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Montrel HollisPotpisani: 22:23, 21/08/2021
Loretta ShortPotpisani: 17:59, 19/08/2021
Burnett GrantPotpisani: 16:57, 17/08/2021
Cane KostovskiPotpisani: 16:27, 16/08/2021
Chelsea PhillipsPotpisani: 02:31, 16/08/2021
"We have purpose because of "Earth". Our technology advancements are because of earth's natural resources. Without earth we are nothing. I believe going green should be mandated rather than an option.I do not stand with those that abuse the power of Earth. "
Morris PaulmanPotpisani: 05:56, 24/07/2021
"Also should include the guaranteeing of food & housing for all people, done in a way that minimizes the use of natural resources and human labor."
Branden BrownPotpisani: 13:17, 21/07/2021
ANDREA TRIPODIPotpisani: 16:19, 15/07/2021
"What can I do to participate first hand ?"
Kelly MillerPotpisani: 07:25, 15/07/2021
Judi IvyPotpisani: 15:27, 08/07/2021
Kat DanielPotpisani: 07:32, 08/07/2021
"Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. We can do this."
Monica HuculPotpisani: 04:23, 03/07/2021
Jeannette JPotpisani: 10:47, 27/06/2021
"Your charter is awesome — very much in alignment with my writing and teaching."
Levi SmitsPotpisani: 00:15, 22/06/2021
james timothyPotpisani: 17:04, 12/06/2021
David HessterPotpisani: 14:04, 12/06/2021
Colleen CapponiPotpisani: 11:50, 03/06/2021
Ruth HadadPotpisani: 10:02, 03/06/2021
Dan AtkinsonPotpisani: 09:47, 03/06/2021
"The only thing that's going to save humanity & the entire biosphere is some form of Resource Based Economy, with no money or markets. The current system MUST be replaced."
Davin SauerPotpisani: 09:51, 30/05/2021
Alice PenningtonPotpisani: 01:38, 20/05/2021
Josef Barlow-FarrarPotpisani: 11:28, 13/05/2021
Michael PiperPotpisani: 20:27, 02/05/2021
Thomas SimmonsPotpisani: 11:48, 30/04/2021
Béla TannerPotpisani: 14:01, 28/04/2021
Ruth HadadPotpisani: 19:32, 27/04/2021
Raymond BaranakPotpisani: 13:21, 27/04/2021
Robert Meredith Potpisani: 09:01, 20/04/2021
Ruth DruleyPotpisani: 10:58, 11/04/2021
Amanda NyakwadaPotpisani: 10:49, 06/04/2021
Demian LeggPotpisani: 15:03, 01/04/2021
"Not sure cryptocurrency is sustainable."
Alder MoonOakPotpisani: 10:33, 24/03/2021
Stephen WesnerPotpisani: 11:02, 21/03/2021
"Jobs will obviously be in programming, automation, technology and science. But lets not forget the human jobs which we sorely need to increase in this time of anguish: Teachers, Caregivers, Coaches, and Therapists can be incredibly abundant in our world. It is not difficult to imagine a world in which continuous improvement is systemized. With the addition of automation and subtraction of unecessary jobs, we can cooperate to grow a world dedicated to solving problems and be more well rested in doing so. I am waiting for this revolution. "
John JenkinsPotpisani: 16:35, 16/03/2021
Christopher RoyerPotpisani: 19:51, 15/03/2021
Leslie CookPotpisani: 11:02, 15/03/2021
Kate FairleighPotpisani: 02:34, 13/03/2021
David ChaconPotpisani: 18:24, 08/03/2021
Laura BeldinPotpisani: 14:20, 27/02/2021
"I love the idea of this way of living I can only hope one day the world will live free an happy together ❤️"
Laquelle BannonPotpisani: 07:17, 23/02/2021
Juliet ForshawPotpisani: 04:31, 18/02/2021
Jack TalcottPotpisani: 17:56, 16/02/2021
"Workers Rights are human Rights. Equality comes with cooperation."
David Wayne JohnsonPotpisani: 07:05, 07/02/2021
"Application of these principles is a necessity for survival and thrival."
Jacob EastPotpisani: 18:25, 06/02/2021
Christopher BrunoPotpisani: 07:23, 06/02/2021
Rena BowmanPotpisani: 10:08, 27/01/2021
Kade DranselkaPotpisani: 09:45, 27/01/2021
Trevor BrownPotpisani: 05:06, 27/01/2021
M GPotpisani: 20:54, 21/01/2021
"Love Gaia, Love you!"
Diane StarkPotpisani: 07:58, 13/01/2021
"This is the way of the future. We must get there."

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