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Wojciech PawlikUnterzeichnet: 11:31, 19/04/2015
"I believe that nature gives us everything to survive, and we as human being, the most advanced and individual species on this planet, have the responsibility to care for this planet, those animals, plants and everything that makes us alive. Education should be free, every each of us should be allowed and supported if needed to fulfill our passions, dreams and we should all be able to speak up what is bothering us, because those words could be usefull for us and the planet. That is why education and the language(s) should be created in aim to teach us how to better express ourselves, our thoughts and reasons. It should be made to cooperate with each other and all that is around us, instead of how mostly it is nowdays- competing with one another. We must let us understand from the early stages of life, how important we are and what we do in this ecosystem of life. "

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