14:58, 28/08/2016
Tommy HolmströmUnterzeichnet: 16:24, 06/08/2016
Jeni FiykovaUnterzeichnet: 19:35, 21/07/2016
janne sinkkonenUnterzeichnet: 19:52, 12/07/2016
David SmithUnterzeichnet: 21:14, 09/07/2016
Joni MäkeläUnterzeichnet: 23:50, 04/06/2016
"Sadly, the current world is so corrupt and evil, that it's required to use excessive force in order to make the world better. By this I mean, rawly, killing or imprisoning off the cause of the current world order. Country presidents/dictators, warlords, politicians... But at least I would be down with that, since the ratio would be 1 dead and 1000000 saved, honestly... "
Janne VirtanenUnterzeichnet: 21:23, 17/05/2016
Hannu KoistinenUnterzeichnet: 23:15, 03/05/2016
"Something to consider, act and follow."
Gunta PaavolaUnterzeichnet: 14:39, 03/05/2016
Sami MattilaUnterzeichnet: 13:33, 03/05/2016
Aki SaariahoUnterzeichnet: 20:56, 02/05/2016
"No less is my right and responsibility."
Johanna Rantanen Unterzeichnet: 13:03, 28/02/2016
Vincent LolaxUnterzeichnet: 10:12, 25/02/2016
Paula LehtiläUnterzeichnet: 12:22, 12/02/2016
Abraham SutelaUnterzeichnet: 21:34, 03/02/2016
Asko KarihtalaUnterzeichnet: 22:39, 03/01/2016
Roope PellinenUnterzeichnet: 01:13, 31/12/2015
Jere RäsänenUnterzeichnet: 17:54, 13/12/2015
Karri KulmalaUnterzeichnet: 11:51, 20/11/2015
Mikko KnuutilaUnterzeichnet: 19:19, 17/11/2015
Petri PesonenUnterzeichnet: 13:56, 08/10/2015
"You should work together with other such organizations like The Venus Project. Educate people and courage people to educate others with what they have learned. Make this idea main stream and the money masters will lose their power."
Tuomas PääkkönenUnterzeichnet: 13:08, 26/09/2015
Antti VäisänenUnterzeichnet: 22:03, 20/09/2015
tia SallinenUnterzeichnet: 14:59, 29/07/2015
Tony KunnariUnterzeichnet: 17:18, 28/07/2015
"The more we care the greater is the painting the stars emerge."
Marko KoskinenUnterzeichnet: 10:54, 28/07/2015
"Getting rid of money is one of the major next steps of humanity."
BROOKE WELCHUnterzeichnet: 03:17, 03/06/2015
Tanja PalonenUnterzeichnet: 15:29, 26/04/2015
Susanna PesiöUnterzeichnet: 15:08, 24/04/2015
Jani KasperUnterzeichnet: 09:01, 31/03/2015
"This can and will be achieved. "

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