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Michael GluszczakUnterzeichnet: 03:48, 06/04/2017
"Enthusiast of very advanced longevity, intentional communities, pro-vegan lifestyle, healthy outdoor activities, living surrounded by nature, alternative building natural vegetable cultivation, freedom from religion and cults, psychology, electronic automation, renewable energy. --------------------------------- I was born (1966) from Polish parents in Poland and lived with them in the big city Warsaw, our capital. In my late teenage years I started to be interested in esoterics, yoga, spiritual development, switched to vegetarian food. I attended meetings of many groups who were doing all kinds of meditations and followed different paths. Longer and very intensely I stopped and practiced rebirthng breathing. One of groups I was sympathizing with were meeting as kind of community from whom I have learned about value and benefits of community life. Later I was learning about communities in wide perspective and learned that we have it imprinted in our brains as very basic need. Since "

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