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calvin machitjePotpisani: 06:48, 18/02/2012
Virginia LouwPotpisani: 12:42, 15/02/2012
Darius de WittPotpisani: 12:31, 09/02/2012
Rehana LerouxPotpisani: 23:35, 02/02/2012
C.J. VenterPotpisani: 10:20, 25/01/2012
Lee-Ann LosperPotpisani: 15:23, 22/01/2012
musa mashininiPotpisani: 06:20, 20/01/2012
Leo de JagerPotpisani: 14:53, 16/01/2012
Jaysen NaidooPotpisani: 19:37, 10/01/2012
Mabusha MasekelaPotpisani: 22:26, 09/01/2012
Susanne Thomas Potpisani: 10:14, 09/01/2012
Letty FoxPotpisani: 20:32, 08/01/2012
"How inspiring and encouraging to have stumbled across your website. Without change we are most certainly headed for destruction. Our systems do not work. So happy to see advocates for change."
Leo JanssenPotpisani: 13:17, 02/01/2012
Beverly StevensPotpisani: 06:29, 30/12/2011
Bianca VermeulenPotpisani: 20:27, 30/11/2011
"We need to live in a world where greed is replaced by compassion. When we accomplish this, we will live in unity."
thabiso moloiPotpisani: 11:08, 30/11/2011
"I fully agree with this very relevant charter !!"
Gregg NutterPotpisani: 12:48, 24/11/2011
"The best plan to rid the world and its goverments of greed,power and all evil as a whole for good."
Jane Parker Potpisani: 12:43, 24/11/2011
"There is not much more to add to this - than to say let's do it. The only barrier to overcome is GREED. "
Candice StormPotpisani: 16:50, 13/11/2011
Jackie van WykPotpisani: 13:00, 06/11/2011
"100% for equality, but not the animal farm"
Johan WolmaransPotpisani: 14:38, 03/11/2011
Gary AudiePotpisani: 09:48, 03/11/2011
Bruce DuncanPotpisani: 13:48, 25/10/2011
lisa ODonnellPotpisani: 08:23, 22/10/2011
"Earth belongs to all earthlings "
Timothy MeierPotpisani: 19:40, 20/10/2011
Errol HendriksePotpisani: 08:07, 18/10/2011
"David Icke coined the phrase: "Love is the ONLY Truth - EVERYTHING ELSE is illusion!" And the primary force of Love is cohesion - or "bringing together/unification" whereas the dual opposite - being fear - can only divide/seperate. I hope that one day our daily Lives may become a testament and an ongoing reflection of this simple Truth. The above principles are such a testament."
adelle phyferPotpisani: 07:39, 18/10/2011
Reinhardt HusselmannPotpisani: 21:11, 14/10/2011
"Many projects like your's and say The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project, aim for similar ideals... I think a single organisation should be formed for people that subscribe to these believes for reasons such as creating solidarity, and showing our true numbers in our cause, etc."
Terence WyngaardPotpisani: 11:56, 10/10/2011
Luke SiriusPotpisani: 11:08, 10/10/2011
"Who will build the machines? How do we get everyone involved? What is the practical plan?"
John ScottPotpisani: 11:06, 10/10/2011
"How we will accomplish this change?. Who will make the machines in the beginning? Who will run them untill we build ones which can run themselves? Who will maintain those? There will always need to be a level of human control. Machines which are not controlled by humans to some degree may be too smart for our own good. Technicians, scientists, etc will need to volunteer their know-how & time. There should also be a mandatory period of service for everyone (ie a two day week for every person on the planet). We must find a practical way of implementing such a grand plan, in stages. A way which appeals to the logical & rational minds out there. Small stages, like one experimental eco-tech village in every city of the world. If we do not have this plan then few will believe that the vision can be realised & those who already have security in our current social/economic system will not be willing to give it up."
Byron MosesPotpisani: 06:28, 10/10/2011
Ashton MosesPotpisani: 19:48, 09/10/2011
Tshepang DonaldPotpisani: 19:13, 04/10/2011
"Let us do this, not just for you and me, but for everyone involved."
Donovan SacconePotpisani: 17:25, 03/10/2011
"This is the only way forward if we are to live freely. It's now time for humanity to unite, or else live forever as slaves to the wealthy minority."
Eugenie BanhegyiPotpisani: 10:51, 03/10/2011
miranda boltmanPotpisani: 08:20, 28/09/2011
Paul NaudePotpisani: 16:00, 26/09/2011
"Do what you love doing, for free, a paycheck is equal to debt.. You can't get credit without one!!"
Ronald ConcoPotpisani: 17:24, 07/09/2011
Carel BredenkampPotpisani: 20:26, 30/08/2011
NaNandi SimonePotpisani: 15:32, 28/08/2011
"A change needs to start with a first step and even if that first step is a long slow one it still needs to be the first step in order to become the next step"
Dan KolnikPotpisani: 12:33, 28/08/2011
Michael PlumsteadPotpisani: 12:01, 28/08/2011
Allan CameronPotpisani: 16:07, 27/08/2011
Dominic SebastianPotpisani: 12:58, 27/08/2011
"If you gave me any material item I desired, I'd still spend my day doing research tying to further medical science, as it is the discovery of new knowledge that I live for and not the acquisition of a new asset or item that allows me to be part of a trend. -Dominic Florczak; B.Pharm, Nanotech specialist"
Peter DaunceyPotpisani: 12:37, 27/08/2011
"Stand up and be counted"
Jacques Du ToitPotpisani: 12:18, 27/08/2011
Briony de KlerkPotpisani: 01:03, 27/08/2011
Tamsyn JohannisenPotpisani: 13:59, 26/08/2011
Samantha MartinPotpisani: 13:06, 26/08/2011

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